StackPath Reviews – Details, Pricing, & Features Analysis


What is StackPath?

StackPath Is a platform of computing infrastructure and solutions built in the edge of this cloud. Thus, if you’re a programmer, now you can build and deploy directly on the Internet’s front steps. That way users of the program, site, API, content, or anything else you’re building from the cloud don’t bounce round the globe before reaching you, and is going to have a quick, secure, and easy experience.

It may only be three years old, but StackPath has Built a comprehensive product range by acquiring a host of other big internet players: MaxCDN, Highwinds, the VPN service, as well as the internet security pros Fireblade and Staminus.

The Firm has spent the last year or 2 extending and integrating those technologies, and the end result is a set of four services: monitoring, managed DNS, a strong web application firewall, and also the topic of this review, a content delivery network (CDN). Stackpath applications have no issue integrating with system and are a recommended solution for players. The program comes with a complete and uncompromised uptime SLA and helps to decrease the server load. Stackpath enjoys simple integration with WordPress and several other content management systems. Users of this program will profit from real-time reporting. The software is highly intuitive and is easy to set-up.


Establishing a StackPath account is fast and simple, at least originally. Forget the usual bulky signup forms, just put in your email address and you are instantly browsing StackPath’s available services.

You can choose to your CDN, and the website redirected us to the very short setup process.

After Requesting our site domain name, you can prompt to pick the origin from where StackPath will be yanking content. This will generally be the web server, and StackPath automatically finds the IP address and greatest protocol (HTTP or HTTPS),

Click Continue, the website created our website and created a CNAME goal from the kind z7d4w7j9.stackpath Add that as a CNAME record to the DNS records for a domain name, and StackPath manages everything else, caching articles, selecting up requests from traffic, and then mechanically serving the relevant files from the fastest possible location.


StackPath Supplies a competitive set of attributes including:

· DDoS protection — To protect your website from excessive traffic aimed at bringing it offline. StackPath includes network and application protection.

· Web application firewall to protect your site against the main online dangers

· Site acceleration through CDN

· Real-time reporting

· Free Lets Encrypt edge certificate. Alternately, if you want a longer duration certification to load on your own server as well, you can arrange your own. Even though only 18 percent of the internet’s traffic is IPv6traffic is increasing dependent on the present Google statistics.

Log timezones aren’t customisable. Unfortunately, all logs will be set to UTC time instead of the time zone you’d like.

Pros of Stackpath

No-strings free month trial

Simple and fair pricing

Easy setup

Reactive 24/7 tech support

Cons of Stackpath

Few locations Outside US and Europe

Average rates

EdgeRules not included in basic strategy

What is StackPath CDN employed for?

StackPath CDN is Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software. StackPath CDN offers the following functionalities:

· Dynamic Content Routing

· Sponsored Content Caching

· Reports

· Cache Purging

· Customized SSL

· Shared SSL

· Origin Shield

· API Integration

Reporting and logging

There’s one place which is very easy to use, the reporting and logging displays are good. Firstly, you’re ready to view traffic by location, but besides this you can see caching proportions along with your top 50 documents. While there will be no surprise from the documents for the top 50, it will show you an area to concentrate your optimization.

How much does StackPath CDN cost?

The pricing for StackPath CDN starts at $10.00 per month. StackPath CDN includes 4 Distinct programs:

· Secure Edge Service CDN at $10.00 a month.

· Pro at $20.00 a month.

· Company at $200.00 per month.

· Enterprise at $2000.00 per month.

StackPath CDN also offers a custom program based on the Client’s request.


Assessing CDN performance can be quite tough. Speeds vary considerably depending on location, and a service that is just average in Europe or the US could be a leader in Asia.

Configurability can be an additional important aspect of a service, as customizing a service to suit your needs may occasionally bring performance benefits. The interface doesn’t seem to offer quite much on this, though, aside from some tweaks we’ve mentioned previously (HTTP/2, GZip service).

Website of StackPath’s EdgeRules system appears more promising, together with principles which allow you to ‘personalize your advantage delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience to your requirements.’ Sounds good, particularly as it goes on to explain ‘EdgeRules are included with each CDN package at no additional cost. At StackPath, management comes standard.’


All Network traffic via StackPath, for example traffic on international private networks, is encrypted by both IPSec and TLS standards. Its automatic platform implements regular ping sweeps as well as port and vulnerability scans to detect unauthorized usage of protocols, ports, and services across IT infrastructure. Each StackPath service provides extensive configuration management choices for establishing authentication.

Final verdict

If you want more locations, StackPath is easy to set up and manage, with quality reporting and easy integration with StackPath’s Web Program Firewall and DNS products. If you are a CDN newcomer, then subscribe to the monthly Trial and test it out for yourself. StackPath WAF provides full-time protection for websites and software by analyzing all Traffic and just allowing valid and legal access. Simply put, it works in the following way: – Factors the website, program, or API to StackPath – Reviews busy WAF policies – Deactivates or customizes any Standardized policies as wanted – Creates customized WAF rules as well as IP Whitelists and blacklists as essential StackPath’s end-to-end DDoS defense Alternative counters any attempt to overwhelm the user’s software with large-volume traffic.