What Are The Major Benefits Of LeadPages?

What Are The Major Benefits Of Leadpages?

You can utilize the online application LeadPages to gather email subscribers. Leadpages’ primary goal is to help you build your email list, and they do this by offering a tonne of attractive templates for direct magnets, webinars, and landing pages. Leadpages is a pretty effective tool and offers templates for things like income pages. I genuinely use it daily.

What can you use Leadpages for?

For bloggers and bloggers who are debating if Leadpages is worthwhile, allow me to highlight a few of its great, pertinent, and beneficial aspects. Leadpages have a lot of functions.


A preview of one of my own webinars that I created using Leadpages is seen in the image above. To allow guests to converse and ask questions, I installed a chat box (not shown in the image) beneath my live webinar presentation on a Leadpages design. With this substitute, you may hold webinars nearly for free by integrating a live Google Hangouts broadcast instead of paying for expensive webinar software. Anyone starting with webinars should choose Leadpages as a suitable alternative.


If you use an email service like Mailchimp, Leadpages can simplify the process of delivering content upgrades to subscribers without adding them to multiple lists and incurring additional costs. By creating a “LeadPage” or “LeadBox” in Leadpages and uploading your freebie, your new subscribers will receive it via email after they opt-in. This is a great solution for those who want to grow their list with content upgrades but are not familiar with the technical aspects of achieving this.


Leadpages can also be a useful tool for creating professional sales pages, especially for those who are just starting and cannot afford to hire a designer. With a wide range of customizable templates available, Leadpages makes it easy for anyone to create a polished and effective sales page that will work well for their offer.


Although I haven’t tried it myself, I’ve seen others use this method successfully: have someone text a specific phrase to a designated number, and they’ll receive a response asking for their email address. Once they provide their email, they’ll be subscribed to your list.

This can be a useful strategy in several scenarios, such as getting people to sign up when you’re speaking at a seminar or registering new customers at a physical store by offering a discount for signing up. However, this method may not be accessible to international audiences, and it shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole means of collecting email subscribers. Nonetheless, it can be an effective way to grow your list in specific situations.


Leadpages offers a wide range of templates that allow you to upload videos, making it an excellent platform for sharing video lessons as part of a free class or training series. For example, I use Leadpages to host the training videos on my Website for the Biz Bootcamp series. By using Leadpages, I can incorporate my videos seamlessly into my email lessons without having to build an entirely new site.

In conclusion, Leadpages is an indispensable tool for growing your email list and can be used in many different ways. As someone who relies on it heavily in my own business, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their audience and build a profitable blog. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Leadpages, I’m planning on creating more tutorials, so feel free to let me know what you’re interested in!

Additionally, Leadpages has generously offered a 14-day free trial to my readers, making it a no-brainer to use this amazing tool.

Final Thoughts

LeadPages recently upgraded its tools to provide users with more design and customization options for their landing pages. In the previous version, users were restricted to a framework and could only personalize elements to a certain extent.

With the latest version of the product, users have much more freedom to strip down a page and start from scratch or make significant changes to the layout or make small edits. This new system makes landing page design accessible to non-programmers. The company is also constantly improving the tool beyond these major updates.


The most recent version of LeadPages additionally enables A/B testing between variations of webpages that used various original templates, in addition to versions.