Revealed: Why Building an Email List is so Important Today

Are you considering to build an email list but not very sure about it? Well, having an email list in the business world or even if you’re a blogger is very important. Initially, it might seem like nothing important but it seriously makes a big impact on the traffic as well as revenue of a business. Basically, an email list is a list of names as well as email addresses of the people who have officially given you the permissions to send updates as well as promotions from your venture.

Building an email list cannot be done without having a strong grip over an amazing email marketing tool. The market is flooded with many email marketing tools but it would be reckless to associate with software that offers your business mediocre features. However, to build an email list nothing is better than Constant Contact email marketing.

Contact Contact

This tool can be your golden ticket towards business success and capturing the attention of your potential clients. Joining hands with this automation platform will give you the opportunity to create an effective as well as an engaging email campaign.

Reasons to understand the importance of building an email list

Before providing you with the details of the Constant Contact email marketing tool, it will be convenient to understand the importance of building an email list. You definitely do not prefer to involve in something which has no relevance.

As per the Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment for businesses through email marketing is 4300 percent. It so because, the subscribers willingly joined your email list from your official business website and further verified for their identity. Thus, it means that they are highly interested to know what your business has to offer. This way you can convert your clients into paying customers.

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In business, the conversion rates of an email list are 10times high than any other social media campaign. Therefore, building an email list is an incredibly influential communication channel. Here are some of the solid reasons to prove this:

  1. Email is personal

Having an email list with the help of Constant Contact will lead your business directly into a user’s inbox. Therefore, no ranking system can create any hurdles in reaching your customers. Emails are very personal as well as direct

  1. Email is targeted

An email marketing tool will make your emails highly targetable. Constant Contact email marketing can help you in targeting your clients easily. This is the easiest way because the users already have shown interest in your business products or content. Therefore, having an idea about what they like or are looking for, you can provide them with interesting offers for great results. This process is called segmentation in simple words.

  1. It is one-on-one

Emails are definitely one-on-one. Every person read or check emails in the privacy of their inbox. Thus, the message is not presented on a timeline or public newsfeed. Your users can ask solutions to their queries in private. This complete way helps in building trust as well as customer connection.

Contact Contact

  1. People use email more often than any other medium in a day

The statistics show that people active on a daily basis on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are 100 million. But hardly anyone knows that more half of the earth’s population uses email on an everyday basis i.e. 3.8 billion. This is why every smart business is starting to understand the power of an email list.

Email marketing is the long-term investment that brings great returns because every user will get emails at very minimal costs for a long duration of time.

  1. You have full authority on your own email list

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google are not owned by you. Every effort and penny spent on social media campaigns as well as SEO can go complete waste if such platforms amend their policies.

On the other hand, having complete authority on your email list is the best decision you can take for your business. It is not influenced by any other business decisions.

  1. It is purposeful

Email lists are highly purposeful. If a user is interested in your business or wants to hear from you then he will go for user form and confirm his email address. This way your interested user gets in touch and stay connected with your business. Through Constant Contact, you can make your email lists highly purposeful.

Contact Contact

Apart from that, you may be surprised to know that most of the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are aggressively building an email list to get in touch with their customers, enhance their business valuation, and to reach the audience in real time. In fact, many digital marketers and experts such as Neil Patel, Joe Pulizzi, Syed Balkhi, and many more believe the fact that building an email list is very important in the digital space. It is the best platform to get in touch with customers with your products and service in a personalized manner. It is the best mode of communication without burning a hole in your pocket. And to build an email list, all you require is to have an incredible website/blog, an efficient email marketing tool, and high conversion driven opt-in forms.

Why Constant Contact is the best choice for building an email list?

Without a great email marketing tool, you can take advantage of the email list and grow into a successful business. But Constant Contact can help you will everything you are looking for or desire for.

Here are some of the Constant Contact features to know it better:

  • Trigger emails on the basis of user actions – through automated Constant Contact you can trigger a single email as well as a series of messages on the basis of user actions. In simple words, you can send follow up emails after specific actions of the users.
  • Track your results in real-time – email marketing campaigns can sometimes leave you in dark. But one of the Constant Contact features that are real-time tracking will help you in providing complete details about the most recent email marketing campaign.
  • Design attractive email templates within a few minutes – to drive your user’s attention it is necessary to have attractive email templates. This tool is simple to operate and does not require any graphic designer in case of beautiful email templates.
  • It offers multiple marketing applications and solutions to enhance the productivity, profits, customer base, and maintain relationships with customers. One can find out various solutions such as email marketing, social media campaigns, event marketing, survey management, and offer management.
  • It also lets you to create a stunning website within a few minutes with it’s incredible website builder.
  • It enables you to start your online business by opening a store in just a few simple steps.
  • It also offers logo maker to give your new business a fresh and exclusive identity like never before. One can choose from a huge range of customizable options to create a stunning logo for your venture.

On the other hand, you also get other various Constant Contact features as well as benefits like a 30days free trial. With this tool, your business will start flourishing, and building an email list will become super easy.


To conclude this constant contact review, you do not need to require a specific business or website. Also, it does not matter what kind of industry you are doing your business in. all that matters is having a website, and you willing to convert your visitors into customers with the help of an email list.

Contact Contact

With the help of this Constant Contact review, you definitely will be able to understand the importance of an email list. It can turn the tables by offering great success.


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