What is Mac Keeper? How to Install Mackeeper Software? Mac Keeper Review!


Introduction, Mac Keeper?

Mac functionality optimization and internet security program, protecting you from malware attacks in real time.

Mackeeper is your most powerful security package app which keeps your Mac clean from Trojan attacks, enhances performance in addition to heightens safety levels. It has abundant utility aspects show a vision for safety that surpasses antimalware.

What is Mac Keeper?

Mackeeper is a utility program bundle for Mac OS X and can be useful to your computer’s platform cleans-up, safety, and optimization. Zeobit, mackeeper’s programmer, started this nice merchandise in 2009, afterwards to market it outside to Kromtech Alliance at 2013.

Many specialists have provided in-depth mackeeper testimonials to exemplify its impecable set of excellent capabilities. Following are some purposes of the Aforementioned utility program:

  • System Optimization
  • System Cleanning
  • Control of data
  • System of controlling

Mac Keeper Review-Overview

Mac Keeper Review- Features

  • That he Track My Mac program is pretty decent and can enable you to find a stolen Mac. There’s a trusted tracker built into Mac OS, known as Find My Mac, however. However, since viruses are not a issue using Mac, and there is phishing protection in many browsers, it is somewhat irrelevant. When it’s safety that you are after, we highly suggest opting to get an anti-malware product having an emphasis on security.
  • Adware Cleaner is a program that is supposed to track down and remove malicious applications that”strikes” the consumer with programs. It is a bit ironic to find a item which was accused of alerting its customers to supply an program against advertisements. So long as you keep away from pirated articles, no adware is likely to make its way in your OS. During our evaluation, we reasoned that unless you have just 4GB of RAM and want to maintain your Google Chrome full of many tabs, then this instrument is useless.
  • Geek On Demand Receives the consumer connected with a service representative. We are not really certain why you ought to use this attribute whenever you have the free Apple Support available.
  • Smart Uninstaller is an superb instrument for total removal of programs and documents. For wiping things out you never desire, and deleting useless items (such as old extensions and programs ), this is a good instrument.
  • Documents Recovery does exactly that — tries to recover deleted files. While it is not ideal and will not have the ability to attract most deleted things back to life, it is nevertheless a helpful feature.
  • Quick Cleanup is for freeing up hard disk space and fostering overall OS functionality. Logs, caches, languages you don’t use — this program deals with everything. Another self-explanatory program: it is great at finding copies of documents on your own system and eliminating these. Do not worry: the first files will not be touched.
  • Shredder Is like the Smart Uninstaller. When you have files which have to be deleted permanently, use this instrument to create them non-recoverable.

Why Mac do need antivirus?

Numerous Mac owners wonder if their machines actually need anti virus.

Obviously, You may this since a mac is resistant to virus attacks, an antivirus isn’t essential or even the mac anti virus product in the market are scams. Most mackeeper review forums maintain unending talks saying mackeeper is just another Trojan, but others show how it functions to safeguard your system.

Yes, even mac has quite a secure Unix kernel however in this present world of hackers that are learned, you can’t go wrong by investing in additional safety.

How to Install Mackeeper Software

Mackeeper setup is very easy. You may locate the applications from its developer’s website or even download links posted on mackeeper review forums. Follow the instructions below during installation:

  • Search for Mackeeper software in legit apps download sites
  • Download the .pkg file.
  • Open the file locationand run the app
  • The installer encompasses guidelines (follow the directions until you are done with installation)

What to uninstall Mac Keeper:

In the past, this software was extremely hard to uninstall, which brought a lot of negative attention to it. Luckily, the latest version is not nearly as tough to get rid of; you will also find a step-by-step guide about the best way best to put in it on the official site. First of all, quit the MacKeeper program; secondly, drag it into the Trash on the desktop. A window will automatically appear on the display: hit”Uninstall” and the system will do the rest.

This is important: as we heard during our MacKeeper review, every single file you encrypted with it will not open after you uninstall the program. To get them, you are going to need to set up MacKeeper once more and reinstall everything prior to getting rid of it once and for all. And do not forget to restart the OS to finish the uninstallation of the antivirus.

Reliability and Security?

When there are practically no virus dangers for Apple apparatus, Trojans, adware, and ransomware continue to be effective at ridding the Mac OS. They conceal themselves as audio files, .dmg sport launchers, etc.. As a result, while no”antivirus” is required for a Mac, with no anti virus protection, you are going to be in fantastic danger.

There aren’t any current laboratory test results readily available to rate this program. AV-Comparatives ran the latest evaluations in 2015, and with this particular market, that’s a really long time past. Back then, it didn’t pass the test due to the reason we cited previously. MacKeeper was deceiving the consumers by stating that their devices were infected, but that was not correct.

Mac Keeper Pricing:

Starting From:
Pricing Model:Flat Rate No free trial
Yes, has free version  

PRICING DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):
Clario Tech has not provided pricing details yet.
Be an Informed Buyer:
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Mac Keeper Review — Pros And Cons

We Like:

  • Affordable Starting Price-tags
  • Over 1.4 million users around the world
  • Some Optimization tools are worth your attention
  • Decent Customer Service

We don’t like:

  • Several tools/features aren’t useful at all.
  • The memory cleaner is known to slow down performance.
  • Average results in third –party antivirus  lab tests.
  • Not the best reputation among regular users.


               MacKeeper is your ideal Mac antivirus since it creates excellent results in evaluations conducted by independent labs and since it’s a vision for safety which goes beyond antimalware performance.

Some apps came alongside it but none surpassed its power.I boldly attest I have found no other reliable and user friendly, better supported or more cost effective method of shielding my Mac. This is by far the only non-educational applications I urge to our incoming learners”.