Push Monkey

What is Push Monkey? How To Use Push Monkey? What Are Push Monkey Pricing, Pros & Cons?

What is PushMonkey?

PushMonkey is a push advertising tool that you can integrate with your website to target visitors with pop-up messages. It allows you to segment your crowd and schedule programmed and retargeting efforts, and it works for both work area and portable visitors.


How To Use Push Monkey?

  • Custom Branding – Your principles and plans are what all of your messaging pop-ups express. They don’t include advertisements or promotions from other brands. Certainly not from Push Monkey.
  • Expanded Engagement – No matter if your followers are browsing your website or not, they can still get pop-up messages at any time. If they receive the push while not connected, it will manifest itself once they are connected once more.
  • Limitless Notifications – You are able to send your fans as many pop-up messages as you want thanks to Push Monkey’s arrangements. It is up to you to decide how many there should be based on your advertising and main goals.
  • The executives of Multiple Websites – Push Monkey can be set up at several locations, with the management of each one controlled from a single central record.
  • GEO Location: Determine the precise region in which your supporters are concentrated, and modify the content of your push accordingly. Change the language and the social data and adapt to them.
  • Authorization Prompt – The consent brief is the primary notification of your pop-up communications. In light of this, doing it correctly is essential, and Push Monkey provides an entertaining strategy to help you gain fans.
  • Full Integration with Multiple Platforms – Push Monkey is compatible with the vast majority of them, so you can coordinate your foundation with only one tick. To name a few, these include Shopify, Wix, WordPress, Magento, and Instapage.



  • Coordination with E-trade Shopify and WooCommerce get robotized truck deserted message pop-ups.
  • It offers a “Free for Ever” membership that is outfitted with every one of the highlights of paid ones, doesn’t need a charge card and incorporates day-in and day-out live help.
  • It covers a wide scope of gadgets, programs, and working frameworks.


Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It doesn’t offer A/B testing.
  • It is confined to India.
  • Reports and investigations are just about as broad as other push specialist organizations.     


Push Monkey used for?

Push Notification Software is called Push Monkey. Push Monkey provides the following features:

  • Examination (of Social Media) (Social Media)
  • Segmentation of Guests
  • Automation Push
  • Multipurpose Notification
  • Internet notification
  • Visual Information
  • Messaging via Multiple Channel

Why Push Monkey?


Push Monkey Pricing Plans

Push Monkey is entirely unrestricted. Alarms can be sent to up to 100 endorsers. The assessing plans then begin at 2,000 endorsers for $16 per month, and you may scale it up from there based on your particular needs. The arrangement and emphasis you need will affect how much the thing is worth. There are no distinct plans; you choose and are charged equally. They provide a really flexible pricing strategy, which is fantastic for setting up and testing a demo.                            

Push Monkey Review

Top Push Notification Platform

Push Monkey is comparable to other providers of pop-up messages as Push Team, Pusher, and many others. Push Monkey is a provider of web message pop-ups for sharing texts to office spaces and mobile devices. The assembly of this device is really quick and easy. There is no coding or application interface planning required for the setup. Additionally, the granular segmentation enables users to select and edit the warnings’ content before delivering it. Additionally, it offers a geolocalization feature that helps to segment client interests based on their location.

The solution can be used in conjunction with Woocommerce Mix, which will serve to notify customers of abandoned trucks. In addition to this, it provides non-nosy warnings that appear on top of the window and disappears if the client does not notice them.

Pop-up messages from Push Monkey provide a truly problem-free solution for all of your remarketing requirements. They are designed to give you unimaginable flexibility, giving you the option to adjust your messaging in accordance with the needs of your clients. Additionally, Push Monkey provides all of the features you might possibly need to make you push and improve your sales with an incredibly speedy setup.


Features include:

  • Promotion push – Get all of your endorsers’ information about your products in front of them. With the help of Push Monkey, you can inform your entire customer base about your most recent promotions and new arrivals, providing your shop with a genuine sales push where it counts.
  • Coupon code – With outstanding markdown code pushes, you can reward the supporters of your new pop-up messages.
  • Welcome push – welcome each new supporter and give them a chance to familiarise themselves with the structure of your program or application.

Overall, it has exactly the same features as those of other programs, but what makes Pushmonkey so great is how comparable it is to other development environments from WordPress, Joomla, and other programs. After that, we have it! Aside from that, this product is instantly compatible with every other software, making it simple to use.