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Build an E-Commerce Website in Less Than an Hour!!!

The e-commerce industry is booming due to the rapid expansion and profitability of this industry. But we frequently go about it incorrectly. Instead of developing our eCommerce website, we list our products on a few different eCommerce websites, giving the impression that we are a legitimate eCommerce company. Instead of doing it that way, you should build an eCommerce website and market it using your products. Of course, you should partner with a third-party company for the distribution facilities.

It really is that simple! Simply create a sophisticated online store and add all of your products by categorizing them (in case of multiple products with a variety of categories). Start your online promotions after that.

Creating an E-Commerce Site- Is That Easy? How Much Will That Cost? And How to Do It? 

You can build effective eCommerce websites for free using platforms like WIX. You must go to their website and select the “build an eCommerce website” option. That’s all it takes to set up an entirely free eCommerce website—it only takes a few clicks!

Adding Domain Name to the Site 

Add a domain name to your eCommerce website once the design is complete. It’s entirely up to you whether you pick a really distinctive name that has something to do with the eCommerce sector or something completely unrelated. Adding your intended keyword when selecting the domain name is another option. A domain name that contains the keyword will have far better chances of ranking on the search engines. Take as an example. Additionally, choosing a domain name with fewer than 15 letters is necessary in order to rank on search engines.

Add Free Hosting with WIX 

You will receive free web hosting when you use WIX to create an eCommerce website. With the domain you recently bought, you must also add hosting.

Install a Premium Theme by ThemeForest or Elegant Theme 

You can incorporate an eCommerce theme into your website after it goes live. Select the top theme providers for that, such as ThemeForest or Elegant Themes. Browse their website to find the one you like the best. You will receive a working license key for the theme as part of this one-time purchase. The same theme can be applied with the same key to numerous websites.

You will receive all the required files, the.xml file, and the licensing key for the theme as soon as you pay for it. The theme must be uploaded to your WIX website before being activated using the license key. Once you have completed all of these procedures, your eCommerce website will be ready to launch.

Add the Products Through the WIX Dashboard 

The website is now operational and prepared for the products to be added. Continue to add your products one at a time, along with a description of each one. Your eCommerce site will be ready to launch once the procedure is finished. Integrate a Payment Gateway for a Secured Online Transaction

If you decide to include the option of online transaction capabilities, there is still one more step to take. Of course, you’ll need to include a payment mechanism if you want to reach a global audience. PayUMoney, Paypal, RuPay, and other third-party payment processors are just a few of the ones that collaborate closely with WIX. Examine their features, then pick the one that best suits your needs.

Once the payment gateway integration is complete, you are ready to begin the promotional activity.

What’s the Future of An E-commerce Business? 

Things have been evolving constantly throughout time, particularly online technologies. However, if you look closely, you’ll discover that although business principles may remain unchanged, technologies may be evolving. And this online media will continue to exist for a long time. You may therefore assume that the eCommerce industry has a bright future and that, with the proper procedures and marketing plans, you can achieve maximum success. It is true that this industry is competitive. However, if you take into account the profitability, it’s worthwhile to get involved.