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About Teamwork

Online project management and job management tool Teamwork Projects features collaboration capabilities that encourage accountability and visibility built in. It supports numerous techniques and offers a wide range of customization options, templates, and perspectives. By using intelligent software and integration, users may plan projects and milestones, cooperate on work in context, produce results more quickly, and precisely document schedules, workload, portfolios, and other topics. Project managers can specify project tasks, assign recipients, and monitor assignments in progress using Teamwork’s project scheduling function. The service also includes document management, which enables team members to share papers online.


Project collaboration tools enable communication through mobile devices so that team members and project managers can supervise project implementation remotely. Dashboards provide visibility into project goals.

Teamwork Modules

Teamwork offers 2 modules: Projects and Desk

Teamwork Projects

You are able to stay on top of your jobs and complete them on time with the help of this feature-rich module. The program makes it easier to create intelligent workflows by assisting you in making sure they operate well for your particular procedures. Immediate detailed reports, Gantt charts, landmarks, time tracking, and task management are just a few of the key features. The best thing is that you can execute task documentation, coordination, and communication in one location to improve the effectiveness of your team’s work.

Teamwork Desk

You can easily handle all of your requests and incoming interactions with the help of this module. Your team can work around-the-clock thanks to this 24/7 support center for help doc development and inbound communication. Traffic signals, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction may all be measured. Additionally, this module interfaces with your other tools as well as Teamwork Projects.


Slack can be substituted with a free tool called Teamwork Chat. With this free program, you can join files, search chats, and use the mobile chat.

Characteristics, Advantages, Product Strengths

  • Projects, Tasks, and Milestones– It provides complete job visibility and highlights any significant dates on the job timeline. They could be given to one member or numerous. Goal-setting is assisted by milestones. To track progress and give the staff a very clear picture of their state, users can attach job lists. Templates for job lists that can be altered and saved are among the additional capabilities.
  • Messages, Documents, and Notebooks – An integrated message feature in the job management application allows users to instantly communicate with the staff in the appropriate work setting. They can also organize communications into the appropriate categories. All crucial papers might still be kept in one location, along with updated copies that include a history of changes. Users can create and share material while working with notebooks. Variants for laptops will also include upgrades and modifications. The ability for users to specify exactly what, when, and how alarms are delivered is among the other features.
  • Board View, Portfolio, Workload, Time tracking, and much more – Users of Teamwork Projects can access a Board View to locate the stream of tasks and actions and get a more complete picture of the job’s scope. The Portfolio gives a high-level overview of groups of projects so that you can get help without having to go to each one in person. Workload refers to both the bandwidth accessible to the team as well as the amount of time each group member has owing to their jobs. The tracking of time spent on tasks and projects is known as time monitoring. Alternative Professional Services options are also available.

Teamwork Position in Our Categories

Due to their unique business needs, it makes sense for businesses to forego purchasing the all-inclusive, ideal software system. It goes without saying that it is difficult to locate such a program, especially among highly desired applications. The proper course of action should be to list the various key criteria that warrant research, such as crucial features, packages, staff technical capacity, organizational size, etc. The next step is to conduct a second round of product research. A such thorough investigation will ensure that you reject mismatched software and select the one that has all the characteristics your business needs.

Teamwork Projects Pricing

Four account types are available on Teamwork Projects: Free Forever, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. You instantly receive a 30-day, no-credit-card-needed trial of the Premium service when you create an account.

Each person must pay $11.25 per month or $108 annually for the Pro account. However, because Teamwork Projects needs a minimum of five employees, the initial price is actually $56.25 per month or $540 per year, plus more for each additional employee.


When paying annually, the Premium service costs $180 per person or $18.75 per person every month. Once more, you must pay for a minimum of 5 people; therefore, the starting price is $93.75 per month or $900 annually. With a Premium subscription, you receive everything that Pro users receive, plus your restrictions are increased to 100 users and 250GB of storage. Additionally, it is elegantly made to make it easier for teams to complete their task while reducing the complexity of cooperation, giving them more than simply a new set of tools. Additionally, it is adaptable enough for a variety of use cases while encouraging responsibility and transparency for successful project execution. It is a piece of a group of products that function together.

Why Teamwork Projects?

By eliminating the need for yet another set of resources and making it simple for teams to complete their task while lowering the complexity of cooperation, Teamwork Projects is cleverly and aesthetically built. Additionally, it is adaptable enough for a range of use cases, while enhancing responsibility and visibility for successful project delivery. It is part of a group of products that cooperate. It has over 2 million users and 24,000 paying customers worldwide as of today.


Teamwork Projects Verdict

Team Projects is a useful resource. When compared to other services, its interface sometimes makes us wonder whether it isn’t a touch too cluttered. However, it offers a tonne of choices for those who enjoy taking notes or who need a place to store links specifically.

Although Projects may benefit from having a larger number of built-in integrations—many of which can be offered on rival platforms—pricing can also be excellent. Options for customer resource management and software development stand up as obvious gaps.