What Is TorrentSafe? Is There A Free Version Of TorrentSafe?

TorrentSafe is a secure and private torrent downloading service. It provides a fast downloading option without the need for downloading software, making it one of the best options for users. TorrentSafe is the top Cloud Torrent Client, allowing users to download torrents anonymously.                                                                                                    With its fast and private downloading capabilities, TorrentSafe simplifies the process of downloading torrents by bypassing normal torrent rate limits.


What is TorrentSafe?

We offer a user-friendly and anonymous torrent client that securely and privately downloads any torrent file you provide. Simply copy a torrent magnet URL and paste it into the download bar on – no registration, no complicated software, no need to use a VPN, and no logging.


Why use TorrentSafe over other cloud torrent clients?

At TorrentSafe, we prioritize simplicity and ease of use. Unlike our competitors who require you to sign up for their email, create a new account, and download their apps, we make downloading torrents as efficient and straightforward as possible. All you have to do is visit our website to start downloading immediately. We don’t limit your download speed, nor do we claim that your file is too large. Just go to our site and start your anonymous download – it’s that easy!


Is there a free version?

Of course, it’s important for us that our clients have a complete understanding of our product before making a purchase. While free users are limited in their monthly downloads and file expiration time, premium users have access to unlimited downloads and file sizes.

The key advantage of our service is that it requires no software – everything operates within your browser, without the need for registration. You can download torrents anonymously and often at faster speeds compared to traditional torrent clients. Additionally, you can bypass any Bit Torrent rate limits imposed by your ISP.


How to use torrent safely?

When using a free torrent client, your IP is exposed and you run the risk of revealing your true identity. TorrentSafe eliminates this risk by downloading the torrent for you through encrypted servers.

This online web application can be used on any device and works in any browser: desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

To use this web application, simply copy the torrent link (.torrent or magnet URL) you wish to download anonymously and paste the URL into the download bar. Then, click the download button. The service will start downloading your torrent. To view completed downloads, click on “My Downloads”.



The service is compatible with most IDMs. After the initial download is complete, locate the download icon in “My Downloads”, right-click, and then select “Copy URL” (or “Copy Link”). Then, open your IDM and paste this URL.


Torrent Cloud Storage

The process of downloading torrent files using Cloud Storage:

To download torrent files using cloud storage, it is advisable due to the following reasons:

  • Downloading torrent files using a traditional torrent client is slow
  • Your downloading is significantly slow if there are fewer seeders and lechers
  • Downloading torrent files using a torrent port makes you visible to your ISP providers
  • Your government or ISP can send you a notice regarding your P2P activities
  • Downloading torrent files using cloud storage services is often faster because they have dedicated servers and the fastest Gigabit port
  • You can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to increase your download speed with the default Pause and Resume support.

Factors to consider while choosing a Torrent downloader and cloud storage service:

  • Download and Upload speed to store the file on the servers
  • Storage space (Often unlimited with a premium membership)
  • SSL certificate to encrypt your connection
  • User-friendly interface

List of some of the best Torrent downloader cloud storage:

Stage 1:

First, visit any downpour site and duplicate Magnet connect.

Stage 2:

Presently you need to join a record on the Torrents site.

Stage 3:

Glue the Magnet connect in the site Dashboard.

As soon as the file upload process is complete, you will receive a download link. Simply click on it and your torrent download will start instantly. The advantage of using cloud storage to download torrent files is that the download link will be ready quickly and the download process will be fast and secure.

By using a download manager like Internet Download Manager (IDM), your download speed can be significantly increased and you won’t have to worry about the number of seeders and leechers as a factor affecting your download speed.


TorrentSafe Pricing



Unlimited File Size:

TorrentSafe is an online web application that works in any program, any gadget, desktop, PC, cell phone, or tablet, giving more comfort and accessibility to its clients. Additionally, TorrentSafe uses encryption to guarantee the privacy of its users while downloading torrents, whereas Seedr. cc may not have the same level of security features.


Premium and Free Users:

The Premium Plan of TorrentSafe provides more storage time and a larger file size compared to the free plan. The free plan only allows access to files for 2 days, while the premium plan provides 7 days of storage time and a max file size of 1.1 TB per file. The free plan allows 3 downloads per month, while the premium plan offers unlimited downloads. This makes the premium plan more suitable for heavier usage and more storage needs compared to the free plan which is better for testing purposes.




It uses encrypted workers to protect your IP and keep your torrent downloads private. Additionally, it allows you to bypass BitTorrent speed limits imposed by your ISP. The online web application is compatible with most devices and IDMs, and you can use it without any software installation or registration. With its premium plan, you can enjoy unlimited monthly downloads, unlimited file size, and 7-day storage with a 1.1TB per file limit.