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How to Create an Appointment Request Page Easily, Try Gravity Forms

How to Create an Appointment Request Page Easily, Try with Gravity Forms

There are a lot of websites that are known to have online forms. These online forms are highly important to create their client base and help them grow in a very strategic way possible. No matter, if you are going to have a basic contact form that is related to send an important message to the business or any personal assessment, having a webform is essential nowadays.

To create good simple yet groundbreaking forms for your customers then having hands on the best WordPress form builder is vital. Thus, there could be nothing better than Gravity Forms. It is one of the finest form builder software which could help your online business to cultivate and expand in the best possible way.

Gravity Forms

This paid software can be installed on your WordPress website within a few minutes similarly like you install an application. The Gravity Forms features include plugins which in overall functions great for any kind of website.

In order to get started, you need to download and install the software of Gravity Forms. It can be downloaded and installed easily on any of the self-hosted WordPress site, and can be accessed through a smartphone. The best part is that the extra plugins enhance the functionality and give you an access to additional list of features. As it’s a paid software, you need to buy the subscription or plan before in order to get started. Once you have purchased the subscription you need to enter the license key to register the plugin.

Ways to create an appointment request page

Every website is different but the ways to create an appointment request page for every business is quite similar and useful. Therefore, here is a quick way to create one:

  • Download or install Gravity Forms – it is very simple to install Gravity Forms, you just have to choose your subscription plan and get it for your website. After downloading it, log in your WordPress website on it. Later click on the Add New Form option, then upload the plugin option. This will lead you to activate the new plugin. The entire process leads to a license key which will further allow you to create an ample amount of forms.
  • The new form – to add a new form you need to click on the “make a form” option. Add your name, email address, and mobile details. Further steps will require you to add date preferences, specific staff, or services. These are the basic details that are necessary to add.
  • Insert date field – to insert date field on the form, all you need to do is drag the date box to the form. Later click on the field to expand the customer’s field option. This can be done by changing the field label. Choose ‘request appointment date’ on the field label.
  • Other options for an appointment – if there is a case where you do not want your customer to choose a particular day or just a single option then the entire process can be done via the checkboxes field. This way your customers can choose more than one option like an appointment during day or evening, choosing a staff member, etc.
  • Comments field – apart from the rest of the fields, you can even add the ‘comments field’ in your form. The purpose of this field is to help your customers to send you messages easily. You need to add a paragraph text field in your form and it’s all done. But don’t forget to click on the “update form” button at last.

Gravity Forms

Email notifications: It’s important to complete the process of email notifications. You can also set up an option of email notifications as well. This is the most overlooked option but adds great value to your form. Although Gravity Forms make use of admin’s email address given in the WordPress control panel but you can easily customize or setup a new email address by going to the Settings-Form notifications option.

  • Now you can easily add form to the website: Once you are done with all the customizations, additions, and modifications, the form needs to be published where it should be. Thus, click on the Add Form tab in order to make it visible on your website.


Gravity Forms


All these steps are very simple and can be done by a person who is completely new to this entire process. Gravity Forms and its amazing features make it easy to add forms to your WordPress website. Therefore, this software is an ultimate investment you can do for your business in order to enhance your reach and let online viewers/potential clients to reach message you with their queries.


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