What is Mac Keeper? How to Install Mackeeper Software? Mac Keeper Review!

Introduction, Mac Keeper?

Internet security and Mac functionality optimization software that guards against real-time virus attacks.

Your most effective security package app, Mackeeper, protects your Mac from Trojan attacks, boosts performance, and raises security levels. Its many utility features demonstrate a vision for safety that goes beyond anti-malware.



What is Mac Keeper?

A collection of Mac OS X utility programs called Mackeeper can be helpful for platform optimization, safety, and clean-up on your computer. This wonderful product was created in 2009 by Zeobit, a programmer for MacKeeper, and was later sold to Kromtech Alliance in 2013.

Numerous experts have offered in-depth reviews of mac keeper to highlight its flawless collection of superb features. Among the objectives of the aforementioned utility program are the following:

  • System Improvement
  • Procedure Cleaning
  • Systems for regulating data

Mac Keeper Review-Overview

Mac Keeper Review- Features

  • The Track My Mac software can help you locate a stolen Mac and is generally good. However, Mac OS comes with a reliable tracker called Find My Mac. However, it is largely immaterial because phishing prevention is built into many browsers and viruses are not a problem while using a Mac. We strongly advise choosing an anti-malware program with an emphasis on security if safety is what you’re wanting.
  • A program called Adware Cleaner is designed to find and get rid of dangerous software that “strikes” users with its products. Finding a product that was allegedly accused of warning its clients to supply a program against adverts is a little humorous. As long as you stay away from unauthorized content, your OS won’t likely become infected with adware. During our evaluation, we concluded that this tool is useless unless you wish to keep Google Chrome loaded with lots of tabs and only have 4GB of RAM.
  • On-Demand Geek connects the customer with a customer support agent. We’re not entirely sure why using this feature when there is free Apple Support is a good idea.
  • An excellent tool for complete application and file removal is Smart Uninstaller. This is a useful tool for eliminating unnecessary objects (such as outdated extensions and apps) and wiping out things you never wanted.
  • Documents Recovery makes an effort to restore deleted files. Although it is not perfect and cannot bring back the majority of lost items, it is still a useful feature.
  • Quick Cleanup is for freeing up hard disk space and fostering overall OS functionality. Logs, caches, languages you don’t use — this program deals with everything. Another self-explanatory program: it is great at finding copies of documents on your system and eliminating these. Do not worry: the first files will not be touched.
  • Quick Cleanup is for freeing up hard disk space and fostering overall OS functionality. Logs, caches, languages you don’t use — this program deals with everything. Another self-explanatory program: it is great at finding copies of documents on your system and eliminating these. Do not worry: the first files will not be touched.
  • Similar to Smart Uninstaller is Shredder. Use this tool to render files irrecoverable if you have files that need to be permanently destroyed.

Why Mac do need antivirus?

Many Mac owners are unsure whether anti-virus software is genuinely necessary.

Since a mac is immune to virus attacks, an antivirus program is unnecessary, or even the mac anti-virus products available on the market are frauds. The majority of mac keeper review sites include ongoing discussions that claim the program is just another Trojan, yet some demonstrate how it protects your PC.

Yes, even Macs have a fairly secure Unix kernel, but in today’s world of knowledgeable hackers, it’s never a bad idea to invest in extra security.

How to Install Mackeeper Software

Setting up Mackeeper is fairly simple. The software can be found on the website of their creator or even through download links posted on discussion boards for mac keeper. When installing, adhere to these instructions:

  • Find Mackeeper software from trustworthy websites for downloading programs.
  • Get the. pkg file now.
  • Run the app after launching the file location
  • The installer includes instructions (follow the directions until you are done with installation)

What to uninstall Mac Keeper:

This software had a lot of bad press in the past because it was so challenging to remove. Fortunately, the most recent version is not nearly as difficult to remove; you can also find a step-by-step tutorial on how to install it on the official website. First, close the MacKeeper application; next, drag it to the desktop’s Trash bin. When a popup pops up automatically, select “Uninstall,” and the computer will take care of the rest.

It’s crucial to note that, according to information we learned during our assessment of MacKeeper, any files you encrypted using the program won’t decrypt after you uninstall it. You will need to reinstall everything and set up MacKeeper once more to obtain them before finally getting rid of it. Also, remember to restart the operating system once the antivirus has been completely uninstalled.

Reliability and Security?

Trojans, adware, and ransomware are still efficient at eradicating the Mac OS even when there are essentially no virus threats for Apple equipment. They masquerade as sports launchers, audio files, etc. As a result, even if a Mac does not require “antivirus,” you will still be in grave danger if you do not have anti-virus protection.

No recent laboratory test results are easily accessible to evaluate this program. The most recent evaluations were conducted by AV-Comparatives in 2015, which is a very long time ago in this market. It failed the test back then for the reason we mentioned earlier. By falsely claiming that users’ machines were infected, MacKeeper was misleading the public.


Mac Keeper Pricing:

Starting From:
Pricing Model: Flat Rate No free trial
Yes, has a free version  

PRICING DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):
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Mac Keeper Review — Pros And Cons

We Like:

  • Affordable Starting Price-tags
  • Over 1.4 million users around the world
  • Some Optimization tools are worth your attention
  • Decent Customer Service

We don’t like:

  • Several tools/features aren’t useful at all.
  • Memory cleaner is known to slow down performance.
  • Average results in third–party antivirus lab tests.
  • Not the best reputation among regular users.



Due to its exceptional performance in independent lab tests and its vision for safety, which extends beyond antimalware performance, MacKeeper is your ideal Mac antivirus.

A few apps followed it, but none had more power.

I adamantly state that I have not discovered another trustworthy and user-friendly, better-supported, or more affordable means of protecting my Mac. The only non-educational application I strongly recommend to our incoming students is this one.