Easiest Reporting Tool for Digital Marketers – Supermetrics

The reporting tool is a boon for digital marketers as it lets them extract and present the data in the form of charts, tables as well as various other visualizations. The main aim of a reporting tool is to present the data into appropriate information. There is much more to reporting tools than this.

Have you ever faced any problem while collecting date from several platforms to examine their performance? Somehow, each person who is into online marketing faces the issue of data interpretation as well as visualization. This is the reason reporting becomes a headache and the ultimate results are hard to get. Overall, business reporting becomes way too complex to handle.

There are many average reporting tools that can help you somehow but it is better to invest in a good reporting tool. And nothing can be exceptionally good as Supermetrics. It is one of the best tools for data interpretation as well as visualization problems. It is highly known as the heart of a business analytics tool. With this tool, you definitely won’t spend 10-30hours per month on reporting. It simplifies your task of reporting by eliminating all pain points in the data and while making reports.

To know in-depth then continue with this unbiased Supermetrics review.

Wonderful Features of Supermetrics

Here are some of the amazing features of Supermetrics mentioned below:

  • Data analytics, visualization as well as presentation

Supermetrics has a Google Drive extension. And if you are going for Google sheets then you can have access to Supermetrics from the “Add-ons” option. Further by following the process, you will be able to analyze various accounts. All you have to do is choose the metrics as per your choice and the tool will fetch the essential data.

  • Ready to use templates

On the basis of your metrics as well as reporting style, you can choose any template by Supermetrics. The method to use the template is super simple and stress-free. It brings you colorful dashboard along with the metrics of your choice.

  • Handle queries

You can use this feature by going to the Add-ons menu and then selecting Supermetrics>handle queries. The pro version of Supermetrics allows you to handle 1500 queries per day. On the other hand, the super pro version offers 10,000 queries each day.

Apart from all these features, there is a lot more for you. Such as Supermetrics uploader, schedules refreshing as well as E-mailing, Supermetrics for Google data studio and Google sheets, etc.

Why choose Supermetrics?

Although, it is clear by now that Supermetrics is a great reporting tool to handle the daily challenges of digital marketers. By here are some more solid points on why to choose this reporting tool:

  • Integration with aim marketing platforms or multi-channel reporting
  • Avoid PPC reporting time
  • Have a full report of daily spend
  • Automated dashboards for the benefit of performance tracking

Above all, this Supermetrics pricing is exceptionally good and under the budget. There are two versions, Pro version that is for $69 per month and super pro version at $149 per/month including access to various features. Plus, apart from Supermetrics pricing, you can also seek benefits from a 14-day trial, isn’t it great?

Who can use Supermetrics?

It is, undoubtedly, an incredible tool for making reports for all ardent digital marketers, content marketers, SEOs, customer service teams, product teams, and BI teams. It offers a lot of value in every kind of report, including ad hoc reports, client-facing dashboards, and one can pull any data from the tool. It also offers an extensive suite of products including Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, BigQuery, Excel, Uploader, and API.


To end the Supermetrics review, it is definitely an all-rounder that meets the needs of digital marketers. This reporting tool is super simple as it cuts the complicated process of data analysis via automation. It is a must-have that saves a great time and that too at a nominal price range. In the digital landscape it can cater to all types of workflows, especially across a fragmented MarTech landscape. Thus, it is a highly recommended tool for everyone who is into digital world. It simplifies reports and analytics processes to manifolds without giving you any kind of stress.


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