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Hotspot Shield

AnchorFree Ever since that time, its service was split into two products: a completely free support, and a premium VPN known as Hotspot Shield Premium. In total, over 600 million consumers around the world have set up the VPN showing just how hot this item is on the worldwide stage.

The vast Majority of those consumers use the free edition, and there can be no doubt that Hotspot Shield has been an invaluable tool for individuals living in areas suffering from website blackouts. By way of instance, it had been the main VPN used during the Arab Spring protests.

Hotspot Shield

This is a Fast VPN that’s considered better for unblocking than for solitude. Not supporting OpenVPN, we needed to test Hotspot Shield Elite differently to other suppliers but the speeds we got were basically 75 percent of our baseline rates. . .very impressive! With these rates, and a focus on buffering, it makes Hotspot Shield Premium a fantastic option for anyone wanting to get streaming services like US Netflix.

Hotspot Shield pricing

Considering going to Pango, Hotspot Shield’s subscription Construction has changed. It now comes as part of a bundle of four services that also includes:

  • 1Password: A password manager
  • Robo Shield: A spam call blocker (this is replaced by Hiya for users outside the US and Canada)
  • Identity Guard: Identity theft protection

The bundle costs $12.99 per month on a monthly Foundation or $7.99 a month when you pay yearly. The monthly rate is similar to a lot of top-rated VPN suppliers for the same term and represents a deal when you think about the additional three services.

Hotspot Shield

However, the annual rate is a bit expensive compared To other providers offering steeper discounts for longer terms. It is still a fantastic deal if you’re interested in the further services, however if you are solely searching to get a VPN, this may be stretching the budget somewhat.

Pango only lets you pay by credit card. There’s no Cryptocurrency option, which will be unsatisfactory for some privacy-conscious users.

Privacy, anonymity, and trust

Its CEO is David Gorodyanksy along with the CTO is Eugene Malobrodsky–they are also the company’s co-founders.

A password, which can be fairly standard for mainstream VPN services. There is absolutely no ability for anonymous or semi-anonymous payment forms like Bitcoin or money.

Even if you could pay anonymously with HotSpot Shield you Probably wouldn’t want to once you looked at the agency’s privacy policy–there is a whole lot in there to not enjoy if you’re privacy conscious. AnchorFree says it will not save your IP address long term.

However, it does”collect anonymous aggregate data about which websites you See and which apps you use.” AnchorFree says it does this for analytics and troubleshooting, and this advice is never linked to some of your identifying information such as an email address, home IP address, username, password etc. But that doesn’t negate the fact that your browsing data remains collected by AnchorFree. That may not bother some customers, but people who are very privacy conscious should look elsewhere.

Hotspot Shield

That said the company released its original transparency report At November 2017. The report says that AnchorFree does not and”cannot provide information to authorities about what websites our users see when utilizing our solutions….To date, AnchorFree hasn’t supplied the identity or other personal information about our users to the government.”

The company also gathers device info like your hardware version, OS Version, browser type, language, wireless network, and mobile network info. Again this information is not associated with you and can be used for troubleshooting and analytics.

If you use the free, ad-supported version you can even leak personally Identifying information to HotSpot Shield advertisers. This doesn’t have anything to do with HotSpot Shield Premium, however it is a fantastic reminder of why you don’t want to utilize an ad-supported service if attempting to get online unnoticed.

Based on HotSpot Shield’s privacy policy it is safe to say that Is not the support for high-level anonymity online. But if your concern is to encrypt your web browsing so that you can browse safely from anywhere, HotSpot Shield does that. The Organization’s privacy policies make it obvious that you are surfing habits are

Hotspot Shield pros and cons

Here are some of the key advantages and pitfalls of using this service. You will find more detail about each below.


  • Outstanding speeds
  • Expansive server system
  • Unblocks Netflix and other websites
  • Connect 5 devices simultaneously
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Works in China


  • Kill switch is Windows-only
  • No IPv6 or WebRTC escape protection
  • Just accepts charge cards
  • High cost tag
Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Performance

Hotspot Shield did fairly well in our tests, which have been conducted in a Suburban New York home using routine cable-company internet service.

Broadband speeds, connection time and network delay (latency) were Analyzed using Ookla’s service. A baseline with no VPN connection was established until every individual support was tested.

The free offerings of nine services were analyzed: Avira Phantom VPN,, Hotspot Shield, the Opera browser VPN, ProtonVPN, Speedify, SurfEasy, TunnelBear and Windscribe.

We attached to Hotspot Shield’s server at an average of 3.2 seconds, Which is not too bad and has been right behind Windscribe and Speedify. Network latency has been 29.5 milliseconds — 58 percent more than prior to the VPN connected and supporting just Avira Phantom VPN among regular VPN services.

(Speedify was the speediest of all since it uses software to merge two Independent net connections, e.g. cable broadband and mobile data. However, it can not work its magic if just one connection is available. It is so different from other VPN services which we’re standing it individually.)

Hotspot Shield


HotSpot Shield has impressive speeds, good pricing, and a good number of nation Locations–though not an especially exhaustive listing. The privacy policy Isn’t Ideal for those who wish to conceal their browsing activity–anonymized or Not–or that internet-capable programs they use. It’s Fine if you merely want to secure your connection at the local café or airports, However, as a service that’s going to keep you somewhat anonymous there are stronger choices.