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Couple Gets Really Shocking News After Three Kids!

Learn more about Robert and Nia Tolbert. This couple and their infant son led ordinary lives together. Everything was going smoothly for them until one day when it all changed.

Before receiving the startling news, their first and second pregnancies were very typical, and they lived in relative tranquillity. They lost their minds after hearing the news since it was so frightening.

Life drastically alters after two people get married. Planning to become parents can be stressful and requires careful planning. But who can prepare for a surprise this large?

The Tolberts experienced a truly frightening event. Read on to learn more.


Like other couples, Robert and Nia were introduced to one another through friends.

They began dating, and soon everything in their lives was improving steadily. As time moved on, the two grew increasingly close and resolved to spend the rest of their lives together.

They received some news from life soon, and it all changed.


Robert and Nia learned about their pregnancy. The couple was quite happy about the impending arrival of a new baby because it would expand their family.

They thought it was time to take on this new adventure of expanding their family because it was their first child.

The couple had been together for four years when Nia gave birth to Shai, their first child.

With their baby boy, life was easy and enjoyable, but who knew the subsequent pregnancies would be so dissimilar?


Nia and Robert decided to get married in 2014. They now had a family, but they decided to formalize it.

Everything was meticulously planned out. Visitors showed up to honor the event. The only thing that folks were not aware of was Nia’s second pregnancy!

Despite not knowing whether they were expecting a boy or a girl, the couple was once more thrilled about their pregnancy.

Soon, they will learn the most unexpected news of their lives!


Nia’s pregnancy lasted nine months and went by steadily. Her first sonogram was scheduled for very soon. She and Robert were thrilled about the impending addition to their family.

Shai and his father both gasped when Nia arrived home from her sonogram appointment. When Nia revealed Shai was set to acquire two brothers and not one, the three of them cheered with delight!


The Twins Nia gave birth to are identical. Riley and Alexander were the names of the two boys. They were born in 2015, which was a year of great excitement.

From a family of two, the Tolberts are now a family of five. The three children had taken over the Tolberts’ Maryland home entirely at this point. Now, neither their homes nor their minds had a place for any more children.

But life can surprise us in a variety of ways that go beyond our wildest expectations.


It was enough for Nia & Robert after living with three boys. They chose to stay within their family size.

They cherished their children dearly and believed they were blessed with gorgeous youngsters. They felt content with what they already had and had no desire to have more children. They no longer desired to go over the allotted amount.

Who could have predicted what their future held?


Nia found out that she was pregnant once more in 2017. It was sudden, unplanned, and unexpected. The parents were in utter disbelief. They thoroughly considered it and acknowledged it as God’s will for them.

Given that they previously had three sons, the couple hoped for a girl this time.


Somehow, mothers have a keen feeling for their offspring. The same was true with Nia. She was aware that it was unique, and she knew that the experience would differ.

She was aware of the modifications she would need to make as a consequence of her prior two pregnancies. She was unaware of how unique this one would be.

She felt that she wanted a girl this time, and she saw the change as a sign that her baby girl was on the way.


This time, Nia realized that her emotional responses were very intense. Not only that, but she frequently felt the rush of hormones.

She even became aware that her stomach had grown significantly more than it had the previous two times. Despite everything, Nia remained confident that things would turn out well. She practiced yoga, ate well, and took all the necessary precautions to give birth healthily.


Before the sonogram, Nia was quite anxious because she was aware that this pregnancy was different from the previous two.

“Robert and I have often joked about having a large family, but we did not plan to have any more babies after the twins,” Nia said in an interview after her pregnancy ended. But something unexpected happened.


Before getting ready for her ultrasound, Nia prayed. She entered, prayed for her baby’s well-being, and entered to see what her fate had in store for her.

When we were expecting twins, the ultrasound technician asked if multiples ran in our family, according to Nia. The technician asked the same question this time, and I immediately assumed that we were having twins once more.

After learning the same, she was in a state of shock. She couldn’t believe that her five-person family would grow to seven members.

She walked to the restroom to clean herself up and left after receiving the information. The technician phoned her again for another scan at this point. Technician


The technician initially validated Nia’s concerns about carrying twins.

After learning the same, she was in a state of shock. She couldn’t believe that her five-person family would grow to seven members.

She walked to the restroom to clean herself up and left after receiving the information. The technician phoned her again for another scan at this point. The technician wanted to perform another scan to double-check his suspicions.

Nia concurred with the same.


The technician scanned once more, this time paying closer attention. Constant scanning revealed the traits of infants. It started as one, then two, and finally three.

This time, Nia was pregnant with triplets rather than twins.

Nia said that as she realized what was happening, “things kind of spiraled out of control.”

As Nia became aware of how many people made up her extended family, she began to feel extremely afraid. From 5 to 8, the number increased quickly.


After learning about her new circumstance, Nia visited Dr. Rami, the physician who assisted her in giving birth to twins.

He noted how unusual it was to have three kids. It’s about fewer than one birth every thousand. It doesn’t typically happen. Having twins and triplets in the same lifetime is uncommon.


Despite multiple births being common in both Nia and Robert’s families, the likelihood of getting triplets was very low. No other relative has had the same experience as Nia, who was the first to have it.

