The simple way to save time and money Easy watering that automatically turns off after it reaches its designated run time.

Better thaws for happy paws Clear your walkways with our eco-friendly ice melt, an alternative to the traditional, harsh rock salts and calcium chloride.

A must-have for Sunday nutrients Your custom nutrients go hand-in-hand with our hose-on sprayers.

Your best weapon against weeds Be prepared with a refill bottle of our powerful Weed Warrior.

Mini bottle, major results Snag a refill bottle of our Dandelion Doom so you’ve always got iron-power on hand.

A year-round organic solution Use this 3-in-1 horticultural oil to control insects, mites, and disease—indoors and out.

No gas, no oil, no mess Make yard work easier with this instant-start mower that requires virtually no maintenance.

Bright blooms all summer long Plant these pollinator-friendly summer bulbs to enjoy cheerful color and an extended bloom time.