What Is Unbounce, And What Is It Used For?


Unbounce is a conversion platform. It helps you create landing pages optimized for your conversions. .And you can certainly do it in short order. Unbounce also makes it effortless to set up pop-ups and tacky bars which can get you even more engagement with individuals in your target market. Bonus: you can do it all without writing one line of code. You do not need to know HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or any other technology to get the most out of the platform.

Unbounce Pros & Cons


  • It has plenty of easy-to-use customizable templates. As stated, its landing page editor has a library of templates which you could either utilize as-is or edit it to suit your brand.
  • It lets users build from scratch without Coding skills. Its drag and drop editor allows users to create templates from scratch. No programming skills required.
  • It puts emphasis on its security features. Another notable aspect I noticed in Unbounce is its own high-security settings. The system is GDPR compliant, so all transactions made and information gathered using Unbounce is secured.
  • Landing pages are easy to check and compare. The practice of trial and error is crucial if you would like to know the right mix of techniques to use for your marketing efforts. As such, the platform provided that an A/B split testing instrument that you may use to maximize your landing pages.
  • Enjoy complete layout control with the pixel perfect builder. Unlike others, Unbounce doesn’t set boundaries. You can construct and fix anything you want with pixel-perfect accuracy.


  • Not recommended for website creation. The software does not have a tool which you may use to build websites. Therefore, I don’t recommend it to novices.
  • Slightly steep learning curve. Another factor to be careful of is its learning curve. Even though most of it are designed for everybody’s advantage, its interface is somewhat difficult to navigate.
  • Customer service is not available 24/7. (though live chat is online most of the time)

Which are Unbounce’s features?

Unbounce can perform a lot. From generating pages from scratch, to starting with a Template, it is fast and easy to get a landing page up and running.

Here are some of my favorite Unbounce features:

  • A/B Testing – You can replicate your page variants and Divide the visitors with only a couple of clicks. This is helpful for running A/B evaluations to ascertain which page makes you higher conversions.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement – Without creating a line of code, You’re able to dynamically alter the text on a webpage just by altering the URL. This is done with Dynamic Text Replacement, which takes only a few minutes to set up.
  • Speed And Performance – Unbounce requires page speed really Seriously, and they place a lot of effort into creating the pages load in just a couple of seconds. From their hosting setup (they take care of for you), to picture optimization, it’s all covered when you’re using Unbounce. No more messing with host configurations or attempting to find out which plugin is slowing down your page down.

Does Unbounce have coupons or discounts?

As of September 2020, the only way to get a discount code for Unbounce is to sign up via a partner link.

I happen to be an Unbounce Partner, so That You’d like to use my link to get Your free 14-day trial and save 20% off your first 3 paid weeks if you decide to stick with them, this is where you can trigger your coupon and start your free trial.

Yes, It’s an affiliate link, so if you end up paying for Unbounce, I would Get a little commission at zero additional cost to you.

Unbounce Pricing List

In this seaction, I listed down the perks customers will get for each bundle.

  • Standard: For starters, Unbounce fundamental bundle is comprised of resources required to build, Evaluation, and optimize. It comes with 75 landing pages and 8 popups and tacky bars also. The program costs 79$ per month.
  • Premium: For 159$ a month, the premium includes all tools the basic plan has with Additional perks such as AMP landing pages, client sub-accounts, and superior Unbounce integrations.
  • Enterprise: For enormous digital agencies, the Enterprise package is a fantastic fit. For $399 each Month, you get to choose what you would like to add from the strategy. Users will also get a personal launch specialist and customer success manager. It also comes with 375+ landing pages and 40+ popups and tacky bars.

Security And Performance

If the landing page editor is the Software’s main course, its arsenal of safety features is the icing of the cake. Data reliability is a crucial aspect in managing a successful online biz. Without it, you and your customers’ information are in danger of being researched and utilized in illegal actions.

The landing page stage is Comprised of 8 different tools tailored to optimize your webpage safety. In fact, Unbounce is a GDPR compliant and follows strict data privacy rules and safety standards including CASL and PCI-DSS.

  • Automatic SSL Encryption. All Unbounce pages are encrypted by HTTPS to be certain that keep everything procured.
  • Two-factor authentication. It allows you to set a secondary verification on a different trusted device. It means you’ll be advised after someone used your principal password without your permission.
  • Privacy by design. All pages and forms are intended to keep your data protected including your clients and traffic information.

Unbounce Review: The Verdict

Yes, if you’re looking to create landing pages that convert, you should absolutely sign on with Unbounce. If you still are not entirely sold on it, however, no worries. You may try it for free for 30 days. That will Provide you a chance to make sure It is ideal for your business. Probably, though, you will find that it’s Exactly what you need. That is Particularly True if You Would like to quickly create and deploy multiple landing pages.