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Theme Forest Reviews – Analysis, Features, Highlights

The name of “Theme Forest” suggests the wideness of eye-catching features offered to the web designers. This platform has given designers a new taste of experience an SEO friendly news-blog theme for WordPress. This has become highly popular not only for transforming the look & feel of the website but also to make it easy to use.
Now, building a responsive website is just a click away with the theme forest. This theme platform is known for its exclusive designs that come with customization facilities on widgets and gallery. For review sites, online magazine and publishing webpages, theme forest is exemplary. It has already won the hearts of the designers due to its excellent video-audio play, visual composer, woo-commerce support and other great attributes available in its exclusive themes.
Crossing 37000 sales have cleared the air that why Industry professionals liking this platform and rated more than 4 out of 5. The extensive choices of templates have made it a perfect option for the professionals of the industry. We have listed some of the pros and the cons that help you to decide why one should opt for it.

Pros of Theme Forest that makes it worth for Industry Leaders:


Stability matters most when it comes to Theme forest. In the theme market, the theme forest has shown its stability. It motivates web designers to customize their themes according to their tastes and requirement without facing many difficulties. That makes it a stable option for the professionals.

Code Review for Theme:

High coding standard committed by theme forest has given its extreme popularity in the marketplace. Expert reviewers are allocated to assure customers that a high standard of technical efficiency is maintained.

Traffic Analysis:

As one of the popular names of the market, one of the major advantages of using a theme forest platform is its traffic analysis. A large amount of traffic flow makes this platform the right place to sell the web theme. As a proper platform of selling a theme, it makes clients exposed to different commercial themes that hold a high chance of converting the leads into sale. The enormous options of customization heighten the chance of making it a one-stop option.


Higher Revenue:

Revenue matters when it comes to selling themes in platforms like theme forest. The main difference can be shown in the revenue. Offering products through other platforms helps designers to get 50% revenue whereas, in theme forest, the charges or fees are reduced to 12% so that people can get high revenue.

Exclusive Theme Demos

Exclusive theme demos offered by theme forest are designed as per the requirement of the industry. It eases the efforts of clients and provides them with the best option of creating a professional high quality multiple responsive websites.

Handling “Meta”

Handling Meta can be exhaustive for the sellers as it takes a lot to concentrate on the payment method other than the design. Theme forest is known for its efforts to handle the meta and leaving the sellers to focus on the designs.

Extra Income on Support:

Customer who visit theme forest and willing to buy themes often seek support for their themes. Earning extra income by offering support helps designers to strengthen their financial condition.

Cons of Theme Forest:

No Communication with Customers

The most debated con of theme forest is its non-communicative feature. A theme seller can’t communicate with the buyer. Both the parties should be tied to the platform for starting the communication. Often people get frustrated with the system when they can’t find a proper way of contacting the seller.

A Different Section of Popular Items

A different section of popular items attracts people towards them and makes it harder for other sellers to sell out their options while fighting with the best of the list.

Intense Competition

Extreme competition between the popular sellers affects the mediocre or the new sellers of themes. This competition often becomes a negative point for the platform.

Theme Rejections

With high standards and abrupt changes, sometimes theme forest trouble buyers with theme rejections.

No Multi-Site Licenses

Themes from the theme forest are strictly limited to single-site purchase. People often go for multiple sites. This is one of the disadvantages where you have to visit repetitively to take single site licenses from each site.

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