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Fact Check – Contabo Hosting, How Worth it is?

For any online website, e-commerce store, or business, hosting plays a vital role. A professional web hosting is something that you can’t ignore. In fact, you can’t be able to operate your online business site without web-hosting. It is nothing short of a home for your website where you can store all the important HTML & CMS files, media files, and documents in order to let your website function without any fear of losing them. Thus, a professional web host company offers you some server space on rent so that you can store and make your files accessible online round the clock. By purchasing web hosting from a reliable web host provider you can get full control without fear of losing any business data, make your website accessible online, and get more customization options to improve the accessibility, productivity, and security features. Thus, it is very important to pick the best web hosting service provider in today’s vulnerable online world. Contabo Hosting is one of the best hosting providers in the market today. It offers incredible hosting features along with many enticing security features to make your online website grow to manifolds. Let’s take a quick look at Contabo Hosting review to get a better understanding of Contabo Hosting features and benefits.

Contabo Hosting

About Contabo

It is a leading German hosting company created in 2003. It offers a versatile range of web hosting plans and servers. However, it’s unique and popular range of services include VPS, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and offering exclusive domains. The main vision of the company is to offer affordable, high-quality, and personalized focus to its clients and to help them grow their business to manifolds.

Services offered by Contabo

It offers:

  • Dedicated servers: One can choose from 6 dedicated server options with full customization for both, Linux and Windows.
  • VPS servers: Here, it offers two different VPS servers, including the common one with SSD booster and one with only SSD.
  • Shared hosting plans: If you are looking for shared hosting plans, then it also offers such plans along with multi-sites access features, free SSL certificates, and over 250 self-installable applications feature.
  • Domain registration: One can easily register or transfer a domain with Contabo. It offers over 300 domain extensions.

Contabo Hosting

Contabo hosting features

  • Highly user-friendly

Contabo offers a very user-friendly Cpanel that comes with a set of helpful tools specially designed for the Linux operating system. Thus, one can enjoy automated hosting features in a very simplistic interface.

  • Multi-sites accessibilities

Contabo offers the Webspace 2.0 plan which gives you the advantage to access multiple multi-sites, including Drupa, Joomla, WordPress, Tupo3 within a click from your Cpanel.

  • Hefty database across all plans

The web-hosting provider offers a good amount of databases across all its plans. However, the volume varies from plan to plan. The best part is that all the databases can be managed easily through Cpanel.

  • Self-installable applications

The web hosting provider offers a good range of applications that can easily be installed by anyone. One doesn’t need to make much effort to install the applications. The Webspace 2.0 Contabo offers over 250 web applications in nearly 250 different categories. Every application is easily accessible through the Cpanel. One can download easily within a few clicks.

  • Multiple mail accounts

Unlike other web-hosting providers, Contabo offers more email accounts without charging any extra amount. However, it varies from plan to plan. One can easily create clients’ sub-accounts in order to give whole or partial access to webmail.

  • Offers domain name registration and transfer service

With every hosting plan of Contabo, one can get one free domain free along with it’s complete registration and transfers. One doesn’t need to make much effort to manage, transfer, or to update the domain name via cpanel. The entire process is very user-friendly.

  • Multiple storage plans

The hosting provider is quite generous in offering a good amount of storage in it’s every plan. In fact, one can also pick unlimited storage in some of the plans. It’s shared hosting plan comes with 50GB storage which can easily be extended to 500 GB by taking a higher plan. It also offers VPS hosting plans via HDD and SSD storage disks. Thus, one doesn’t need to worry about the storage part in any of the plans.

  • It helps you with SSL certificate

One can easily create or renew an SSL certificate for their website through Contabo for every domain used in it’s webspace plan. However, it’s technical procedure and execution are done via the Let’s Encrypt project helping to create and renew SSL certificates automatically. These certificates are highly trustworthy. Thus, clients can easily create a sense of trust among their visitors and clients.

Contabo Hosting

  • Round the clock high-quality support system

Knowing the essence of round the clock support in the online world, Contabo brings technical support via phone 365 days/year. Also, it offers an efficient ticketing system for all technical queries with a 1 hour as an average time to give a resolution.

Pricing & Plans

The Contabo plans start from €2.99/month and go up to €26.99/month, depending entirely on one’s usage and features required. However, the pricing for a dedicated server starts from €49.99/month and goes up to €109.99/month.

Contabo Hosting


In a nutshell, Contabo is indeed one of the best hosting providers offering multiple features without charging much. If you are running a small company or website then it will help you to grow manifolds. With upgraded services, features, and round the clock efficient technical support it definitely offers good value for the money.


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