Printful – Best Custom Printing and Fulfillment Services


What’s Printful?

On-demand service that lets you access all you need to begin selling custom items and accessories online. You can use the mockup generator to put your designs on everything from telephone cases to hats and t-shirts. What’s more, since Printful offers the opportunity to begin utilizing the engaging drop shipping method for selling, you do not need to be concerned about holding any stock. Instead, you can just work with manufacturers to ship the things which you create straight to your buyers.

Printful offers a fantastic choice of tools for creative people who want to explore the benefits of the low-cost drop shipping path for their small business. If you have always wished to sell your own unique products, from habit leggings to laptop covers, Printful can help you to do that, without the hassle of warehousing and stock management to think about.

Printful is there to help you get started, with simple lessons that guide you through everything you may want to know. That includes lessons about the drop shipping model, on demand services for printing, and also constructing a digital empire.

How can Printful work?

Printful operates by thoroughly executing your orders: they help you print your custom layouts on items and deliver them to your customer’s on-demand. You simply need to add Printful’s program integration to your E-commerce platform, and you’re going to have the ability to run a fully automated company.

Traditionally, if you handled a Non-automated drop shipping business, you may have to perform the printing, packing, and shipping on your own. In any case, you’d have to monitor all of the associated costs: printer, ink, T-shirts or items in bulk, shipping packages, and postage expenses, and of course the labor and time it might take to produce and deliver the merchandise.

With Printful, however, your customers only need to place their orders with you, and Printful deals with the rest. The costs will be a lot smaller since Printful already has the substances, equipment, and logistics employees to operate a printing and fulfillment company.

By drop shipping with Printful, you still keep the profit your company generates, and you’ll be able to spend your time on other tasks, like designing, customer support, advertising, and growth.

Characteristics of Printful

Mobile Application

In this age, mobile devices are utilized more often compared to desktops and laptops and if you are one of those that want to easily access their enterprise account with Printful, you can do this with your smartphone. Just download the app on your iOS or Android apparatus and be able to do the following:

  • Talk to encourage
  • Purchase hold
  • Track your orders
  • Report issues
  • 3-Day Shipping

Normally, orders out of Printful are shipped in 3 business days or less. But, it might also take a week for your client to receive their item.

Sample Policy

While Printful cannot provide the item to you free of charge, you can get a 20% discount and free shipping on up to two sample things. This can be helpful once you want to see the product you’ll be selling personally without paying for its entire price.

Meanwhile, if you have $300-worth of requests in a month, then you can get up to 3 sample orders on a discounted price.

Printful Mockup Generator

On their website, you are able to see a free mock up generator that allows you create and see your final product. It’s also useful when you want to save time and money. You can easily use it without particular skills and experience. Provided that you’ve got a photo of your logo or the design that you want to use, you can simply upload it and insert text or clip art.

High-Quality Printers

If you’re wondering, how Printful uses high quality Kornit printers to come up with professionally-designed attire, accessories, etc.

Printful Review- The Pricing

The software is free to use. Thus, when a user is willing to make use of the software, they do not have to think much about Printful pricing.

Printful pricing depends upon the products that the users are getting for designing and the orders that are getting delivered.


  • USA & European based warehouses, so easily accessible to those major consumer markets
  • High-quality products
  • High-quality printing capabilities
  • No minimum orders.
  • No monthly fees to use their service
  • Transparent shipping prices
  • Ship products out to clients, on average, within 3 days
  • Customizable branding options
  • Re-shipments for damaged or lost goods
  • Automate your business with their ecommerce platform integrations


  • Their product selection is tailored to the apparel, accessories, and home ware good categories only
  • Lean margins for drop shipped products
  • Although some branding choices, they’re limited (you cannot use your own boxes, poly-mailers, tissue paper or anything outside what customizations they provide )
  • Some products, such as the framed posters or canvases, might not ship everywhere

Who Printful Is Best For

Printful is Firms can upload their designs on the stage and incorporate to their shop. Printful takes care of everything, from production to shipping of items.

Content founders, influencers, and independent musicians: Creative that wish to market their own product can do so using Printful’s services. It does not have setup fees and no order minimums.

Customer support review

Printful customer service has mixed Reviews online, but most reviewers agree it is far better than other competitions. With Printful, you’ll get telephone support through the weekdays or access support via a live chat or email address. They also actively participate on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Additionally, Printful supplies a self-help help center with FAQs, blog posts, directions, printing tips, cloth details, and embroidery files.


Printful provides the best attire, home wares, and accessories drop shipping support in North America, and now that they have started working from a base in Europe, they are guaranteed to rise into the top there as well. Their high quality products coupled with their valuable printing, shipping, and fulfillment service make them a simple choice for sellers who wish to begin their own company without the danger associated with buying large quantities of merchandise or expensive equipment upfront.

Service as they aim to improve vendor’s experience with their services by offering helpful tools and resources to help them offer a better experience because of their own clients. If you’re considering starting your own ecommerce shop via a Drop ship business model, we highly recommend checking out Printful.