Moosend VS Mailchimp – 10 Major Features Compared

Running an online business cannot flourish by only putting in the efforts. Every smart move is required in this new ear of technology. And nothing could be better than having hands on an amazing email marketing solution. Email marketing tools have literally revolutionized the digital space to manifolds. They help you to target a particular audience, personalize content, boost sales, optimize your time as well as budget, and give your brand a great recognition, etc. Nowadays, you can find out multiple email marketing tools in the market.

However, the popular email marketing tools right now in the marketplace are Moosend and Mailchimp. Both are known for boosting marketing campaigns. Firstly, talking about Moosend individually, it is robust email automation as well as a marketing tool. It is very famous for offering a simple user interface. Plus, it is packed with great benefits at a very nominal cost.


Whereas, Mailchimp is helpful in creating email newsletters that you can distribute to a targeted audience. It is simple to integrate this software with other services as well.

Detailed comparison of Moosend and Mailchimp

To know which software is better for email marketing, a detailed comparison of Moosend and Mailchimp is very much required.

  • Automation

The best thing about Moosend is that it has an automated feature. You can automate your campaign through the criteria like anniversary, onboard email sequence, etc. With this, you can also create advanced workflows right from the beginning.

Whereas, Mailchimp allows you to create email recipients while they are tagged or when welcoming new subscribers, etc.

Automation as one of the Moosend features has more to offer than Mailchimp. Thus, here point goes to Moosend.


  • A/B testing

Moosend in its A/B testing feature enables you to create two campaigns. These can be sent on the spot or can be scheduled for later. On the other hand, this software you create content with the help of a campaign editor as well as an HTML source from outside.

On the other hand, to use A/B testing using Mailchimp it can only be done if you have a list size of around 5,000.

Clearly, Moosend takes the lead here as well.

  • Deliverability

Deliverability is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing any email marketing solution. It shows the probability of your message that whether it is landing in the recipient’s inbox or in their trash folders.

Moosend is known to have the highest deliverability score of 98%, whereas Mailchimp lacks behind with a score of 95.45%.


  • Pricing

Moosend pricing is divided into three plans. The initial is a free plan with unlimited emails, a pro plan which starts at $10 per month, and the last plan is an enterprise plan which is a custom plan with premium features.

On the contrary, Mailchimp has four pricing plans. The first plan is a free plan, then the essentials plan available at $9.99 per month, a standard plan of $14.99 per month, and a premium plan of $299 per month.

  • Support

Moosend has reliable support when it comes to its customers. You can contact them via phone, live chat, or email. Whereas, Mailchimp only offer email support to its free plan users. To get chat support or phone support, customers have to pay for it.

  • Integrations

Moosend offers integration with Zapier or other hundreds of third party tools at some cost. On the other hand, Mailchimp offers integration with apps like CRM, e-commerce platforms, etc.

  • Forms as well as landing pages

With Moosend you can create forms like pop-up, floating bar, full-page form, etc. Plus, the platform allows you to create beautiful landing pages of a website.

And with Mailchimp, you have five form creating options. Also, it provides landing page templates like lead capture, lead generation, etc.

Apparently, Moosend leads here as it has features to increase landing page visibility and improve your website’s Google ranking.

  • Email broadcast as well as templates

Moosend has an option to create broadcast campaigns like A/B split, RSS, automation campaigns, etc. And Mailchimp helps to create emails, ads, landing pages, etc.

Also, these platforms also offer attractive templates for your website.

  • List management

with Moosend you can efficiently manage as well as import your subscriber list. Plus, you can import Excel files, CSV, pull data from Salesforce, etc. Whereas, Mailchimp can offer you to see subscriber lists and manage it.



To conclude this Mailchimp and Moosend review, it is evident that Moosend outshines Mailchimp in many features and benefits. It has a user-friendly interface, brilliant deliverability score, great automation workflow with inbuilt templates, amazing analytics as well as reporting tools, and much more.

Clearly, Moosend can be more beneficial as an email marketing solution as compared to Mailchimp. It offers a string of incredible features, unlike other email marketing tools.


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