pCloud – Users Decide Where Their Files Are Stored

What’s pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud- based electronic Strength management system and cloud storage that provides access to all of your digital content including pictures, video, audio, documents, and much more – anytime, anyplace, on any device. Keep all of your important files safe and centralized in 1 spot. You can share with staff members, clients, etc. across the globe and provide them controlled access and permissions to your digital library. It has a user friendly interface that clearly shows where everything is found and what it does.


Pros And Cons Of pCloud


We investigated user-friendliness, Accessibility on various digital platforms, data integrity and safety. And of course, whether the purchase price is cheap. Before we show you our investigation, this movie tour of pCloud will Provide you a much better understanding on what pCloud is:

  1. Top-Notch Security To Protect Sensitive Files

In an age where documents comprising Sensitive data can be hacked into, peeked and even altered or stolen, safety is obviously important to the cloud storage consumer and pCloud gives you the very best with its client-side encryption support named pCloud Crypto.

To describe, all cloud providers use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) TLS/ SSL 256 bit encryption which allows the cloud storage system secure your files during transport from your device to host.

  1. Convenient File Management On The Go

One of pCloud’s strengths is its Accessibility on all digital platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile systems such as Android, iOS and Windows mobile. And with pCloud’s auto-sync attribute, all files will always be effortlessly updated.

Picture this: You’re working on a powerpoint presentation from home in your laptop for a significant meeting. Then since you board the taxi to go to the meeting, you get new information and need to modify your slides while commuting.

  1. Store Your Files From Other Online Platforms With Ease

If you have previously already used a cloud storage provider like Google PCloud can also be able to exchange information easily with other 3rd party solutions and permits you to upload from different websites with ease.

  1. Smooth User-Friendly Mobile App

Speaking of additional programs, have you ever had a chance to experience pCloud’s mobile App yet?

The app offers a simple interface that gives us the advantage of Uploading, organizing and sharing our files as we enjoy it at our hands.


  1. pCloud Drive – Your Online Virtual Hard Drive

If You’ve Got a lot of data and insufficient space on your computing device, you May think about purchasing an external hard drive to record all that info. But carrying out a physical device does not make it effortless for you to work or share files when you are on the move.

  1. Easy Access To Your Files

Most times, when you want to upload your files onto your cloud storage Account, you have to go through the cumbersome procedure for using the interface to click and select your files individually.

With pCloud, we discovered uploading is really easy by just dragging and dropping The file into the web portal or the digital drive.

  1. Collaborate On Your Files Easily With Others

File and folder sharing is quite simple with pCloud. With the simple click of A button or a touch, you can create download or upload links to be sent to individuals on your contact list. This will permit them to download your files or share documents in that folder that is assigned.

You may even invite them to co-manage an assigned folder for work functions. For the serious business user, this functions as a powerful remote working tool.



Since pCloud has a Opportunity to learn from other cloud storage products Before producing its own, it does not really have cons as a flexible product.

But, there are extra services pCloud provides that must be bought Separately from your subscription:

  1. pCloud Crypto

For the best in file safety, you pay additional for the pCloud Crypto add-on to encrypt your documents manually onto your own apparatus

  1. Extended File History (EFH)

If you need to keep track of the history of your documents for Lengthy periods of time, you will need to go with Extended File History that will monitor of file versions and upgrades for a year

pCloud Support

The pCloud group Offers telephone and email support in English, French and Turkish.

They also provide a large FAQ, which serves as the online help center. It Covers hundreds of topics, with thorough instructions and explanations where appropriate. It’s definitely a good starting point if you need help.



pCloud sends all information to its servers employing powerful TLS/SSL encryption. We Assessed the service using Qualys SSL labs and found that it scored an A+, which means your data should be protected in transit (even if you use a free account without a end encryption).

However, it is worth noting that in the Event That You use the browser-based client To upload documents you could fall prey to some man-in-the-middle attack caused by a vulnerability in the way browsers handle JavaScript code. To avoid this potential exploit (in which an attacker injects keys on the sufferer ) you should stick to using the standalone clients which you can download from its site or app stores (available for many popular platforms).

pCloud’s Plan and Pricing

PCloud has 2 different subscription programs and 2 separate add-ons for You to select from.

All plans include free access to both mobile and desktop software, SSL security transport, unlimited file size uploading (theoretically but it depends on what space you have available), file versioning, link sharing (both up and down).



Definitely! PCloud is currently our #1 preferred storage provider because it Supplies whatever a personal or business user desires using top-notch security for an affordable rate.

With a user-friendly interface accessible on most of famous digital platforms and Up to two TB of distance and a potential lifetime subscription, you really do get your value for money.

We encourage you to sign up for their free trial and Test it our for yourselves.


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