Podia – Why To Build Your Online Business With Podia

What’s Podia?

Podia is an online platform that lets you create and sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads.

So, you can host your course content, deliver it in a professional manner, Construct a storefront to sell your classes in addition to accept payments on your website.

The first thing you need to understand concerning Podia is that it is Very distinct from a marketplace like Udemy. So, you own the pupil information (email addresses, etc.) and you get complete control over things like pricing, refund policy, etc.


Podia Review – The Good & Bad

Pros: Here is what I like about Podia

Great customer care with responsive, 24/7 chat.

Affordable plans

Podia’s built-in email marketing tool allows you message pupils when events occur like enrolling or completing a course.

You can offer students payment choices like a monthly payment program for higher cost classes.

You can offer a monthly recurring subscription for continuing access to a course in a subscription version.

Podia often adds features to their platform

Cons: Here are the only things I do not like about Podia

There’s not as many course and website customization choices as some of the other platforms (yet).

You would need to use a 3rd party platform (like ClickFunnels or even LeadPages) to get a sales funnel builder.

There’s no phone service

No course marketplace


Podia’s Best Features

I started this review by sharing two features that make Podia stand out from other class providers. Allow Me to enlarge:

1.Great customer service

Podia has some of the best customer service I’ve seen in a course platform. While they only offer live chat support (no phone service), chat brokers are very comprehensive and responsive and you’ll find an email of their dialogue to reference.

2.Affordable, low cost plans with a lot of value

Podia has the cheapest paid plans of any online class stage. And The lowest price program, the Mover ($39/month), has almost all of the very same features as the Shaker plan ($79/month). The critical differences being membership functionality and affiliate programs.

Why The Podia Platform May Be Right for You

Let’s say you have a WordPress site. You wanted to start selling products out of it, so You found an e-commerce plugin to fit your needs. As your audience base, product listings and site grew, though, you seemed to come upon more and more glitches that you weren’t tech-savvy enough to fix. When you face any difficulties with your e-commerce site, you run the chance of losing the trust of your clients and sales.

Or, Perhaps You’ve used a digital merchandise host before but discovered that they had Far too many options or a long list of attributes you had no use for. Paying for quality is one thing, but paying for features you never use is another.

Podia Review: Ease of Use


Since Podia is provided to you for 30 days without any credit card, it gives you a chance to play around with the tools and see how easy it is to use.

I would argue that Podia has the perfect User-experience for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users. It makes sense that some developers would want to use Magento or WordPress for more advanced features, but I really don’t see the point if you’re only planning to make something such as a membership or online course site.

Podia Overview and Pricing

Podia will Offer a framework with everything you need to create and sell Your course or run a membership site.

You can create your class using videos and written content and then sell Via a Podia sales page which will manage payment processing to you.

Podia includes two price plans: $39 and $79. Both programs offer unlimited courses, ability to use a custom domain, quizzes, and integrated email advertising.

My pick for the best plan is your Shaker plan for $79/month. The Shaker plan is the least expensive of all comparable mid-budget plans and includes affiliate programs that will help you drive sales and also the ability to create recurring revenue through memberships.

Podia Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Podia Coupon Discounts available. However, should you sign up Podia via the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my top training program, Course Creator Accelerator, that sells for $299.

Customer Training and Support

If There’s one thing that Podia has done really well right from the Beginning, it must be their customer care.

I have always heard great things about Podia’s customer service from my Customers as well as my website readers. Even in my limited interactions with them, I have always found them to be very friendly and responsive.

In terms of support options, you can either reach out to them via Email or you can just leave a message in the conversation widget from the admin dashboard.


Podia Review: Security

Your Podia checkout is protected by Podia does not collect any info when one of your clients goes through the checkout, and the checkout pages are completely protected. The trades are sent through an encryption process and protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technologies.

I’d like to see some fraud security, since membership and on the Internet Course sites often see people attempting to game the system.

One advantage is that the two pricing plans have SSL certifications for locking Down transaction security.

Podia Review: Final Thoughts

Whether you are hosting a membership website, offering an Internet course, or Selling downloadable contents, Podia will provide you a simple and flexible way to get started promoting your goods online. I have to state that, for first-time users, making the first step is an intuitive and straightforward process.


Unlike WordPress Along with other competing platforms, Podia won’t overwhelm individuals who aren’t that Tech-savvy in regards to coding or site management. As an Example, people Won’t need to worry about any technical problems which generally occur After the item range gets too large or if the plug-ins utilized are just too many.


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