Unbelievable Things We find Exclusively in Dubai!


Dubai is a wonderful place that represents the global business hub of the Middle East. The city has many attractions & is known for its architecture, premium shopping thrills & amazing nightlife. We found things in Dubai that were totally different from the key attractions that can make you fall in love and trust me, these are worth noticing.

Check out this awesome list which will surely kick out the madness in you-

Super-Fastest Ambulances

People in Dubai value lives. And the exclusive Porche & Hummer to carry patients to the hospitals truly state the seriousness of the matter.

Generous Food Shelves

Dubai has wealthy people & does know how to treat the poor ones. There are shelves with free food for the people who can’t afford them. Wish these things could exist more around the world.

Exclusive Food Delivery

Dubai food delivery is also a fancy one. Here you don’t get to see delivery person on an old bike. Its luxury here everywhere. So, the delivery person here brings your pizza in a jaguar or Ferrari!

Golden Toilets

How to ignore these Golden toilets when we are talking of bizarre stuff in Dubai. People here can get to see gold plated toilets in bathrooms & it is completely bizarre.

Gold Pacifier

Dubai is all about gold & people who have gold plated vehicles, toilets & even cans. Here even kids can have gold pacifiers. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Islands with Crazy Shapes

Dubai has three weird islands which face the danger of vanishing altogether. But with amazing view, these islands remain to be most striking ones.

Private Concerts

The wealthy Sheiks in Dubai surprise everyone with their highly priced private concerts that are too expensive to afford. In 2011, Kanye West & Jay Z were paid $6 million for a private birthday party.

Fun Race with Camels

Dubai is the host of camel races but it is not what we want to tell you. The fun part is humans don’t participate in these races. There are specially designed light weight robots that take part in this race! Surprised? Aren’t you?

The High Cost Bedrooms

Burj Khalifa, the 7-star hotel in Dubai is a renowned hotel. It has luxurious accommodation & gives you the rich feel beyond imagination. The prices too are beyond imagination. One night here can cost you $24000 with your personal butler.

Royal Stables

Yes, these are not for people & only for horses. Well this is true. You will find lavish stables here where horses love living. The ceilings are painted; floors are made of marbles & striking lighting lights this place designed for keeping horses. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The Flowery Desert

Desert with flowers is no less than a miracle. In Dubai, everything is possible. Here you can find the biggest flower garden in the world known as the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Wonder Water Car

There are water cars in Dubai owned by one of the Crown Prince in Dubai. In fact, he has six of them costing more than $800000.

Flight with Falcons

Falcons are the symbol of UAE. So, you can usually see this regal bird around you in the flight. It is weird but falcons are not just allowed on planes but also have separate seats.

Quick way to Avoid Traffic

Don’t you feel like flying across the road whenever you are stuck in bad traffic. In Dubai, you can actually do this by renting a helicopter to take you from one place to another.

Chilling Ice Slopes

Dubai reminds of deserts & desert safari. But did you know that Dubai has the world’s biggest indoor ski resort that will help you experience skiing in the middle of the desert.

The Expensive Gold Cupcake

Dubai has the most expensive cupcake in the world. It is called the Golden Phoenix & is made of Italian cocoa, Ugandan Vanilla Beans & 23 carat gold!

Crazy Heights

Dubai is the home of skyscrapers. You can find here buildings so tall that can scare the shit out of you. In fact, some people even visit Dubai to jump off these buildings & feel the adventure.

Expensive Police Vehicle

The cops get the best in Dubai. Here they are given Ferraris to chase the bad guys like superheroes! Who else would need an expensive fast car other than the cops? Right?

The Pet Game

There were times when Camels were the worthiest possessions. With time, the worthy possession list was filled with gold & expensive cars. But the weird part is now when the sheiks can own penthouses & the fancy cars, they still like to possess camels. Must say, they really love the feel of ancient times!

Gold Shoes

Shoe created out of a block of gold is something never heard of. It does exist in reality. This shoe was designed by a French designer & sold in Dubai. After all, where else would people buy a gold block heel?

Perfect Public Toilet

Public toilets are nobody’s favorite. But what if we tell you this bathroom shown in the image is a public toilet? Won’t you love to visit the same? It looks like the perfect public toilet Eva!

Cab or Bugatti?

Dubai gives you the rich feel. Even the cabs here are luxurious. You can be picked up by a Bugatti & enjoy your ride to the fullest!

Gold is their Favorite

Dubai people are head over heels for gold. Everything that one can imagine can be made out of gold in Dubai. Be it necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, cars, food, shoes or toilets, everything can be gold plated!

The Great Jeep

We are not talking about a normal jeep that we find all around the year. This jeep has super space in it with 6 wheels.

Pet Turtles

Dubai people have a special place for pets in their hearts. They like falcons, camels, tigers & even leopards. But the weirdest pet is turtle. And not just one turtle. Dubai people own highly expensive, endangered desert tortoises to represent their status symbol.

Super Protecting Bus Stops

With summer prevailing in Dubai & each day getting hotter, nobody wants to face the sun. Dubai people takes summers very seriously & has even the bus stops equipped with them.

Cuddle Game Strong

Cuddles with a lion is no less than a wonder. This picture truly showcases the crazy life when your pet lion is in fun mood & wants to cuddle with you.

Fierce Rides

Rides can never be fiercer than this one shown in this picture. Riding a lion, even if it’s a pet, is not easy. But for people in Dubai, anything is possible.

What Better than Diamonds

Mercedes with diamonds loaded on it is surely something rare to find. Dubai is the only place where Convertible Mercedes studded with Diamonds can take your breath away.

No Single Men

While people from all over the world love to travel to Dubai, there are places which actually don’t allow single men. In fact, to make sure there are signs that state its family zone status. Here no single men are allowed & men must be accompanied by women & children.

Themed Motorbikes

Dubai is the hub for customized motorbikes. You can get here a motorbike shaped in any way you want. For example- this white color motorcycle which is horse themed is completely different & the owner chooses to dress up accordingly.

Fish less Journey

In place like Dubai where people love to eat fish, there are parts where fish is forbidden. Metro is one such place where carrying fish is completely banned.