Sucuri Website Security – Why We Love Sucuri + Pros and Cons


Sucuri Introduction

Sucuri provides cloud-based Site safety Services from prevention to healing. Co-founded by Daniel Cid (now CTO) and Tony Perez (CEO) at 2010, Sucuri is headquartered in the United States but has employees in many locations across the world.

Sucuri’s providers are cloud-based — there is no Software to install or download. Rather, the solutions are available through monthly subscription plans. They supply continuous anti virus and malware scanning, malware removal and hack repair, brand reputation and anti virus monitoring, and DDoS protection. Their providers operate on any kind of site, including WordPress, Joomla, or Magento. They also provide customer support and guaranteed response times for malware removal and hack repair by their event response team.

Sucuri Website Security

For enterprise-level customers, Sucuri also offers Custom configurations that have advanced safety features like Network-Based Coding Tracking Systems (NBIMS), customized service level arrangements based on your needs, and professional integration into your current security systems.

Reasons Why We Love Sucuri

  1. Blocks all of the Attacks

Sucuri’s firewall blocks all of the strikes before it even touches Our server. Since they are among the major security companies, Sucuri proactively investigate and report possible security issues to WordPress core team as well as third-party plugins.

Their staff closely works with the respective developers in Fixing the safety problems. After fixed, Sucuri patches those vulnerabilities at the firewall level in the event you didn’t get a opportunity to update your plugin fast enough.

By Way of Example, the recent Elegant Topics vulnerability that has been disclosed was patched on Sucuri’s servers before you upgraded your plugins and topics. Meaning your site was always protected.

  1. Website design Monitoring

We’ve Got the Sucuri 2-in-1 Website AntiVirus package which comes Using the Sucuri scanner.

The scanner also makes Sure our Website is not blacklisted by Any of the services like Google, Norton, AVG, Phishtank, Opera and many others.

  1. Server Side Scanning

When you are dealing with intelligent hackers, You Have to account for everything. Some hackers do not care about infecting your users with malwares. Maybe they only need to add banner advertisements in your old article or replace your affiliate links.

When the server side scanning comes in handy. Sucuri’s server Side scanner goes through every single document (even non-WordPress documents ) to make certain that nothing questionable exist on your server.

It also audit events like file alterations and such to keep you informed.

Sucuri Website Security

Malware Cleanup Service

Although all the reasons above well justify the cost, they Also provide malware cleanup service with no page limitations together with blacklist removal. We have not had to use this part of the service yet, but can you imagine with safety experts cleaning your site.

On average security experts cost $250 / hour for consulting.

Since this can get rather expensive, Sucuri has an extra Incentive to make sure your site never gets hacked.

  1. Cheap WordPress Security!

After reading this review, you’d definitely concur that Sucuri will pay for all of your safety requirements. Of course, you would anticipate this service runs in the thousands of dollars, right? NO!

The entrance level Fundamental bundle, which is Perfect for blogs only prices $199.99 annually or more $16.66/month if billed annually and comprises:

  • Malware Removal & Hack Repair
  • Constant Malware & Hack Scanning
  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Tracking
  • Advanced Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Ticket-based Customer Care

In case you experience an e-commerce site then there’s the Pro bundle ($299.99/year) that boasts of quicker response times and more regular monitoring and scanning. Larger companies may also elect for the company bundle ($499.99/year) that has the quickest reaction time (4 hours), many ordinary scans (each 1/2 hr) in addition to ticket and immediate chat service.

Sucuri Website Security

Another Tool On Your Website Security Toolbox

These features help to Monitor sites better. If something occurs, you can check the logs to see if there was a compromise from using a stolen password or perhaps a more intricate attack that would require a review of their Apache logs.

Audit logs also provide you Visibility over any changes made. If a site compromise occurred, you are able to revert these changes if necessary. This is yet another useful way to use an audit plugin. And if you know your website has been compromised but don’t know where to begin, contact us and we’ll be delighted to clean your website for you.

Website Audit Logs (Activity Logs)

We recommend having a plugin To log activities on your blog or site.

. Be an early alert system to let you know if something has gone wrong.

  • Work for a tool that will help you keep a close watch on what is going on on your own site.
  • Having audit logs on a website is mandatory for e-commerce sites to be PCI DSS compliant. Logs are also quite useful once you want to troubleshoot technical issues or ensure user accountability.
  • Many hosting providers keep internet server logs. However, just a few of these keep extensive logs and are able to supply them to their customers on short notice.
  • Also, the Apache logs are not too user-friendly, especially if you are not familiar with the structure and what each element of the log entry means. In fact, these logs can be quite intimidating.
  • Nevertheless, the internet server logs do not reveal what exactly occurred. There is prominence on the HTTP GET and POST requests. All these are the requests made by people to download a web page (GET) or publish content to the server (POST). These logs allow you to have an idea of what was visited on the site, but you cannot tell which actions each user achieved.
Sucuri Website Security

Service and Customer Support

Support is available 24/7/365. All technical assistance Requests must be submitted via the ticket system. For non profit support or for sales inquiries, you can reach them via the ticket system, live chat, email, or telephone.


Sucuri is great for businesses who do not possess their own Internal security expert group, particularly if you manage sensitive info Or need to obey privacy or security laws. Maintain their site safe.