5 Reasons Why Wrike is the Best Project Management Software

In today’s competitive professional world, we all are bounded by deadlines. It’s very important to submit projects and assignments on time to grab the new opportunities and reach new heights. In such a scenario, it’s very important to have an efficient and effortless software that helps to minimize efforts and speed up the process to create and manage projects to ensure multi-tasking and stress-free professional life. Here comes the role of project management software for all avid professionals. If you are into a managerial position and deal in project management, then you certainly need an incredible project management software to ease your job. We all understand that project management software is like being halfway on the path of success. Professionals, marketing teams as well as creative teams cannot imagine their work to be organized without this software. It makes everything easier than a Microsoft Excel sheet.


But getting hands on an amazing project management software can be a bit daunting task. You cannot pick any random software and settle with less. However, if you eye for an all-rounder software then Wrike is worth it. It is an award-winning project management software. The main aim of this software is to improve the speed as well as the efficiency of work.

About Wrike

It allows you to prioritize, discuss, plan as well as keep check of both work and progress. This is all done within hardly any clicks of the mouse. This platform will definitely take you to the new heights of success by offering user-friendly navigation, astonishing security measures by providing access to information as well as other files recorded in the online database. Plus, with its mobile applications, you can keep a check on your business progress from a mobile phone.


Ins and outs to choose Wrike for your business

Some of the teams go for a project management tool that has some specific elements. For example, engineering as well as design teams might make use of Kanban board that is useful for providing ways to see what members are functioning on, which tasks members have completed or what new is coming up. All this is helpful in handling long-term tasks.

However, here are some of the best reasons or Wrike features which will help you in the long run:

  • Wrike UI is customizable

No matter if you are using Kanban boards, lists, or Gantt charts. This software can do everything. You have the option to customize the UI which is according to taste or suits as per the need of your project. The process of doing this involves creating a client folder and further choosing the default view as a project board, a table or list, etc.

  • You can control task management with Wrike

We all love to work when we have full control over it. Wrike offers you to have complete control over the tasks so that you are aware of the status when someone logins into Wrike.

Apart from this, the software gives you the right to change the task status whenever you want. Plus, you get the benefit of prioritizing the tasks or assign them according to a week or future date.


  • The tool is brilliant for mixed-teams and mixed tech-literacy

In simple words, Wrike is super simple to use. The way to operate this software is very straight-forward and easy to understand as well as implement. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for agencies who have web engineers or team members with less technical skills like writers.

  • It is a one-stop organization tool

Another reason or one of the Wrike features is that you can control your tasks in an organized way and manage them easily. You will be able to manage your projects within Wrike and finally approve them within the software itself. Plus, it allows you to conduct all back and forth communication as well as notification. The tool is beneficial in keeping the documents and files within it. Therefore, it is definitely a one-stop organization tool that increases your efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness.

  • Wrike permissions are highly cost-effective

Another best thing about Wrike is that you can add clients to project boards as collaborators with no extra costs. The clients, therefore can have insights into the project, provide absent documentation and materials, provide the approval to continue, and much more.


Pricing & Plans

The good news is that Wrike offers a free trial. However, to use it’s professional features one has to take a paid plan. Precisely, it offers 4 plans.

  • Professional plan for $9.80 per user per month.
  • Business plan for $24.80 per user per month.
  • Wrike for marketers for $34.60 per user per month.
  • Enterprise plan is being offered by quote.



To sum up, with Wrike review, this is an excellent project management software. It definitely offers a lot more as compared to other similar tools. This is a tool that you can completely rely on.

This Wrike review is entirely unbiased and meant for the sole purpose of customers.


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