What is Easyship? What Are The Features, Benefits, Pros, Cons and Pricing of Easyship?

What is Easyship?

The leading web-based delivery program in the world is called Easyship. Our built-in platform integrates with popular eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Squarespace, eBay, and Amazon as well as crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allowing you to manage all order and delivery activities from a single dashboard. With no prerequisites or record requirements, you may immediately access pre-arranged limited rates from reputable couriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. At that point, you can compare prices and set aside 70% off retail. Companies like Craighill, MoMA, and IronMan utilize Easyship to standardize their delivery processes, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Easyship ‑ All-In-One Shipping

When everything else is equal, Easyship is a major eCommerce delivery platform that enables frictionless transportation and happiness for businesses. Our innovative programming provides dependable tools to fulfill orders, expand development, and improve customer experiences in any nation. Easyship is the preferred transportation foundation of 100,000+ international merchants because it streamlines all aspects of shipping into a single integrated dashboard.

The reverence for employees, their ideas, and their highest potential is a thriving aspect of the Easyship culture. We foster an environment where direction comes before accountability, joy and vigor mix, and variation strengthens everyone. Our international team welcomes people of every tone, belief, direction, and origin in our seven offices spread across four landmasses. We welcome the curious who stir things up and seriously contribute as we democratize providing for everyone.

Our global satellite offices are jointly located in New York, London, and Hong Kong, as well as in London, Singapore, Melbourne, California, and Taipei.

Best Rates, Guaranteed

Access 250+ delivery options and discounts of up to 70% with just one record. Alternatively, connect your messenger account and use your rates.

Not any more secret charges

You will have the choice to view all required charges, obligations, and messenger costs upfront because our rates are based on actual items in your clients’ vehicles.

Across the board Dashboard

With the help of our integrated application, you may generate names, manage orders, produce customs desk work, and ship items. Additionally, give the following free to buyers!

Outline of Easyship Features

Multi-transporter Integration

Dynamic Shipping Rates at Checkout

Homegrown and International Shipping

Assessment and Duty Handling

Transportation Automation

Request and Shipping Tracking

Instinctive Dashboard

Overview of Easyship Benefits

Easyship is a solid arrangement that gives online business shippers the opportunity to provide to customers around the world. It is a one-stop solution that offers all of the tools clients require to deliver packages quickly and affordably. Some of its actualized benefits are as follows:

Multi-Carrier Hub –

Internet retailers are aware that they require a trustworthy delivery carrier to ship packages internationally. The foundation of Easyship serves as a hub for long-distance dispatch of companies that may fulfill orders locally or internationally. Clients can save up to 70% on transportation costs when using their multi-transporter incorporation, pre-arranged rates from 250+ delivery arrangements, and 50+ dispatches. They can also find the speed and arrival they require using a universally helpful interface.

Nearby and International Shipping Specialization –

Transporting locally and internationally is made simple using Easyship. The arrangement considers the primary transportation providers and provides precise information to its clients on delivery costs and delivery time. It combines transportation messenger details on one platform where users may integrate their store with Easyship to speed up delivery.

Easyship includes ready-made transportation archives, allowing users to easily create and download delivery names, customs requests, and announcements for a given item. These capabilities provide customers and clients with a consistent experience while preventing delays or unanticipated costs.

Assessment and Duties Handling –

Customers can choose from a variety of shipping options through Easyship, including the cheapest, fastest, and greatest value-for-money options. Easyship gives customers the option to view the precise amount of import charges, VAT, GST, and other expenses upfront without any hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. This is crucial for Easyship’s goal of transparency, which assumes that customers are aware of exactly what they are paying for.

Additionally, in-truck settings offer customers flexibility when selecting whether charge and responsibility will be paid beforehand (DDP) or postpaid (DDU) at delivery. Additionally, this urgent advance can be added at checkout.

Improved Tracking –

Easyship unifies all of the essential information about orders and shipping on a single dashboard. It provides customers with complete transparency regarding costs, shipping costs, and delivery times. The platform helps users keep track of the following numbers by enabling them to receive the following notices from chosen messengers for all shipments in one location. By selecting the preferred solutions for the client’s or organization’s transportation standards based on the purpose, item kind, or weight, shipment and request following can also be automated.

From the development of the request to the delivery of their package, the arrangement keeps customers and clients informed about their cargo at every point. The client only needs to go and monitor the status of their orders and shipments.

Easyship Cons

Unnecessary dealing with costs.

No decision of dispatch accomplice.

No Inventory of the executives.

Once every week settlement.

Rigid Payment choices.

No protection cover.


Easyship is a cloud-based delivery platform that offers eCommerce merchants efficient start-to-finish transportation. With its flexible delivery innovation, the assistance deals with coordination barriers and is especially useful for businesses looking to expand internationally or for independent creators. On its website, Easyship proudly displays a careful support community. You’ll learn investigative skills, quickstart directions, and focused abilities.

Present a solicitation or log into your Easyship account if you require extra assistance. No live chat or telephone help is available, please note.

 is a decent, incredibly useful transportation system, despite the fact that it lacks a wide range of applications.


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