Octoboard Review – Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Business Dashboard and Automated Marketing Report

At Octoboard, we specialize in creating custom dashboards and reports for various organizations and advertising agencies. Our clients can connect with any cloud application using Octoboard and create interactive online dashboards for their management team, staff, and clients. The platform allows for the gathering of data from various sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce, and more, all in one place.

Many of our clients use Octoboard to display these dashboards in their office spaces, inspiring their teams and highlighting their key objectives in hard numbers.

We also provide automated reporting solutions for marketing agencies. Octoboard’s platform helps these agencies save time by automating routine customer reporting. Information on SEO, search rankings, social media engagement, web analytics, call leads, and more can be gathered and presented to customers promptly.

In addition, our integration with Freshdesk allows organizations to monitor their customer service performance and display live DevOps metrics in their dashboards and reports.

Marketing agencies can save time and impress their clients by building automated reports and customizing their client portals with our white-label solutions.

Octoboard Features

  • Investigation/ROI Tracking
  • Mission Management
  • Mission Tracking
  • Joint effort Tools
  • Adaptable Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Information Connectors
  • Information Import/Export
  • Drag and Drop
  • Monetary Reporting
  • Promoting Reports
  • Execution Metrics
  • Marketing numbers
  • Booked/Automated Reports
  • Web-based Media Monitoring

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Octoboard Plans for Business

  • Free 14-day preliminary.
  • Starter plan of €8 each month.
  • Development plan of €25 each month.
  • Group’s arrangement of €39 each month.
  • You can save 30% if you buy in yearly to any of the above plans.

For Marketing Agencies

  • Free 14-day preliminary
  • Specialist plan of €35 each month
  • Organization plan of €70 each month
  • Group plan of €140 each month
  • Endeavor plan of €310 each month
  • You will save 30% extra on the off chance that you buy in yearly to any of the month-to-month plans.

Sign Up:

  1. Visit the Octoboard website.
  2. Hover over the “Login” button and select “Business” or “Advertising Agency.”
  3. Enter your email and password, then click “Create an Account.”
  4. Check your email inbox for a confirmation link.


  1. Go to the “Pricing” section on the website.
  2. Choose the plan that best fits your needs.
  3. Pay for the plan using Stripe, a global payment platform that converts your local currency to EUR based on the current exchange rates.

And that’s it! Once you have signed up and made the payment, you can start using Octoboard’s services to create custom dashboards and reports for your organization or advertising agency.

The Pros of Octoboard:

  • Complete White Labeling: All reports and dashboards remain fully white-labeled, allowing you to add your brand logo.
  • Over 2500 Metrics: The vast number of metrics provides multiple ways of presenting data in a visually appealing manner.
  • Plans for Everyone: They offer affordable plans for all types of businesses, from small to enterprises.
  • User-friendly Interface: Pre-designed templates make customer reporting much easier, and the Knowledge Base page provides tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you through each process.
  • Multiple Brand Integrations: With over 60 brand integrations, you can easily track your online media engagement metrics.
  • Increases Team Motivation: Displaying performance reports and giving employees access to their data can inspire them and drive your business to improve.
  • Turns Investors into Advisors: Octoboard claims that its visually appealing and standard reporting can turn investors into advisors.
  • Remote TV Control: You can build TV dashboards and control office TV screens from a remote location without the need for a controller.
  • No Contract Commitments: You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, and custom plans are available if needed.

The Cons of Octoboard:

  • No Mobile App: Octoboard is a fully digital platform, with no mobile app available for Android or iOS.
  • No Phone Support: There is no phone number available for customer support.
  • Lack of Predictive Analytics: The platform does not currently offer predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Data Visualization Needs Improvement: The data visualization could be improved with the addition of more visualization models.

Why Use Octoboard:

With over 2500 metrics and 200+ pre-designed templates, Octoboard is a leading choice for the 18,000 organizations currently using its services. Its total white labeling allows businesses to quickly and affordably build dashboards and add their brand logo. You can even build TV dashboards and control office TV screens from a remote location. The key performance indicators increase team motivation, and regular reporting turns investors into advisors. Octoboard offers plans for all types of businesses, from freelancers to growing organizations.


Octoboard has quickly become a standout player in the web analytics scene due to its impressive metrics and eye-catching templates. Its unique selling point remains its total white labeling and strong brand integrations. Its various subscription plans are accessible to all types of businesses and are especially beneficial to startups who may not have the capital or tools to create their dashboards and reports. Despite the high-end plans, some key features remain consistent across all plans, such as white labeling, free SEO reviews, embedding capabilities, and unlimited report sending to customers, to name a few.

There are some drawbacks, such as the lack of predictive analytics and a phone number for customer support. The absence of a mobile app also makes it difficult to access the platform on the go, but these are small sacrifices for the extensive services offered by Octoboard. You can even try all the features for free for 14 days before purchasing any plans, so you know what you’re getting into. 18,000 organizations have chosen to stick with Octoboard after the trial, so it must be worth it!