Why DreamHost is the best web hosting service provider in the market?



DreamHost is one of the most-sought after and popular web hosting service providers in the world. It is believed that the company came into the existence in 1996, before the birth of Google. From the last 18 years, It has been successfully into the hosting business without facing any downfall. Currently, the reputed web hosting provider in the online world hosts around 1.5 million websites, applications and blogs. The most important aspect about it that WordPress itself recommends it to all it’s users. In fact, it also offers shared hosting plans with WordPress along with the unlimited bandwidth and space.

What is it all about?

For starters, DreamHost is nothing short of a boon because it offers shared web hosting at highly affordable prices, without burning a hole in your pocket. Currently, it offers two shared hosting plans, Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. The former offers unlimited data transfers and storage, except the email feature, whereas the latter offers unlimited data transfers and storage along with email and unlimited website hosting. With a huge variety of web hosting plans for almost every customer, it leaves no stone unturned to become the leading web hosting service provider in the market. 

It’s prominent hosting services include

  • Share hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Woo Commerce hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • WordPress hosting

It’s exclusive features

  • 100% uptime assurance across all the plans
  • On all shared and VPS plans, it offers SSDs for highest speed and reliability.
  • A round the clock and year support
  • Unlimited storage of data without any saturation point
  • It offers cloud storage to bring easier access and security to one’s data.
  • One can get over 750, 000 WordPress installations.
  • A user-friendly control panel.
  • One can easily pick any domain name as it offers you the choice from over 275 extensions.

Why should you pick DreamHost for your next website?

It offers incredible speeds

It’s average loading time is very impressive and consistent. It’s normal average loading time recorded is 648ms. The best part is that it is consistent in offering such loading time. Thus, one will get smooth sailing without any worry.

It offers 99.94% of above average uptime 

It comes with a guaranteed uptime without compromising on the quality. In case, the average uptime decreased beyond the required levels, then it will credit back the service cost into the customer’s account.

Money back guaranteed of 97 days

Unlike other web hosting service providers, DreamHost is the only one in the market which offers 97 money back guarantee.

Incredible features with the starter packs 

The web hosting service provider doesn’t think twice to offer some great feature with the starter packs, unlike others. The packages start right from $2.59 per month. It offers almost every feature that you can think of, including unlimited bandwidth storage, free privacy protection, free email addresses, free domain, automated backups, instant WordPress setup, free SSL Security etc.

Round the clock customer support

One can easily connect with the customer support round the clock to enquire about any issues related to the hosting etc.

Final thoughts

DreamHost is nothing short of a reliable and highly efficient platform to host any website, blog or application. There is no confusion about it’s features, plans and hosting services. The platform offers 100% transparency to customers. The plans start from very affordable prices without causing a dent in one’s pocket. The best part is that it doesn’t hide anything, thus, there will be no hidden charges for any of the services. One can easily enjoy unlimited website and email hosting. With round the clock customer support, custom control panel and advanced features, DreamHost is any excellent pick for hosting your website without any second thought.