Couple Gets Really Shocking News After Three Kids!


Get to know Nia & Robert Tolbert. This couple lived a regular life with each other along with their baby boy. Their life was going smooth until one day when everything changed.

Their first & second pregnancy was quite normal and they lived really peacefully until the shocking news arrived. The news was so shocking that it actually made them lose their minds.

Once two people are married life really changes. Planning to be parents can be hectic & needs proper preparations. But who can plan ahead for a shock so big that one cannot imagine? 

Something happened really shocking to the Tolberts. Read to know further-


Robert & Nia met just like normal couples where mostly friend set them up with each other. 

They started dating & soon their lives were all steadily heading upwards. With the passage of time, the two came really close & decided to spend lives together. 

Life soon gave them some news that changed everything.


Nia and Robert found out about their pregnancy. The couple was really excited because a new born was to enter their lives & take the family to a new level. 

It was their first baby & they knew it was time to take up this new challenge of growing their family. 

After four years of togetherness, it was in 2011, when Nia gave birth to their first young one called Shai. 

Life fet simple & good with their baby boy but who knew next pregnancies would be so different!


It was in 2014, when Nia & Robert decided to get married. Now they had a family, but they decided to make it official. 

Everything was organised in a perfect manner. Guests arrived to grace the occasion. The only thing people were unaware of was that Nia was pregnant again!

The couple was again excited about their pregnancy though they didn’t know whether it was a boy or girl that was about to enter their life.

Soon, it was time for the surprising news of their life!


The nine months of Nia’s pregnancy passed steadily. Soon it was time for her first sonogram. She & Robert were excited about the new addition in life that was on their way. 

Both Shai & his father were shocked as Nia returned home from her sonogram session. All three of them cheered with joy when Nia revealed Shai was about to get two brothers and not one!



Nia gave birth to two identical twins. The two boys were named Riley and Alexander. 2015 was marked with their birth & lots of excitement.

Now the Tolbert Family became the family of five from two. Now the Tolberts’ Maryland home was completely occupied with the three kids. There was no room for any more kids in their minds or house now. 

But life has different ways of surprising us that’s beyond our imagination.


After having three boys in the house, it was enough for Nia & Robert. They decided not to exceed their family size.

They felt they were blessed with the beautiful kids & loved their children a lot. They were satisfied with what they had & felt no need for any more kids. They did not want to exceed the limit anymore. 

Who knew what life had in store for them?


It was in 2017, when Nia found out that she was again pregnant. It was sudden, unexpected & unplanned. The parents were completely dumbfounded. They thought about it carefully & accepted it as God’s plan for them. 

The couple hoped for a girl this time as they had three boys already. 


Mothers somehow have a strong intuition for their babies. Nia too had the same. She knew it was something different & surely the experience would be different.  

She knew what changes she had to go through because of her previous two pregnancies. What she didn’t know was how different this one would be!

Somehow she wanted to have a girl this time & she took this change as an indication for the arrival of her baby girl. 


Nia noticed that this time her emotional reactions were really strong. Not just that, she could even feel the hormonal rush many times. 

She even noticed that the size of her tummy grew really fast & way more than the last two times. Despite all this, Nia knew everything was going to be healthy & fine. She practiced yoga, ate healthy & did whatever was needed to give birth in a healthy manner. 


 Nia was really nervous before the sonogram as she knew that her pregnancy was different from the first two times. 

When her pregnancy ended Nia mentioned in an interview, “ Robert and I have always joked about having a large family, but we did not plan to have any more pregnancies after the twins. But we were in for a surprise.”


Nia prayed before getting ready for her sonogram. She prayed for the good health of her baby & went in to see what her fate had in store for her. 

Nia said,” When we were expecting twins, our technician that was doing the ultrasound asked if multiples ran in our family. So this time around, the technician asked the same thing and I thought, “Oh, we must be having twins again.”


In the first go the technician confirmed Nia’s doubts about having twins. 

She was in a state of shock on knowing the same. She couldn’t believe that her family of 5 would increase & become a family of 7 people. 

After getting the information, she went to the bathroom to clean herself & leave. It was at this time, when the technician called her back for another scan. Technician had some doubts and & wanted to do another scan to be sure. 

Nia agreed for the same.


The technician scanned again, this time more thoroughly & carefully. With constant scanning, babies’ features showed up. It was one in the beginning, then two & then three.

This time Nia was not carrying twins, but triplets!

When Nia got to know what was going on, Nia stated, “everything kind of spiraled out of control.’’

Nia started to feel really scared as she realized the number of members in her new family. From 5 to 8, number was growing really fast. 


After knowing about her different situation, Nia contacted her doctor who helped her deliver twins, Dr. Rami.

He mentioned that having three children was extremely rare. Its like less than one in 1000 births. Normally it doesn’t happen. In fact, it is rare to have twins and triplets in the same lifetime. 


Despite having histories of multiple births in both Nia & Robert’s families, the chances of having triplets was really uncertain. Nia was the first person to experience this & no other relative has experienced the same. 

A woman faces multiple-birth pregnancies mostly when the mother is overweight, exceptionally tall, gets pregnant during breastfeeding or gets pregnant through fertility treatments. 

