Build an E-Commerce Website in Less Than an Hour!!!


E-Commerce business is booming, as there is a  huge growth and profitability involved with this business. But we often choose the wrong way to do it. Instead of making our own eCommerce site, we enlist our own products in some other eCommerce sites thinking that we are running an eCommerce business. But that should not be the way to do it, instead, you can create your eCommerce site and promote it with your products. Of course, for the delivery facilities, you should tie-up with some third-party organization. 

Well, it’s that easy! Just you need to create a professional eCommerce website and add all your products by separating their categories (in case of multiple products with a variety of categories). And then start with the online promotions. 

Creating an E-Commerce Site- Is That Easy? How Much Will That Cost? And How to Do It? 

There are websites like WIX which allows you to create powerful eCommerce websites for free. You need to visit their website and choose the option “create an eCommerce website”. That’s all, within just a few clicks you can build-up a fully functional eCommerce website for completely free! 

Adding Domain Name to the Site 

Once the design is done, add a domain name to your eCommerce website. Either choose a very unique name which can be something related to the eCommerce industry or it can be something entirely different, it’s totally up to you. You can also try including your target keyword while choosing the domain name. A domain name with the keyword in it will have much higher possibilities to rank on the search engines. For example Also, a very important factor here is that you must select a domain name that is less than 15 letters to rank on the search engines. 

Add Free Hosting with WIX 

When you build an eCommerce website using WIX, you’ll get a free web hosting. You need to add the hosting with the domain you have just purchased. 

Install a Premium Theme by ThemeForest or Elegant Theme 

As your website is live, you can add an eCommerce theme to your website. For that choose the best theme providers such as ThemeForest or Elegant Themes. Navigate through their website and choose the one you like the most. It’s a one-time purchase and you will get a valid license key for the theme. You can use the same theme on multiple websites with the same key. 

As you purchase the theme you’ll be provided with all the necessary files along with the .xml file and the license key for the theme. You need to upload the theme to your WIX website and activate it by providing the license key. With all these steps done, your eCommerce website will be ready to get started with the integration of the products. 

Add the Products Through the WIX Dashboard 

By this time the site is already live and is ready for the products to be enlisted. Keep adding your products one-by-one with all their features and description. When the process is done, your eCommerce site will be ready to get started. 

Integrate a Payment Gateway for a Secured Online Transaction 

One last step is left in case you want to add the option of online transaction facilities. Of course, if you are targeting a worldwide reach, you will need to add a payment gateway. There are several third-party payment gateways that work closely with WIX such as PayUMoney, Paypal, RuPay, etc. Have a look at their features and then choose the most suitable one for you. 

Once you are done with the payment gateway integration, you are all set to get started with the promotional activities. 

What’s the Future of An Ecommerce Business? 

Things have been continuously changing with time, especially online technologies. But if you see closely, you’ll realize that maybe the technologies are changing but the concept of business is the same. And anyways this online medium will remain there for years to come. So, you can assume that the eCommerce business has got huge future possibilities,  and if you can implement the right techniques and marketing strategies, you can flourish to the highest extent. It’s true that there is competition in this field. But if you consider the profitability, then it’s worth getting involved with it.