StackPath Vs Cloudflare, Which One is Better to Use?

From the past few years, web hosting is revolutionized due to CDNs (content delivery networks). Almost every person who is into online business has their hands on a ground-breaking CDN network. After all, it is better to host your website by distributing the files as well as load them to various systems rather than just one server.

Talking about the two major companies in the CDN industry are StackPath and Cloudflare. Both these companies have a stronghold in the industry and let’s just quickly know about them.


StackPath is highly known to deliver a blend of four services such as CDN, monitoring, managed DNS as well as WAF. It works to speed up customer’s websites by 68%. Plus, it is famous for novice-level simple to use UI. StackPath is amazing in its CDN performance with some extraordinary features.

Whereas, Cloudflare was originally created to stop the scammers but eventually it also worked on the website’s speed. It offers complete security from online threats lie SQL injection, DDoS attacks, etc.

However, to know them deeply it is essential to know which one is better than the other and on what grounds.


StackPath vs Cloudflare

Here are some of the points which will help you to understand which CDN network is better, StackPath or Cloudflare:

  • Server locations

The foremost factor which you should consider for a CDN service is its server location. You definitely don’t want to invest in a network that has very limited server locations. As compared to Cloudflare, StackPath has around 45 data centers all across the globe.

  • Pricing

The pricing of any CDN network is determined by the services it offers. The basic pricing plans of StackPath and Cloudflare starts at $10/month.

Cloudflare has basically four plans including a free plan, a pro plan of $20 per month, a business plan of $200 per month, an enterprise plan which is a custom plan.

StackPath has a basic plan of $10 per month, an edge delivery plan available at $20 per month, $200 per month, and $2000 per month.


Clearly, StackPath has more and better pricing options.

  • Features
  • Performance – Cloudflare is known to reduce latency with the help of its balancing scheme. It is basically a proxy system with some optimization features helpful for routing as well as accelerated mobile links.

Whereas, StackPath offers a great deal of global traffic management system. It also reduces latency. The network is loaded with SSDs that results in an overall brilliant performance as compared to Cloudflare.

  • WordPress integration – one of the StackPath features is WordPress integration. You can do this by integrating StackPath via the W3 total cache plugin. Whereas, Cloudflare integrates WordPress individualistically.


  • Security – StackPath has built-in security features such as WAF, Mod security, etc. plus, you can get hands-on DDoS protection, data center security with biometric, etc. On the other hand, Cloudflare has a specialized security system to chase online frauds and scammers. Therefore, you can get better security options with StackPath.



To sum up this Cloudflare vs StackPath review, both these CDN networks are amazing and have great features to offer to its customers. But StackPath has a lot more to offer than Cloudflare. Meanwhile, Cloudflare is just a reverse proxy that is beneficial for online security. And StackPath, on the contrary, is great for advanced security as well as monitoring services.

Therefore, to choose CDN service like StackPath can add more value to your website or online business with its great features and service. It literally outshines other CDN platforms to a great extent.


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