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Ivacy VPN – Great Reputation. Do They Deserve It?

Ivacy VPN is an affordable virtual private network that keeps your data secure throughout every major platform. But hiccups in our testing along with an underwhelming assortment of servers decrease Ivacy’s appeal.

Ivacy Pros and cons


  1. Good Speeds (for the price )

In Order to guarantee the accuracy of the review, I ran a couple of simple speed evaluations at to ascertain just how quick Ivacy actually is.

  1. A True No Logging Policy (That is Really Upheld)

One of my greatest pet peeves when reviewing any VPN supplier is a falsely advertised “Zero Logging” coverage, and sadly, this trend seems to become more and more pervasive from the day.

Actually, this problem has become so conspicuous Within the VPN industry, that I trust some VPN provider’s claims of “Keeping no logs” until I have read each word in their privacy policy.

  1. Good Customer Support

Ivacy VPN

I will be the first man to admit it…

Ivacy’s customer services. Forgive my cynicism, but following reviewing over 70 VPNs, I’ve learned to have extremely low expectations when reviewing the customer service offered by a budget-friendly provider.

After all, companies have a restricted number of resources. Should they offer high-quality services at a budget-friendly price (since Ivacy does) it is typically safe to assume that they needed to cut down another area of their business in order to do so.

  1. 256-Bit Encryption

Public WiFi networks are some of the most common Places that people can obtain access to your internet activities.

Even hotel and airport WiFi’s, which you would Think were rock-solid, tend to be susceptible to attacks. (In some cases, these institutions would be the worst offenders — monitoring every single action you make on their networks and frequently selling your information to third parties)

Many public networks though are vulnerable to Bad behaviour. Hackers can conduct automated systems on these networks to track and attempt to’brute-force’ their way into your accounts.

Ivacy VPN


  1. Singapore Has Been Confirmed as a”Five Eyes” Partner

If the aforementioned headline is making you scratch your Head in confusion and softly mutter “What’s he on about? ” under your breath, it is fine.

The term”Five Eyes” When Edward Snowden implemented his now-notorious security breach, he published over 1.5 million classified NSA documents.

  1. No TOR or Proxy Compatibility

While this is a minor annoyance for most VPN I was disappointed to observe that Ivacy is not compatible with the TOR network or any other third party proxies.

Although this will not affect the VPN encounter For most users, the additional layers of security supplied by TOR and other proxies can quite literally save your life in a number of the more Draconian countries.

  1. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee Has a BIG Catch

One of the only problems I had with Ivacy’s Pricing package is they are not upfront about the stipulations because of their 30-day money-back warranty.

It’s a pretty common practice for a VPN provider To set limitations on how many gigabytes of support you can use before you forfeit your money back guarantee. But in most instance, this is quite well advertised and the client understands the constraints of this guarantee.


Ivacy recently changed their costs, and now they Are incredibly affordable.

You can Buy a one-month, one-year, or two-year plan. And best of all, you get a 30-day money back guarantee for your year programs , and a 7-day money-back guarantee for your one-month plan.

For the 7-day guarantee, you will get a refund if You claim it within 7 days and you haven’t breached any terms, you have not used over 7GB, or run over 30 sessions. This works for users who accidentally paid extra since they didn’t turn off the auto-recurring option.

Refunds generally take 48 hours but if payment Was made with a credit card, it could take up to 40 days.

But if you’re still hesitant, you can Try Ivacy first.

Ivacy Delivers a 3-day trial for only $2.50 and Includes all the features of the regular service. However, you need to do some extra searching to locate it.

The trial is not publicly advertised on their Website And you will want to talk to their customer service to set one up.

Ivacy VPN


The Ivacy support website is always available if you encounter issues, using an assortment of setup, troubleshooting and other guides. There is some useful content, but not as much detail as we would like, a few of the posts are obsolete, and it can’t begin to match the skilled articles from major VPN providers such as ExpressVPN.

Luckily, The site also has 24/7 live chat service. We had a useful answer in about a minute once we posed a test question, far better than we’ve seen with most of the competition.

Ivacy’s Email service is a bit slower, unsurprisingly, but still okay. We normally obtained helpful replies within around three hours, with the fastest being around half an hour, also better than you’ll see with a lot more costly competitors.

Ivacy VPN


Our Performance tests began by looking at link times. We’ve seen issues with this in some Ivacy reviews, but this time they were very acceptable, for example connecting via OpenVPN in as little as 6-8 moments (a few VPNs take twice as long, or even much more )

Speeds To our closest UK servers were a competent 66-68Mbps on our evaluation 75Mbps connection, only around 7 percent down on speeds together with the VPN turned off. Some providers manage maybe 1-2Mbps more, but we are not about to complain.

We Crossed-checked our outcomes by conducting some tests from a US place using an ultra-fast 600Mbps connection.

Performance Was not bad at all at a very consistent 100-110Mbps, a major improvement on the 20-30Mbps we saw last time.

Ivacy VPN


Final Verdict

Ivacy Provides a pile of innovative features for a seriously low price, but unblocking Performance and rates aren’t great, and we detected significant issues together with the Windows client. Testing before you purchase. Or simply head straight to ExpressVPN to find the best around instead.


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