UseProof – A Great Social Proof Marketing Tool To Sell More Online


Product Details

Leads and sales by showing real-time social evidence. Visitors will observe notifications on the webpage when others sign up or buy. Seeing this builds trust and confidence with the visitor, which leads to higher conversions. Across 20,000 websites which use Proof, the average conversion lift of prospects and revenue is 10-15 percent. Proof Pulse is ideal for any online company which wants to convert their traffic to leads and sales.


Characteristics of UseProof

Really, UseProof is just one powerful platform that Can Help You get Sales and leads along with exponentially fostering your sales conversion. All you want to is identify and convert more of your present traffic right into your potential clients. So here comes the qualities of UseProof that really make it exceptional.

  • Activity Notifications: Now display recent earnings and opt-ins right in your own pages and then only induce visitors to convert them into customers.
  • Live Visitors Count: Just show how many people are mainly browsing your site like if there were 200 people then it will show”200 people are viewing this page”.
  • Visitors Identification: Here this instrument will also show you a detailed profile of your visitors who generally enter their emails.
  • Clients Journeys: Just watch visitors that travel to your website and then simply see which steps they’re actually taking to convert.
  • Custom Time: Now it is also possible to control when and how long and how quickly notifications display right on your website.
  • Custom Rules: You have the full control above everything as here you have the control over how and when alarms are being exhibited will be displayed right on your own pages.
  • Mobile Optimized: Here everything is mobile optimized and with the mobile visitors approaching 70%. And expect us UseProof really looks amazing directly on cellular devices.
  • Language Translation: Simply translate all your notifications into any language you need, as this feature is really going to help you gain visitors right from several countries. And the best thing about the UseProof is the fact that it’s Global.


Plans and pricing

UseProof now offers 3 different packages for users to Choose from. These packages are loaded with strong features and their costs range from $79 for the Pro package to $199 for the premium package. Each one these packages are priced as monthly subscription plans.

1) Pro

Price: $79 a month

  • 10,000 Unique Visitors / month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Conversion Club
  • Live Traffic Count
  • Hot Streaks
  • Endless Notifications
  • Custom Rules & Timing

2) Business

Cost: $129 a month

  • 50,000 Unique Visitors / month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Conversion Club
  • Live Traffic Count
  • Hot Streaks
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Conversion Cards
  • Priority Support

Price: $199 a month

3) Premium

  • 100,000 Unique Visitors / month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Conversion Club
  • Live Visitors Count
  • Hot Streaks
  • Endless Notifications
  • Conversion Cards
  • Priority Support


The best part is that here you can try UseProof for free because it comes You can even visit the UseProof official site to find out more about the program, its features, benefits, prices, and more.

Pros Of UseProof:

  • UseProof allows actual sign-ups to be used.
  • UseProof works with visitor together with opt-ins and not the purchases.
  • UseProof usually integrates with popular and commonly used software.
  • UseProof will automatically notify you in a way beforehand right when you will exceed your visitors limit and it will upgrade automatically.

Drawbacks of Useproof

The thing about some other software or merchandise in this planet is that NONE OF THEM ARE PERFECT. The tools that focus on providing performance often prove to be pretty expensive. While those who plan to decrease the costs, don’t score well on functionality. Some provide good onboarding experience, but others offer you exceptional customer service. Not every computer software is created for everyone.

UseProof is among the best and reliable applications that does Really perform really well when it comes to helping you boost your website conversion by making use of the Social Proof and helps you get a good amount of traffic. But it does have some points at which it fails to please the user.

So, here are some of the main pitfalls Which Have Been noted as Essential by numerous users and experts.

  • Cost

Together with the Most Elementary plan beginning at $79 per month, UseProof Pricing is really costly when compared to other comparable application on the industry at the moment.

  • No Previous purchases

In case You Would like to repeat a purchase that you have formerly Done with UseProof, you simply won’t be able to do so. The software doesn’t allow past purchases.

  • Not beginner friendly

Even though UseProof does provide a good and smooth onboarding Experience, it has been noted to be somewhat difficult to use for novices. A number of new users have said that they found it hard to cope up with UseProof.


Proof’s support? They are digital superheros

Evidence Is AWESOME when it comes to service.

You Can proceed the ol fashion route having an email and expect a response in 24 hours.

Or It’s possible to use their live chat feature which is a personal favourite.

The staff over at Proof Are very friendly and for sure care for their clients, you’ll instantly feel the same once you make an account as they personally reach out to ensure your installation process is going nicely.

Final Thoughts: UseProof Review 2020

No doubt, UseProof Is Among the very best and reliable applications that can assist you in boosting your website conversion simply by using the Social Proof. And here if you are getting a good amount of traffic and still want to exponentially ramp up your site conversion then you should definitely go to your UseProof.


We highly recommend you using this amazing software so-called UseProof as It assist us in a lot of ways in increasing our site conversion rates along With all the leads and sales. Complimentary since it comes with 14 days free trial. So, here you are not risking your cash. Do not miss the Chance here, go and grab this remarkable deal before it fades off.


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