Voluum – The Best Ad & Affiliate Tracking Software

What is Voluum?

Voluum is a well-known affiliate Marketing tracking tool. It’s a cloud-hosted ad tracker which Not only permits you to see how well your campaigns are performing but also offers optimisation advice as well. With Voluum tracking you can:

  • Watch how your advertising campaigns Are doing
  • Examine the data from these campaigns
  • Upscale your affiliate business
  • Make your advertising more effective


So, Voluum Offers you the opportunity To do all these things and sounds like a great assistance to both experience and newbie affiliate marketers alike. Does it work that well in practice?

Voluum Review 2020: Pros And Cons

Based on its list of attributes, solutions, and other consumer testimonials, I guess The next pros and cons of the platform:


  • It is truly a comprehensive Advertising tracking software. It’s wonderful how this program can get in the nitty-gritty of every marketing campaign. That it runs alongside the most common third-party traffic sources is phenomenal.
  • It covers all the possible features you need for a Monitoring program, from functionality to fraud, fraud detection, fraud detection, and coverage.
  • It’s in the cloud, so need not worry about updating Any software or purchase a new program. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, so long as you have a stable online connection. You also have the choice to share the same information with your team. If you are constantly on the go, the mobile app version is a significant help.
  • It is A scalable program, so that you can upgrade and downgrade depending on business needs. The most basic plan isn’t exactly basic , although it includes many constraints.



  • Though the user interface seems great, it may nevertheless be Overwhelming, especially to those that are starting brand new with affiliate advertising , more so with monitoring. It offers an onboarding process and Voluum tutorial, which can be great, but still, the learning curve stays.
  • It does not offer a Voluum free program and even a free trial. The most that you could do is to register for a demo.
  • Data retention has its own limitations, and it can be as Short as three months. For you to get them for a more extended duration, you need to upgrade your program, and the choices aren’t the cheapest on the market. Even in the event that you do, the maximum that you can get is up to two decades’ worth of information.


Voluum Features

  • Fraud Prevention and Click Lost: Voluum offers facility of ultra-fast redirect, so that your target visitors can not overlook the clicks to await long time to redirect. It prevents the consumers for their visitors to overlook the clicks, which can give reduction to businesses.
  • Web and Mobile Platforms Tracking: Voluum offers you to monitor on your internet in addition to on mobile platforms. You’ll get your reports in one click at one place in a true time. The interface in mobile programs is clean and slick, and setup is really simple to accomplish. Your old data is saved with updated variant no matters how large your data is.
  • Advanced Split Testing: Voluum offers you advanced separation testing, with powerful results and high yields on investments, you did in your business. Users are able to personalize the effort depending on the data received.
  • Cloaking the URLs: By using cloaking you are able to conceal your traffic resources and referrer, your competitors won’t ever come to that from where you are getting the traffic.


Voluum Review : Why It Is Best Tracking Software?

Voluum Is a web tracking tool, with assorted features and large sized requirements for monitoring the internet searches. It is an improvement tracking tool to gear the companies with large affiliate program. It tracks the external links of companies effectively and faithfully. Firms can have their reports that are extended for your advertisements performances. To monitor your connection activity Voluum offers two types of APIs, API for effort creation and reporting. You are able to optimize you’re your campaign with integration with Zerokpark. While tracking you’ll get advertising performance such as clicks, conversion and traffic in real time.

Voluum Plans and Pricing

Voluum’s plans and pricing structure have experienced a Great Deal of changes since The company emerged. After a couple of years on the slightly higher end of this scale, the tracker’s price has just dropped and the company has also expanded the amount of features available on all programs.

The Discover plan is the most affordable and it allows up to 20 campaigns as Well as 3 weeks of data retention. It brings restricted tracking features and it is suitable for affiliates learning the ropes.

Knowledgeable lemonads users Which Are seeing a increase in earnings should opt Either for the Profit or Grow Strategies, which allow 6 and 12 months of data retention . Both of these let unlimited campaigns, multiple custom domains, and innovative tracking features.

 Voluum pricing



Volumm is an advanced tracking tool which is best option for the businesses Which have large affiliate program. It can provide a fly to their Business, it improves the effort by comparing the good the bad you did while Campaigns. It’s newest technology instrument which understands the demands of The decent companies to make them best. Extensive coverage is it’s best feature. Because of cloud based tracking it’s quite risky also. It may create insecurity to Data, which can be disadvantage for the user. It can Be Costly for the new Comers to online business, and who have small business, they ought to try out the Free trial plan of Voluum, to understand is it worth for those not.


Voluum lacks With studying part which is rather difficult to manage for both small and good Business setups. So Voluum can be opt together with the satisfaction of the consumer. If you are going to opt for Voluum You Ought to try its trial pack instead of Instant shifting to it. You will be able to see the rate of improved Profits of the tool for your business.


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