Multiple birth pregnancies are more common in women who are overweight, particularly tall, become pregnant while nursing, or become pregnant after using fertility medications.

It was Nia’s time to tell her husband the news following the ultrasound. She discovered a different way to inform her husband about the development


Nia found it difficult to carry three children, but Robert also found it difficult. Even the news had escaped his attention. Nia had a different manner she wanted to tell Robert about this information. She had to depart for a weekend girls’ trip to Tampa, Florida. Robert and the boys were supposed to remain in Maryland.

She intended to return with three onesies, a picture of the sonogram with the babies’ names indicated as A, B, and C, and a note that read, “Please accept this gift from me & God.”


Robert discovered Nia’s gift when he got home. When Robert remembered what happened, he said, “I opened the bag and I saw a very very long sonogram, Then I saw three onesies in the bag and they were numbered 1..2..3. “I was just surprised,” he continued, “and I just went right to bed.”

Robert responded in this way, but Nia persisted in questioning why her husband hadn’t called her after seeing the sonogram.


When Robert regained consciousness, he learned that his family of five was about to expand to a family of eight.

He spoke with Nia on the phone and informed her of all of her concerns regarding the approaching hurdles as well as the fact that his love for her outweighed all of them.

Before leaving on the trip, Robert was aware that Nia was getting ready to go. He had been wanting a Fitbit for a while, so he assumed he would be getting one. Having triplets was completely out of his mind because he was thinking about something else.


Nia remembered how Robert had told her about his dread, unconsciousness, and happiness at being pregnant.

She also spoke of Robert’s enthusiasm for making changes and getting ready for the baby’s arrival.

And they were all prepared to expand their family by three.


Robert and Nia decided to keep their baby’s gender a secret. They were aware of the event because the family will be adding three more members.

The Tolberts decided to pop balloons stuffed with colorful confetti and use the color of the confetti to identify the gender of each baby.

After the party, they carried out their predetermined plan. Confetti of the color pink drifted out as they popped the first balloon, indicating that it was a girl. The second balloon also released pink-colored confetti, indicating the existence of another girl kid. There was great excitement as the final balloon popped. They discovered it was a female as soon as they popped it.


Three boys were already living there. The arrival of the triplets brought the number of girls and boys to parity. Such a thing had never occurred to the Tolberts. For them, it was unbelievable. Nia & Robert are the only members of the Tolberts. Compared to their parents, the boys weren’t as enthusiastic.


The triplets were due on February 9th, but there were a lot of difficulties. The contractions began in the first week of January.

She asked her mother to come with her to the hospital on the due date by calling her. She anticipated that they would be sent back home, as was the case with every pregnancy.


Nia and Robert anticipated being sent home after arriving at the hospital because this happens in every pregnancy. The physicians then advised them that it was time to start a family.

Nia’s water broke as they entered the room, and the triplets arrived!


Fortunately, despite the challenging pregnancy, the triplets were all perfectly healthy. They weighed between 4 and 4.6 pounds.

The triplets look sweet in the photo. The third one, which was created from a different egg, appeared distinct from the other two.

The fraternal twin was named Mackenzie, while the two twins who were identified were named Zuri and Bailey.


Nia & Robert had no idea what the future held for their family of eight. They had no plans, and change was needed. They saw this as a blessing and thought that God had picked them. They chose to love their children unconditionally because they believed in God’s plan.


They trusted in God’s plan, but a family of eight cannot survive by relying solely on friends and relatives for support. Tolbert’s started a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly to raise money for their exceptionally large family to receive better assistance.


With time, Tolberts decided to launch Tolbert, their own company. Their fan page, which goes by this name, is where they highlight every aspect of their wonderful lives, travel, and children.

The company is doing okay since they were able to obtain thousands of dollars from total strangers.


If you take care of your body by eating well, feeling well, and exercising, nothing can harm it. Nia is aware of the value of staying in shape. In 2019, she established her own company, MOTHERLOVING YOGA. She focuses on empowering women to support them in all forms, sizes, and circumstances throughout life.


Nia not only has her brand but also uses her lectures to inspire people all around the world. She assumes the role of a global ambassador who tries to assist others in changing their lives through lifestyle changes & proper nutrition.


This photo of three pairs of shoes that Nia posted on the eighth week of the triplets’ development is just too precious. The picture’s caption read, “The cuteness strikes again. Happy eight weeks, dolls.

This image received several comments. People were enamored by this picture and even asked to see the girls!


Before the daughters were born, the guys used to spend a lot of time with their mothers. Boys began spending more time with the boys after the birth of the triplets. The Boys Group’s Instagram post with the caption “The Tolbert Boys!!!!!!” caught our eye. taking a break from the women, one half of the crew! Shai with the cuteness, Rob with the Dad Swag, Xander with the mischief, Riley with the attitude,


Nia enjoys preserving memories. She takes photos every few weeks to document every stage of her girls’ development.

Here are a few images that are simply too adorable for words. Our hearts have been broken by the three girls who are all wearing similar outfits and using various photo captions.


Few people dare to step up and take command of their family when it is rapidly expanding. The Tolberts boldly assumed control and are currently content.

Along with providing their children with the necessary attention & love, the Tolberts are teaching them healthy values. A family feels just like that!