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Fact Check – Why Should You Choose Envato Elements?


Envato Elements is a subscription-based service for an extensive range of designers, providing unlimited access to products like graphic assets, fonts, themes, templates, educational resources, and business management tools for download. It was launched in August 2006 and has been growing fast ever since then, with more than 7 million community members presently.

This marketplace is upgraded weekly with additional features and resources that allow you to build your digital projects in a better and faster way. From budding designers to seasoned professionals, anyone can access this user friendly service to explore the motley of their variegated tools and widen their skill set.


Themes and their usability

Envato has one of the most superior market places called ThemeForest, with a library of high quality themes and templates developed by world class creators. They are super easy to use, visually inspiring and empower you to bring your ideas to life. With multifarious options to choose from, you can pick an appropriate theme that resonates with the purpose of your project.

Apart from providing access to over 48000 WordPress themes, Envato Elements also includes multiple other CMS templates than have been crafted to support activities like ecommerce, blogging, marketing, etc apart from creative endeavors. Some of the popular names in this theme space are-

  • Unova- Consulting Business WordPress theme
  • BeSmart – a fully featured HTML template that can be used for any sort of website or marketing campaign
  • Meta app – new Unbounce template for Landing Page and Applications use.

Furthermore, every week their expert community of designers’ hand-pick some of the exclusive new website themes from their comprehensive collection, that are extremely captivating and can make heads turn.


Envato Elements is a paradise for digital creators that provides you access to over 900,000 downloadable digital assets, without worrying about their authenticity as all of them are already licensed. Envato Elements also offers an uncomplicated monetary model with just two pricing plans – monthly and yearly,  both of which support unlimited downloads.

Their range of products is highly versatile that allows you to opt for products that suit your affordability and purpose of the project. Whether you are a blogger who needs amazing images for your articles, an illustrator who desires a plethora of fonts and graphics to choose from, or an audio composer who is searching for some captivating sound effects for your musical content, Envato Elements can address to an expansive target audience and encompasses all that it takes to support effective creation of visual as well as audio content. In addition to all these benefits, Envato Elements new partnership with Twenty20 gives you access to more than 50 million authentic, real world images that you can use in your personal as well as professional projects.


Envato Elements is the ultimate creative subscription for unlimited downloads, with an aim to support a vast range of target audience. With new items being added in the already existing premium library of resources, it offers you an incredible user experience and enables you to create stunning content with ease and utmost perfection, while being highly affordable than most other services.


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