After the ultrasound, it was Nia’s turn to reveal the news to her husband. She found a different way to let her husband know the news.


Carrying a triplet was tough for Nia but it wasn’t easy for Robert too. He wasn’t even aware of the news. Nia planned to report this news in a different way to Robert. She had to leave for a girls trip to Tampa, Florida for the weekend. The boys & Robert were to stay back in Maryland. 

Her plan was to leave back a picture of the sonogram with babies clearly marked as A,B & C along with three onesies & a note saying, “Please accept this gift from me & God.”


When Robert came home, he found the gift left by Nia. Robert recalled, “ I opened the bag & I saw a very very long sonogram, Then I saw three onesies in the bag & they were numbered 1..2..3..” He further added, “I was just shocked & I went just straight to bed.”

This was the reaction of Robert whereas Nia kept wondering why her husband hasn’t called her after looking at the sonogram. 


On gaining consciousness, Robert realized that his family of 5 was going to become a family of 8. 

He called up Nia & told her all about her fear of the upcoming challenges & also mentioned that his love for her was more than any challenge. 

Robert was aware of the present that Nia was about to leave before going on the trip. He thought he’d be getting a fitbit as he had been wanting that gadget for quite a while. He had fit bit on his mind & having triplets was completely out of his mind!


Nia recalled how she got to hear from Robert about his fear, unconsciousness & happiness on being pregnant. 

She also mentioned about Robert’s excitement on making adjustments & preparations for the babies arrival. 

And they were all set to welcome three new individuals into their family. 


Nia & Robert decided not to find out their babies’ gender. They knew its an occasion because three new members will be joining the family. 

The Tolberts decided to pop balloons filled with colored confetti & determine the gender of each baby with the confetti’s color. 

After the party, they did what they had decided. As they popped the first balloon, pink color confetti fluttered out & with that it was determined that it was a girl. Pink color confetti fluttered out of the second balloon as well, which determined the presence of another girl child. The last balloon was popped with lots of excitement. As soon as they popped it, they got to know that it was a girl. 


There were already three boys in the house. With the triplets coming, the number of girls & boys became equal. The Tolberts had never imagined such a thing. It was unbelievable for them. And by Tolberts we mean just Nia & Robert. The boys were not as excited as their parents. 


The due date for the triplets was 9th Feb but there were so many complications involved with it. In fact, the contractions started in early January. 

On the due date she called up her mom to accompany her to the hospital. She thought they’d be sent back home as it happened in every pregnancy. 


When they reached the hospital, Nia & Robert thought they’d be sent back home as it happened in every pregnancy. But then the doctors told them it was time for babies! 

As they entered the room, Nia’s water broke & triplets arrived!


Thankfully, the triplets were completely healthy despite being a complicated pregnancy. Their weight was around 4 to 4.6 pounds. 

The picture of the triplets is really adorable. Two of them looked alike while the third one looked different being formed from a different egg. 

The two identical twins were named Zuri & Bailey & the fraternal twin was named Mackenzie. 


With 8 members in the family, Nia & Robert had no idea about the future. They had no plans & it surely was time for change. They took this situation as a blessing & believed God chose them. They had faith in God’s plan and decided to love their kids wholeheartedly. 


They believed in God’s plan but receiving help from just friends & family to survive a family of 8 is not sufficient. To get better help, Tolberts began crowdfunding campaign on Fundly to get financial help for their extra large family.


With passage of time, Tolberts decided to start their own brand known as Totally Tolbert. This is the brand name of their fan page where they showcase everything about their exciting life, journey & kids. 

The brand is doing pretty good as they have managed to get thousands of dollars from strangers. 


Nothing can affect your body if you eat right, feel right & do right for your body. Staying fit is important & Nia knows it. She launched her own personal brand named MOTHERLOVING YOGA in 2019. She focuses on empowering women to help them sustain all shapes sizes & situations in life. 


Nia not just owns her own brand but also motivates people worldwide with her speeches. She plays the role of an international spokesperson trying to help people transform themselves with modification in lifestyles & adequate nutrition. 


This picture of three pairs of shoes posted  by Nia on the eight weeks completion of the triplets is simply beyond adorable. She captioned the pic as,” The cuteness strikes again. Happy 8 weeks Baby Dolls.”

There were several comments on this picture. People just loved this pic & even wanted to babysit the girls!


The boys used to spend a lot of time with their mom before the girls were born. With the birth of triplets, boys started spending more time with the boys. We found this picture of THE BOYS GROUP on Nia’s instagram captioned as- “ The Tolbert Boys!!!!!!One half of the crew taking a break from the girls! Xander with the mischief, Riley with the attitude, Shai with the cuteness, & Rob with the Dad Swag.”


Nia likes to capture moments. She clicks pictures every few weeks so that she can capture every moment while her daughters are growing. 

Following are some pictures that are just adorable beyond imagination. All three girls dressed in similar attire with different photo captions have taken away our heart. 


Not many have the guts to stand up & take charge of family when it is doubling up at a rapid pace. The Tolberts proudly took charge & are happily living. 

The Tolberts are inducing good values in their kids along with giving them proper care & affection. That’s what a family feels like!