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About Teamwork

Teamwork Projects is online project management and work management software which has built-in cooperation tools that promote visibility and accountability. It supports different methodologies with many different perspectives, templates, and customization. Users can plan projects and landmarks, collaborate work with context, deliver results faster with intelligent programs and integration, and document accurately whether overview or details of schedules, workload, portfolio and more. Teamwork’s project scheduling feature allows project managers to define project tasks, assign them to people and track in-progress assignments. The solution also has document management, which allows users to share documents within the team through an internet portal.


Dashboards offer visibility into project aims, while project collaboration features enable communication through mobile devices so team members and project managers may oversee project implementation remotely.

Teamwork Modules

Teamwork offers 2 modules: Projects and Desk

Teamwork Projects

This feature-packed module allows you to remain on track of your jobs and deliver them in time. Creating intelligent workflows is streamlined as the computer software helps you ensure they’re effective for your own processes. Key features include immediate detailed reports, Gantt graphs, landmarks, time tracking, and task management, amongst others. The best part is you are able to perform task documentation, coordination, and communication in one place to make your team’s work more effective.

Teamwork Desk

This module empowers you to effortlessly manage all your tickets and inbound communication. It is a support hub for help doc development and inbound communication that allows your team to operate 24/7. You can measure traffic stations, staff productivity, and customer happiness. Plus, this module integrates with Teamwork Projects along with the other tools you use.


A Teamwork Chat tool is also available for free as an alternative to Slack. You are able to join files, hunt conversations and mobile chat with this free program.

Characteristics, Advantages, Product Strengths

  • Projects, Tasks, and Milestones– It give you full visibility of jobs and highlight any landmark on the job date line. They may be delegated to one or several members. Milestones help establish goals. Users may attach jobs lists to track progress and provide the staff a very clear view of their status. Other features include job list templates which could be customized and stored.
  • Messages, Documents, and Notebooks – The job management applications is a collaborative application with an integrated message feature, so users may immediately communicate with the staff with the suitable work context. They are also able to group messages into proper categories. They could continue to keep all important documents in 1 spot, in addition to add upgraded versions with documented history of modifications. Notebooks make it possible for users to compose and share content on a job. Upgrades and changes will also be listed in laptop variants. Other characteristics include permissions for consumers on exactly what, when, and alarms are delivered.
  • Board View, Portfolio, Workload, Time tracking, and much more – Teamwork Projects includes a Board View which enables users to find the stream of tasks and actions, so they can find a fuller representation of the job’s scope. The Portfolio provides a high level overview on collections of jobs without needing to visit each individual endeavor for advice. Workload indicates the time each group member has due to their jobs, in addition to the bandwidth available on the team. Time monitoring keeps track of time spent on jobs and projects. A Professional Services alternative can also be offered.

Teamwork Position in Our Categories

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Teamwork Projects Pricing

Teamwork Projects has four account Kinds: Free Forever, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. When you register for an account, you automatically get a 30-day trial of the Premium service with no credit card required.

The Pro account costs $11.25 per person a month or $108 per person per year. Teamwork Projects requires a minimum of five people, however, so the actual starting cost is either $56.25 per month or $540 annually, plus more for each extra staff member.


The Premium service prices $18.75 per person per month or $180 per individual when paying annually. Again, you must pay for a minimum of 5 individuals, so the actual starting cost is $93.75 per month or $900 each year. Having a Premium account, you get everything in Pro, along with your limits increase to 100 individuals and 250GB of storage. And it is beautifully designed so that teams do not just have another set of resources, but also make it simple for them to perform their work while decreasing the complexity of collaboration. It is also flexible enough for an assortment of use cases, while promoting visibility and accountability, for effective project delivery. It’s part of a suite of products that work collectively.

Why Teamwork Projects?

Teamwork Projects is smartly and beautifully designed so that teams don’t have yet another set of resources, but also make it easy for them to do their work while reducing the complexity of collaboration. It is also flexible enough for a variety of use cases, while boosting visibility and accountability, for effective project delivery. It’s a component of a suite of products that work together. To-date, it is used by over 2M users, 24,000 paying clients, in 183 countries.


Teamwork Projects Verdict

Team Projects is a good support. Sometimes, we wonder whether its Interface isn’t a little too much, as it doesn’t feel as tightly organized as other services. Nevertheless, it features a fantastic number of options for people who love to keep notes, or that need to store links in a committed spot.

Pricing can also be great, although Projects could do with a broader Number of built-in integrations — many of which can be found rival platforms. Noticeable gaps include choices for customer resource management and software development.