Onnit Review | Benefits, Pros and Cons of Onnit

At Onnit, our objective is to inspire exceptional performance through a combination of innovative products and valuable information. By incorporating cutting-edge science, natural supplements, and proven strategies from top athletes and medical experts, we are dedicated to providing our customers with enhancements, nutrition, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of wellness we call Total Human Optimization.

At Onnit, we view time as moments that bring you closer to your desired self. Excelling in any one area will bring overall improvement, while a lack in any area will hold back progress.

Onnit Supplements

Onnit is a unique lifestyle brand that has gained recognition through strategic marketing. Despite this, many of its products are underwhelming, with ingredients that lack sufficient scientific support and effective components often included in proprietary blends.

Onnit Supplements was founded by multisport athlete Aubrey Marcus in 2011, starting with a single product, Alpha BRAIN, and expanding from there. In their mission statement, they emphasize their commitment to improving mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Their supplement lineup seems to reflect this as well – they offer enhancements for brain health, mood, and gut health, along with performance-based enhancements that one would expect. Their products are fully supported by research and they also provide links to clinical trials conducted with their formulas on their website.

The dedication of this organization to its main objective is evident through the swift delivery of its services through its website. Those residing near Austin can experience Onnit first-hand by visiting its gym, grabbing a meal or snack at the Onnit Cafe, or participating in a class at one of its Black Swan Yoga locations. Furthermore, regardless of location, one can follow the teachings and podcasts of the CEO and founder Aubrey Marcus. This review will primarily focus on Onnit’s supplement line, but we’ll also briefly touch upon their training products and Marcus’ podcast. Below are some of the pros and cons of the company.


  • Decrease Sugar Intake.
  • Momentary Calorie Reduction.
  • Decrease of Food Related Inflammation.
  • Eating More Vegetables and Fruits.
  • Directed Strategies During Cleansing Promote Potentially Beneficial Practices.


Joe Rogan hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the internet’s most popular podcasts, where he covers a diverse range of topics from martial arts and fitness to politics and popular culture. With a guest list featuring UFC fighters, professional comedians, A-list celebrities, thought leaders, and game-changing entrepreneurs, the show boasts over 300 million downloads and streams each month, solidifying Rogan’s position as one of the largest independent media personalities in the world.


It seems to provoke your mind at a higher RPM level. I have a feeling that it helps me with framing sentences better.

For somebody who ordinarily works out with at least 55lb iron weights, I was amazed at how serious of an exercise I could get with only one 35lb portable weight!

The new MOOD is fantastic. It’s one of those improvements that I always have people asking me about when they see me. How amazing it works and what a difference it has made In fact, even the shadiest people I know have admitted to enjoying New MOOD.


Difference between Exercise and Training

At Onnit Gym, we understand that everyone has a goal in mind. Whether it’s improving appearance, enhancing performance, or simply feeling good, Onnit Gym provides all the tools, expertise, and resources you need to reach your goals. Our results-oriented small group training program keeps our members motivated, with clear objectives to strive for, milestones to hit, and a shared experience to be a part of. Upon joining our gym, we are just as dedicated to your success as you are and will go the extra mile to help you reach your desired outcome. All we ask in return is for you to show up ready and eager to participate!


About the Onnit Gym

The Onnit Gym is a 10,000-square-foot premier facility located next to the Onnit Labs Headquarters in Austin, Texas. This unique gym combines all of Onnit’s innovative, functional training equipment with the expertise of highly trained staff to provide you with exceptional performance.

Featuring two fully equipped training areas, the Onnit Gym employs highly advanced routines and effective training methods to help you achieve maximum performance gains.


Pros and Cons of Onnit


  • This organization has an after of star competitors and superstars who accept its items are successful.
  •  All items are outsider tried for quality.
  • Onnit supplies site guests with data on the clinical preliminaries behind its enhancements.
  • The originator and group do appear to be focused on health.


  • Numerous enhancements utilize restrictive mixes, so purchasers can’t see precisely the amount of every fixing they’re getting.
  •  Numerous enhancements are genuinely costly.


Alpha Brain

 Onnit’s Alpha Brain is a cognitive-enhancing nootropic designed to boost mental focus, short-term memory, and brainwave optimization. This unique dietary supplement contains no caffeine or other stimulants and is made with earth-grown ingredients, including extracts from bacopa, oat straw, cat’s claw, and northern firmoss.

Recent studies conducted by the Boston Center for Memory have shown that Alpha Brain does improve focus and memory compared to a placebo. Two capsules each day, recommended with a light lunch, can improve social interactions and professional performance noticeably.

Important: If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition/taking medication, consult with a healthcare professional before taking Alpha Brain or any other supplements. Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Specifications:

Dietary Supplement (Nootropic) for mental clarity and memory. Available in 30 ct. or 90 ct. bottles (Serving Size: 2 capsules, daily). Contains No Caffeine or other stimulants. Naturally sourced extracts including Herpazine A and AC-11.



With all of that being said, let me explain Onnit’s stance on multivitamins. Essentially, we have never been a proponent of multivitamins, and as such, the results of these studies are not surprising.

We do not sell a multivitamin and have never recommended any clients to take one. There are potentially valid reasons for that. We definitely would not suggest that regular multivitamins alone could prevent significant degenerative conditions like heart disease or cognitive decline in the elderly.