ShortStack – Create Engaging Landing Pages, Contests and Forms Easily


ShortStack is a cloud-based campaign development solution. It helps in designing campaigns using a variety of widgets, themes and templates. The remedy is utilized to create sweepstakes, competitions, landing pages, special offerings and custom forms for campaigns.

ShortStack offers features such as action-gating that helps users capture visitor’s contact info through landing pages. It enables visitors to fill in their details on the page, in return for which individuals can get exceptional offers such as e-books, discount codes or giveaways.

Shortstock provides customizable templates. They can include widgets such as forms, galleries and surveys. Moreover, users can personalize their pages with different colors and fonts.

The solution offers services on a monthly subscription basis and provides support through email, community forums and self explanatory documents.

How Does It Work?

Shortstack has one dashboard to handle each of the campaigns and build the landing pages to your own campaigns.

The dashboard has distinct Tabs that have Builder, campaigns, entries or lists and emails and media as the tabs. The dashboard shows all of the stats and the busy campaigns or the landing pages.

Campaign Builder:

The effort builder has got the various widgets which can be easily moved from one place to another. There are 20+ widgets on the dashboard and you’re able to filter them based on the usability. The widgets are sorted according to the design, collection, and screen, interacting and embedding.

You can edit or add each Section of this landing page when you opt for a template. If you aren’t satisfied with the image, upload the image or embed it. The best about the builder is that you are able to add or remove any column that you want. Also, you can test each of your campaigns before publishing it.


After you have chosen the correct template also added the widgets, the next part is designing and styling. Necessarily, you may not enjoy all kinds of template designs. Therefore, you can always customize the template and modify the fonts or the font colors.

Different sections; Global, All rich text and this text that is rich.

While the Worldwide section would edit all of your features like colors, page, links, button, widgets and popups, the All rich text section edits all of the aspects of the text such as paragraph, headlines, subheads, titles, and divider as well as the lists.

You can change and edit each and every element of the page. If you would like to change the color of any of the part, you can select that part and select the desired color.

Manage Emails:

After styling your own email, you will have to manage your email. You can create an email list and include as many contacts as you want in your email list.

Before making the email listing, you’ll need to choose the kind of email you want to make; an auto-responder, scheduled mail or the follow up email.

After picking the kind of Email, you can decide on the desired template and later proceed with sending the bulk email by producing that email.

When you’re done, publish Your campaign. Verify the analytics and also get profound insight into your busy campaigns.

ShortStack Pricing

ShortStack Pricing is based on major rivals in the Landing Page Builders Software market. It varies according to business demands catering to both small companies and large enterprises. Monthly and Annual prices change.

Annual Pricing

Business: $79/month,10,000 entries and 50,000 views.

Agency:$159/month,50,000 entries,250,000 views.

Brand: $399/month,500,000 entries,2,500,000 views


Enhanced Controllability– Eliminate Software branding and have complete control over the look. Embed landing pages on sites and use custom domains.

Increased Customization Opportunities– Organize and incentivize people who fill up forms by providing prizes. Use actions gating to gather the necessary data.

Privacy And Security attributes – Safely store needed data through SSL encryption and on dedicated servers featuring advanced security.

Team Management– Organize And management groups to boost efficiency in marketing campaigns. Use kind integrations to send information to third party services.

Performance Evaluation – Assess customer traffic, views, and shares to evaluate campaigns. Produce graphs and information and integrate with other services like google analytics.

Pros and Cons of Shortstack


· User-Friendly: The dash and complete of the software are user-friendly and too user friendly. All the features are clearly visible and managing the campaigns is the breeze.

· Free strategy: Not all people need to be responsible for the services in the start. Therefore, the free program is a big incentive for this kind of tool where you can enhance your marketing abilities and later update.

· Referral Program: You can refer Shortstack to someone and earn an appreciable quantity of sum from it.

· Mobile-friendly: The mobile-friendly design for Shortstacks makes it much more convenient to use.

· Real-time info: Tracking and analyzing your campaigns is done by Shortstacks. You can clearly check which campaign is bringing more leads.


· No Live Chat

Customer Support

There is a broad helpdesk for the clients using ShortStack. This helpdesk was remarkable to some degree. From the help dash, I found email service as most useful.

If you need more assistance, you can ask to program a call. After you’ve asked the call, the staff will call you within 24 hours. There are a number of webinars and tools available on the website which could steer you in regards to the personalization as well as other marketing and advertising campaigns.

Conclusion: Is Shortstack the perfect tool to create more leads? ShortStack Promo Discount Coupon Code

Shortstack is certainly a great tool for generating more leads and also to boost your advertising requirements. It fulfils all your needs to make an effective landing page and also advertise your site more by producing the contests and the giveaways or even the referrals.

It integrates nicely with a myriad of social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, MailChimp, Continuous Contact and many more.

To Conclude, I would say it is an excellent way to get more visitors and create more leads. It works perfectly.