F-Secure Antivirus Review | Is F-Secure A Good Antivirus?

F-Secure is a renowned company in the cyber security industry, offering comprehensive network defense to its clients through its versatile online platform.

This platform is an assortment of various products under the F-Secure brand, including a password manager known as the ‘F-Secure Key.’

The overall F-Secure suite is top-notch, however, F-Secure Key is average. The password manager software is functional, but not as advanced as other cutting-edge programs. If you’re just looking for a place to store your passwords or generate strong passwords, it’s a decent option.



Is F-Secure A Good Antivirus?

This paragraph describes the capabilities of F-Secure Anti-virus, which provides essential insurance to protect Windows 7 and later systems from the most common forms of malware. However, for those who require more comprehensive protection, the company also offers more expensive options in the form of their Safe and Total packages. These higher-tier products include advanced features such as parental control, ransomware protection, and robust financial security, providing a more complete defense against online threats.

This paragraph contrasts F-Secure Antivirus with other antivirus solutions available in the market and highlights its limitations. Despite offering basic protection, the software lags behind top-performing antivirus programs such as Norton Security due to its limited range of features.

However, the author suggests that the software’s 30-day free trial is still worth considering as it includes features such as access to quarantine folders, a list of blocked websites, and the ability to submit malware samples. Additionally, the software allows users to temporarily turn off the antivirus whenever they need to.



Secures your gadget against normal infections.

Offers a 30-day free preliminary so you can check the item’s capacities without paying a dime.

Simple to utilize programming because of its reasonable and direct interface.

Different help alternatives.

A decent score on lab results.



Offers restricted insurance highlights, not at all like the vast majority of its rivals

Costly, particularly when you consider the highlights it gives

Doesn’t hinder URLs

Powerless against assault by explicit malware

Average phishing and ransomware insurance

Restricted and abnormal parental control


F-Secure Features

Here is a high-level security program that protects your data from access by unauthorized individuals.

It is compatible with all of your devices and works with a variety of operating systems, including Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows 7 and higher.

The good news is that anyone can introduce and use the application; you don’t need to be a technology expert.

You must opt for at least one of its expansive packages, which includes a 30-day free trial, to ensure its services.

A portion of its assurance highlights incorporate, however not restricted to:


Perusing and banking insurance;

Parental control;

Ransomware insurance;

Individual VPN;

Wi-Fi insurance.


How does F-Secure Work?

The security program F-Secure completes its task without interfering with your workouts. Not a single day during our free preliminary period did I see a spring-up alert informing me of a security check. We even linked a USB drive, but nothing has happened yet. In any event, there was a standard notice stating how many days remained before our preliminary expired.

The program’s main window provides information on its two main components, browsing security and infection, as well as current security features. The start check catch and settings catches can be found in a similar view. To navigate the other portions of the application, use the left rail.

Other Security Features

F-Secure keeps upping its game for better assurance as programmers and viruses get more shrewd. Some of its additional security features include:

ID assurance  

By obtaining your passwords and alerting you if an information breach involves your data, this component secures your reputation. Additionally, it provides you with expert advice on how to prevent data fraud.

Security Cloud 

It is an advanced threat reconnaissance tool whose mission it is to identify malicious activity or substance within the context of your device at the moment. To better protect its clients, F-Secure maintains an updated list of current malware.

Linux Security

This multi-motor antivirus ensures against unapproved access, examines mail, web, and document workers, and offers prevalent location rates, on account of its various checking motors.

Email and worker security

This element offers insurance against malware sent through the mail.


F-Secure Pricing and Packages


Free and Trial Version

Luckily, you can download F-Secure for nothing from the web. All you need is a decent web association, a Pentium 4 processor or better, 512 MB of free RAM space, and 800 MB of free plate space. Once the download is finished, introduce the program at that point last dispatch it by hitting the ‘Launch Pad’ button.

From that Point Forward, you don’t need to do Anything

F-Secure will operate in the background and provide limitless insurance against malware threats. This will continue until your free trial subscription expires after 30 days. You should subscribe to one of its paid bundles if you want to continue getting the most out of its administrations.


F-Secure Antivirus


The F-Secure antivirus doesn’t slow down your PC and is quick and easy to download. The following features are included on this device: malware removal, scheduled updates, infection assurance, and safe usage. Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 all support it as well. Terrible, it doesn’t support tablets with ARM processors.

There are three packages available for F-Secure antivirus. First, there is the 30-day free trial, which requires you to provide your email and then complete a Captcha. You will then receive a confirmation email, followed by an email with the license key and download link.

The other two are premium versions; the first support one PC for $35.99 annually, while the other supports up to three PCs for $39.99 annually. If you look closely, you won’t see any differences between the features supplied by the three packs.

F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe took home the AV-Test top assurance award in 2018. It helps to protect you and your family from online threats that could compromise your information. The best part is that your relatives can communicate with the one package you purchase. You may connect and encrypt up to 3 devices for $69.99 per year.

F-Secure Total

At a low annual fee of $89.99, this exceptional internet security tool allows up to seven associations with one package. It works with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 as well as macOS 10.13 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and iOS 13.0 or later.

F-Secure for Mobile Devices

Your online identity and information are secured by the flexible F-Secure application. It is simple to implement and compatible with the Android, Symbian, and Windows operating systems. You will enjoy the added benefits after joining one of its bundles.:

Hostile to robbery;

Malware assurance;

Parental controls;



Client service

If you have any requests, F-Secure provides several ways for you to get in touch with their customer support team. The live conversation button at the bottom right of your screen is the easiest to use. Any questions you may have are instantly answered in this place.

If the live chat feature isn’t available, you can try phoning them at the customer support numbers listed on their official website. The numbers make some specific memories that you can call and are explicit to certain space codes. In any case, this option isn’t available when it’s a public event.



F-Secure gets very high marks for execution and insurance. It puts a lot of effort into protecting your device from common infections. It will not only safeguard your information but also prevent useless pages. It’s not the best security tool to supply your device with assurance because of its limitation of insurance features.