What Are The Major Benefits Of LeadPages?


What Are The Major Benefits Of Leadpages?

LeadPages is an internet tool that you may use to collect email subscribers. That’s the main purpose of Leadpages, and they provide a lot of purdy templates which you can use for direct magnets, webinars, and landing pages so as to cultivate your email list. Leadpages also has templates for things like revenue pages — it is a very powerful tool! I literally use it everyday.

What can you use Leadpages for?

Leadpages has quite a lot of features, so allow me to share a few of its awesome, relevant, and helpful attributes for bloggers and bloggers who are wondering if Leadpages is well worth it.


The picture above is a glimpse at one of my own webinars that I generated in Leadpages. I embedded my live webinar presentation to a webinar template in Leadpages and also added a chat box (not pictured) under the webinar to ensure attendees can communicate and ask questions. Webinar applications can be quite pricy, but this alternative allows you to do them almost for free by embedding a live Google Hangouts broadcast. Leadpages is a good alternative for anybody getting started with webinars.


If you’re using an email service such as Mailchimp, then you may be determined by how to send content upgrades without adding readers to a gazillion lists and thus paying for the readers multiple times. Leadpages makes this a very simple fix. To accomplish this, you merely need to create a fresh”LeadPage” or”LeadBox” in Leadpages and then upload your freebie, which will be emailed to your new subscriber after they opt-in. It is an excellent solution if you would like to cultivate your list with articles upgrades, but don’t know how to figure out it tech-wise.


To be honest, I have not actually explored Leadpages’ earnings page templates a lot since I have a tendency to design them myself in WordPress. However, once I made my free Pinterest e-book, I chose to create a revenue page-esque landing page, which gave more information about the freebie, similar to a sales page could. I also used among Leadpages’ earnings page templates to design it.

Now, if you are just starting out and can’t afford to hire a designer, then Leadpages could be an excellent option for designing a classy, professional sales page. They have a Lot of templates, which are easy for anyone to personalize, so you will likely find Something Which will work well for your offer.


This is not something I have tried, but I have seen others use it successfully. I am sure that you’ve seen this earlier! Basically, you can have somebody text a certain sentence or phrase to a specific number. They’ll receive a text telling them to react with their email address and then once they do, they will be subscribed!

  • Getting people to interrogate in the event you’re speaking at a seminar. Rather than telling people to attend a website URL and signup (which may be time consuming in case your crowd did not attract a computer), you can just let them whip out their telephone for 3 minutes and send a textmessage. This will likely get more people on your list.
  • Getting customers to register at Brick and Mortar shops. Envision if you provided new customers a discount when they signed up to your mailing list. Most people would be unwilling to spend the time to see a URL and register when they’re on the move, but if they all needed to do would be text some thing real fast? You may bet you’d get more readers.

Of course, there are some downsides to using text messaging, such as the fact that global peeps would not be able to use it. I really don’t advise using this method as your main strategy to accumulate email subscribers, but if you’re in an event or own a store, it could help to grow your list.


Lastly, since Leadpages includes tons of templates where you could upload videos, you could very well use them as a way to share video lessons to get a free class, like my Website to Biz Bootcamp training series. Click the button below to find out how to raise your audience and build a profitable and popular blog!

In my free class, readers are emailed several different lessons. Some of those lessons include training videos that I created. Rather than building a totally new site for all those video lessons, I was able to use Leadpages to host my videos.

So, friends, there you have it! It is my hope that this introduction to Leadpages has been helpful for you. I truly do use it in a LOT of different ways — I cannot envision my company without it! If you’re trying to place more of a focus on growing your email list (hint: you need to), then Leadpages will absolutely help you do that. I’m focusing on more Leadpages tutorials, because it really is a powerful tool, so allow me to know if there’s anything you would love to know more about.

Leadpages has also generously provided my readers a completely free 14-day trial so carrying this unbelievable instrument for a twist is a no-brainer.

Final Thoughts

Recently, LeadPages upgraded their tools to give you more freedom to design or customize a landing page. Previous to this you were restricted in drastically changing page elements. You can personalize, but in a framework. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering what’s LeadPages strategy to improve their tools, well the newest version of the product has only arrived. (But, the company is constantly improving the instrument beyond the significant revisions.)

The new system let’s you use a webpage to pretty much strip it bare and start again. To change the layout. Or just edit modest details. It is landing page layout for non-programmers.

The newest version of LeadPages also allow you to do A/B testing not only between versions by between variations of webpages that used different initial templates.