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Unbelievable Things We find Exclusively in Dubai!

Dubai is a great location that serves as the Middle East’s center of the world’s commerce. The city is filled with attractions and renowned for its stunning architecture, high-end shopping experiences, and vibrant nightlife. In stark contrast to the major tourist attractions that are known to cause people to fall in love, we discovered things in Dubai that, believe me, are worth mentioning.

Check out this awesome list which will surely kick out the madness in you-

Super-Fastest Ambulances

In Dubai, lives are valued. And the fact that only Porsche and Hummers are used to transport people to hospitals speaks volumes about how terrible the situation is.

Generous Food Shelves

Dubai boasts affluent citizens and treats the less fortunate well. Free food is available on shelves for those who cannot buy it. I wish there were more of these things in the world.

Exclusive Food Delivery

Dubai offers a posh method of meal delivery. You won’t see a delivery person on a vintage bike in this location. Luxury is present everywhere. Therefore, the pizza is delivered here in a Jaguar or Ferrari!

Golden Toilets

When discussing weird things in Dubai, how to avoid these Golden toilets It is extremely strange for anyone to see gold-plated toilets in the restrooms here.

Gold Pacifier

Dubai is crazy about gold, and its residents have gold-plated toilets, toilet seats, and even trash cans. Even children can use gold pacifiers here. This is absurd, isn’t it?

Islands with Crazy Shapes

Due to Dubai’s obsession with gold, inhabitants there have toilets, toilet seats, and even trash cans that are gold-plated. Gold pacifiers are allowed here, even for children. I mean, this is ludicrous, right?

Private Concerts

Everyone in Dubai is taken aback by the wealthy sheiks’ extravagantly priced, unaffordable private concerts. Jay Z and Kanye West received a $6 million payment in 2011 for a private birthday celebration.

Fun Race with Camels

Dubai is the host of camel races but it is not what we want to tell you. The fun part is humans don’t participate in these races. There are specially designed lightweight robots that take part in this race! Surprised? Aren’t you?

The High-Cost Bedrooms

The seven-star Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai is a well-known establishment. It offers opulent lodging and provides you with an unimaginably rich feeling. The costs are also unbelievable. Your butler will cost you $24000 for one night here.

Royal Stables

Yes, these are strictly for horses and not for people. Yes, this is accurate. Here you will find luxurious barns where horses like residing. This space was created to house horses and has painted ceilings, marble floors, and eye-catching lighting. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The Flowery Desert

A Desert covered in flowers is nothing short of a miracle. Everything is possible in Dubai. The Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest floral garden in the world, is located here.

Wonder Water Car

One of the Crown Princes of Dubai owns water cars around the city. He has six of them, each of which is worth more than $800,000.

Flight with Falcons

The UAE’s national bird is the falcon. Therefore, you may typically witness this majestic bird flying around you. Oddly, falcons are not only permitted to fly but also given their seats.

A quick way to Avoid Traffic

When you are caught in congested traffic, don’t you feel like flying across the street? You can do this in Dubai by hiring a helicopter to transport you from one location to another.

Chilling Ice Slopes

Dubai has a desert-like feel to it. But did you know that Dubai is home to the largest indoor ski resort in the world, allowing you to enjoy skiing amidst the desert?

The Expensive Gold Cupcake

The world’s priciest cupcake is sold in Dubai. It is known as the Golden Phoenix and is made of 23-carat gold, Ugandan vanilla beans, and Italian chocolate.

Crazy Heights

Skyscrapers originated in Dubai. Buildings that are this tall can frighten the hell out of you can be found here. Some even travel to Dubai just to jump off these structures and experience the thrill.

Expensive Police Vehicle

In Dubai, the police receive the best. Here, they are handed Ferraris to use as supercars to chase the villains! Apart from the police, who else would require a pricey fast car? Right?

The Pet Game

Camels used to be considered the most valuable goods. With time, gold and pricey cars began to appear on the list of valuable possessions. But the strange thing is that although sheiks can now purchase penthouses and expensive cars, they still prefer to keep camels as pets. They genuinely enjoy the atmosphere of the past, I must say.

Gold Shoes

Something that has never been heard of is a shoe made from a chunk of gold. It does exist. A French designer created and sold these pairs of shoes in Dubai. Who else would sell a gold block heel, after all?

Perfect Public Toilet

Nobody likes using public restrooms. But what if we told you that the restroom in the picture was a public restroom? Don’t you want to go there too? Eva, that appears to be the ideal public restroom!

Cab or Bugatti?

Dubai makes you feel affluent. Here, even the taxis are opulent. You can be picked up by a Bugatti and have the best possible ride!

Gold is their Favorite

People in Dubai are completely enamored with gold. In Dubai, anything imaginable may be manufactured out of gold. Everything can be gold-plated, including toilets, cars, food, shoes, bracelets, jewelry, and watches.

The Great Jeep

We are not referring to a typical jeep that we see all year long. With six wheels, this jeep provides a tonne of inside space.

Pet Turtles

Pets hold a particular place in the hearts of the residents of Dubai. They enjoy tigers, tigers, camels, and even leopards. Turtle, however, is the strangest pet. not just one turtle, either. People in Dubai have pricey, threatened desert tortoises as a status symbol.

Super Protecting Bus Stops

Nobody wants to face the sun when summer is in full swing in Dubai and temperatures are rising daily. Dubai residents take the summer months very seriously, and even the bus stations have air conditioning.

Cuddle Game Strong

A lion cub is nothing short of a wonder. This image perfectly captures how hectic life can be when your pet lion is having a good time and wants to cuddle with you.

Fierce Rides

No ride is more brutal than the one in this image. Even as a pet, it’s difficult to ride a lion. But anything is conceivable for residents of Dubai.

What Better than Diamonds

A Mercedes laden with jewels is undoubtedly a rare find. Only in Dubai can you catch your breath while driving a convertible Mercedes decorated with diamonds.

No Single Men

While tourists from all over the world enjoy visiting Dubai, some locations forbid single guys. In fact, to make certain that there are signs that indicate its status as a family zone. Here, men must be accompanied by women and children; single men are not permitted.

Themed Motorbikes

The center for bespoke motorcycles is in Dubai. Here, you can order a motorcycle in any shape you like. For instance, the owner of this white motorcycle with a horse theme has decided to dress similarly.

Fishless Journey

There are areas where fish is prohibited in a place like Dubai where people love to eat fish. One such area where bringing fish is prohibited is Metro.