What Is BlueJeans? Who Uses BlueJeans?


An internet video conferencing platform called Bluejeans was created to help businesses organize successful video conferences. The product supports meeting recording, texting, sharing of content, and multiple members.

It connects to several platforms, such as Avaya Scopia, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts, and more. Additionally, the platform enables businesses to connect with crowds using a variety of devices, including Android and iOS devices.

Bluejeans agrees that live video conferencing allows your representatives to collaborate and communicate effectively. Through the Bluejeans gatherings, Bluejeans events, and Bluejeans Rooms functions, it continually transmits intelligent, scalable, and get correspondence channels.



This comprehensive programming eliminates the technical distinction between computers, conference room frameworks, and applications. Furthermore, its Enterprise video cloud offers flexible engineering and a secure, global platform for online conferencing anywhere and whenever.


Who Uses BlueJeans?

Mid-Market and Enterprise enterprises may host superb video conferences with many participants, a variety of devices, and support for various combinations of video endpoints.


Overview of Bluejeans Benefits

BlueJeans is designed to provide video services that are simple, adaptive, and suitable for each group. The product offers a variety of features that match perfectly and assure cooperation. It offers video communication that supports your top applications and works well with different platforms. Additionally, it ensures safe connections, hassle-free organization, and expert assistance from highly experienced video transmission specialists.

The Bluejeans Meeting is an enterprise-grade video conferencing system designed to provide colorful, basic, and secure communication. One-contact video meetings, which make it simple to instantly connect with clients and partners from any device, are supported by their utility. You always get a flawless and predictable video conferencing experience, whether you’re using a PC, conference room setup, or mobile device.



Additionally, the BlueJeans Meeting feature’s crystal-clear sound makes you feel connected to your spouse even when you are miles apart. It provides apps for coordinated work processes and incredibly effective collaboration tools for increased competence throughout the entire working environment.

Additionally, the BlueJeans Event feature gives you the ability to organize intuitive events like online classes, all-hands meetings, and community gatherings. It offers event coordinators and participants a consistently simple and profoundly communal experience.

With the help of the BlueJeans Rooms module, you may create a one-contact video conference room from any location. It gives you the ability to start video conferences with remote screen sharing that is simple to send and manage. The rooms allow for the use of up to 100 remote clients or representatives from any device, including cell phones, conference room setups, and workstations.


Key Features

provides small meeting spaces for video collaboration using speakers, a receiver, an HD camera, and distributed storage. Customers find it appealing because its value focuses are equivalent to sound conferencing prices.

For intelligent video conferencing and content sharing, it offers double transfers. It extends to conventional meeting spaces where distant clients communicate via their desks, mobile devices, and workstations.



It connects to other web browsers or popular endpoints for video conferencing like Skype, Google, and so forth.

Data from an important topic is given without considering time or geographic differences. Additionally, it is simple to use because you can take charge of your gatherings at any time and from wherever you are. No matter what device you have nearby, it doesn’t matter.

All of Blue Jeans’ core telecommunications technology is in-house, keeping them ahead of other sizable competitors who rely on separate companies like Avaya to provide them with telecommunications software. Without bothering to download a web-conferencing client, you can hold a video meeting. It provides Blue Jeans with a strong advantage over other programming suppliers.

It extends the benefits of video conferencing to individuals who are unable to enter the designated rooms. Clients can communicate with their partners and customers without worrying about their location or the technology they are using.



  •  Directional sound for Dolby Sound-empowered rooms and equipment.
  • Quality and input insights.
  • Supports program, work area, and versatile stages.


  •  No document-sharing capacities.
  • No account for the Me plan.
  • Needs normal online class highlights.



Although BlueJeans offers a free initial trial, those who intend to use it over the long term must subscribe to one of the platform’s membership plans. If you pay for a year in advance, the Standard arrangement costs $9.99/month (about $753) and $12.49/month (around $942), respectively.

Then there is the BlueJeans Pro plan, which costs $17.49/month (about 1,319) or $13.99/month (approximately 1,055) when purchased a year in advance. You must get in touch with the business to request a comment regarding the BlueJeans Enterprise package.


BlueJeans’ Standard plan allows for up to 50 people per gathering, an unlimited number of group gatherings with no duration restrictions, an unlimited number of one-on-one meetings, and five hours of recording time for your meetings.

Along with features like Command Center Analytics, security, and workstream cooperation, Ace clients can have up to 75 people on a call at once. They can also record audio for up to 25 hours.

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BlueJeans Customer Support

There are many options available on stage for establishing touch with their care workers. You can contact them via phone at some of their international assistance numbers, send them an email, or submit a ticket.


Additionally, BlueJeans provides useful resources so you may learn more about their services. Their blog, where they provide their most recent news, is filled to the brim with pieces on the standard practices for teamwork and profitability.

The platform also contains a substantial knowledge library with instructions for resolving common problems as well as preparation and video teaching exercises.



Basic, clever, and practical describe BlueJeans Meetings. The right number of highlights are there without being overdone. On the off occasion that you want to use all of the features, it needs to be downloaded and installed as an application.



However, it prioritizes the user experience (UX), and some highly important innovations are used to support this. BlueJeans Meetings is a fantastic option if you can live without some of the collaboration features or if you already have a product like Microsoft Teams.