PromoRepublic Review: A Comprehensive Guide Before You Purchase

Chances are you are here because you’re thinking about if Promorepublic is a good purchase for you or you’re trying to work out how to make the most of it.

And I’ll do my best to answer all of your queries on this promorepublic review.

Right Off the bat, this is not a paid endorsement. I began using Promorepublic from the first time it appeared on Appsumo. I considered it a great purchase and chose to get the small business package. Lifetime deal.


After All, you can never fail with Appsumo. If you don’t like your purchase you have a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Promorepublic Is both a scheduling and design tool. Believe, if canva and buffer came together and had a baby. That baby would be promorepublic.

Today Promorepublic is linked to over ninety million societal profiles and has published over three million posts. With over sixty five thousands SMB businesses signed up using the software.

With Its wide range of post thoughts and graphics, it serves over twenty industries. Including home and inside, health and beauty, food and restaurant.

Main Features of PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is packed with many fantastic features. Here are A number of the main things you can do with their program:


  1. Content Organizer

This is the main PromoRepublic feature. You can browse from Their catalogue of 100,000 stunning visuals with preloaded stories created by PromoRepublic’s skilled team of designers and writers.

It has everything you need to create great articles, including the Post Ideas library with templates which span across 17 industries, including Health, Marketing, Beauty, etc..

  1. Events Calendar

It’s not always easy coming up with innovative post ideas. And, as Marketers, from time to time, you just need to get something out there even if it’s just for the sake of consumer participation.

The events calendar includes 3,000 different article ideas based on Each day of this year. You’ll receive suggestions like historic dates, vacations, celebrity birthdays, as well as other ways to diversify your content. So, you’ll never run out of ways to create a relevant post to your customers. Mobile App


  1. Mobile App

PromoRepublic has a mobile program for the two Android and iOS. It’s Not ideal, and you’ll definitely not be able to ditch your notebook for your smartphone.

You’re on the go. It includes these features:

  • Upload photos directly from your pc
  • Graphics Editor to make your branded posts
  • Push articles for your phone for easy uploading to Instagram
  • Plan and examine articles in the Content Calendar


4· ROI Statistics

With any software option, you’re going to ask yourself, “is This value it?” Promo Republic makes it easy to see how well their program is working for you. You may see how many followers you have lost or gained, participation rates, and even track how well your FB ad spend has already been performing.

  1. Collaboration Tools

PromoRepublic makes it Simple for agencies to conduct social websites Across companies. Workspace allows you to set permissions, manage pages, and make posting programs.

PromoRepublic also included white label tools Which Make it Easier for you to work directly with your clients so that they may make changes directly to the campaigns as needed. Best of all, you can manage all of your different clients from one area without them ever knowing it!



As a SaaS platform, accessibility to PromoRepublic is marketed On monthly basis. PromoRepublic provides four paid plans after a 14-day trial of the Starter Package (content calendar, graphics editor, and access to a large number of templates). The figures given below assume monthly payment. You receive a reduction of 20% for yearly payment.

  • Solo, $9/mo — 3 societal profiles, 0 staff members, excludes Pinterest, 100,000+ post thoughts library, images editor, smart posting, fundamental article data.
  • Standard, $49/mo — 10 social profiles, 1 group member, 100,000+ article ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, fundamental article statistics, separate workspaces for each customer.
  • Professional, $99/mo — 30 social profiles, 15 staff members/clients, can add an additional 30 social profiles and 15 members for $49, 100,000+ article thoughts library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, fundamental post statistics, advanced reporting, separate workspaces for each customer, cooperation & approval workflow.
  • Advanced, from $182/mo — spiritual social profiles, custom team members/clients, 100,000+ article thoughts library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, basic article statistics, advanced reporting, separate workspaces for each customer, collaboration & endorsement, platform in your domain name, interface branded just for you.

You can also buy a content bundle containing 20 Unique templates tailored for your business, beginning at $149



  • Built-in design tools
  • 100,000 customizable templates
  • Scheduler
  • Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Mobile app
  • Facebook ROI
  • A la carte feature pricing available
  • Great customer support
  • Finest time to post recommendations
  • Collaborate feature for working with customers
  • Share posts across reports
  • Free trial


  • Mobile app functionality is limited
  • Limited reports and analytics
  • No direct submitting in Instagram
  • Professional designers can find attributes to be restricting


If you are a person who discovers making visual social posts Challenging, then PromoRepublic will be ideal for you. Its Pictures Editor is unsurpassed. It’s possible to select a suitable template and play around with it to customize it to your industry. It means that even the most unartistic Philistine can make an eye-catching post.

You can store your layouts for future reuse and modification. You Can easily correct a post to make it function well across all your social networks.


PromoRepublic is also among those more straightforward apps to set up. It’s Simple to connect with your social networks, and it understands each network’s principles and quirks and can protect you from making a mistake.

The Most Critical omission from PromoRepublic, however, is that It doesn’t include any capability for sharing other content. Even though this might not be a substantial issue on a social network like Instagram — most individuals don’t regram others’ function — it is a real hassle for Twitter, in which it’s deemed proper etiquette to retweet others’ articles. As a heavy Twitter user, I was only able to utilize PromoRepublic for part of my societal posting.


This will change in the future, however. PromoRepublic has a Public Trello board in which it reveals its product roadmap. It lists the ability to Send curated content as being added in the”long-term” of 3-6 months off. While the details are not yet public, that change will make a huge Difference to your ability to use PromoRepublic for all your social needs.


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