Ucraft – A Website Builder Aimed towards Designers


Ucraft is an exceptional web design platform that is ideal for small business websites. With its unique square-based design approach, websites are created by stacking blocks on top of each other, resulting in a sleek and organized site with no awkward images, text boxes, or graphics.

Additionally, Ucraft allows entrepreneurs to build websites quickly and with ease. The design of the sites created using Ucraft is professional and user-friendly, making it easy for both novice and advanced users to navigate its interface and various features. If you’re ready to build your website or landing page, we recommend taking advantage of the free 14-day trial to fully experience Ucraft’s premium (paid) features.

Getting started with Ucraft is easy and accessible through the free trial offer on their homepage. The process is simple – select the type of page you want to create and choose from Ucraft’s collection of templates.

A Website Builder Aimed towards Designers

One of the prominent observations in Ucraft user reviews is the frequent mention of the term “creator.” This is because Ucraft is specifically designed for individuals who want to build visually appealing websites.

This can be seen in various aspects of the platform. Ucraft promotes video backgrounds, provides extensive photo editing and formatting tools, and even the building blocks are designed to incorporate images in some way.



In general, the focus on visual elements in Ucraft has received positive feedback in user reviews. This approach can be advantageous, as imagery plays a crucial role in conveying the message of any brand, regardless of the type of website being built. For example, a blog or photography portfolio site may have a different layout and use of imagery than an e-commerce platform, but the principle remains the same. Ucraft’s web designer caters to both, thanks to its extensive visual-oriented toolkit.



Ucraft is a user-friendly web designer that allows you to quickly create websites due to its square-based design. With over 60 available templates ranging from business to personal, travel, and even the option to include a blog section, you’ll easily find what you need. The templates are organized into 10 categories and are highly creative, making them an excellent starting point for businesses of any size.



Ucraft offers a key advantage with its ability to switch between templates without losing crucial content. However, modifications to headers, fonts, and colors will still be necessary as they do not automatically adjust. While uploading your own template is not currently possible, a blank template is available. Ucraft also allows users to create branded landing pages, typically used for conversion and gathering important visitor information. While these landing pages do have some limitations, such as the Ucraft branding at the bottom right corner of each page, they remain a valuable tool.


The Editor

While Ucraft’s templates are well-designed, adjusting elements such as typography must be done through its Designer Tool. However, compared to other leading web designers like Wix, the tool feels somewhat limited in its capabilities. For example, elements in Ucraft are styled individually, meaning that to change the color of all headings of a particular type, you must use the Ucraft Designer Tool. This tool enables you to make modifications to buttons, headings, and more.


Limited Functionality & Template Count

Before reviewing Ucraft’s pricing model, it’s worth mentioning one more aspect that some user reviews have criticized when discussing this tool – its limited functionality and features. Note that this criticism is being presented with purposeful language – the builder is still undergoing updates and development, and its “cutting-edge” status may provide some leniency in this regard.


As of writing this article, I tend to agree with the previously mentioned Ucraft reviews – while the builder has a lot of potentials, it also has some missing elements. For example, the block-building perspective previously discussed does limit what you can do with your site and can feel outdated at times. Other builders have effectively resolved this issue. Another factor to consider is the limited number of templates offered by Ucraft, around 80. While it may initially seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be viewed as too small of a selection of templates to choose from.


Interestingly, this is actually a bigger issue than it may seem. With a limited number of templates, there is a higher likelihood that sites created using the Ucraft web designer may start to look or feel similar to each other. While this hasn’t been a concern mentioned in user reviews yet, it is a genuine potential risk.


  • Useful for straightforward site assembling needs with every one of the essential components and plan alternatives included.
  •  Incorporates extra instruments like a logo producer and greeting page developer
  • Free stock picture access


  • The proofreader works with squares of substance, so you alter and move segments of the page, as opposed to singular components as you would a common drag-and-drop web designer
  • Hard to make versatile enhancements
  • The limited measure of layouts


Honestly, the pricing options offered by Ucraft are great! The availability of a free version adds significant value to the builder. Additionally, both paid plans come with a custom domain – definitely a good deal!



Regardless of the plan you choose, Ucraft offers a 14-day free trial without the requirement of adding payment details. This is a great feature as 14 days should provide enough time to determine whether the builder meets your needs and expectations.



It is a well-established fact that there are more popular and advanced web builders such as Zyro and SquareSpace. However, Ucraft is definitely catching up. Despite its limitations in functionality, Ucraft still offers excellent features and its pricing options are of great value. This is echoed by many Ucraft user reviews. If you’re not looking for the most advanced builder and are willing to explore alternative options, Ucraft may be a good choice, especially for visually oriented-websites.