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7 Figure Secrets of Jungle Scout

Are you in search of a good Amazon research tool? If you are starting to sell on Amazon then it is necessary to have a tool that enhances your sales and profits. The market is crowded with many tools and it might confuse you that what to go for and what not to.

But there is one tool on which you can completely trust is Jungle Scout. It is an Amazon research tool that is very beneficial in helping you find products, keywords, estimated sales, and will help you keep an eye on the opponents through simple to use dashboard.

In simple words, Jungle Scout will help you in seeing products that will be profitable for your business and will let you grow in the right direction. It was established by Greg Mercer in 2014 and since then it is benefiting people.

Why there is a need for Jungle Scout

People who are not aware of this tool mostly are burdened with manually researching everything from scratch, analyzing opponents, making spreadsheets with little data, etc. This is a lot to do and consumes a great time without providing an expected outcome.

Whereas, Jungle Scout does this all by itself. The main motive of researching for products in this competitive world is done easily by this tool. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have an Amazon research tool like Jungle Scout.

Amazing features of Jungle Scout

Here are some of the amazing Jungle Scout features:

  • Niche hunter

Jungle Scout’s primary feature is a niche hunter. It lets you identify niche ideas, products as well as keywords that are profitable. All this is done based on product category, listing quality score, price, opportunity score, and competition. All you have to do is set the parameters and the tool will show you the best niche as well as keywords results.

This way you can have profitable niches in your hands.

  • Product database

This feature contains more than 70million products. With the help of a product database, you will be able to get analysis paralysis. Unlike other people, it provides a great amount of information such as profit calculator, product ranking as well as international marketplaces.

For instance, if you are looking for a product under the price of $350 and 4.5-star rating then you will be able to see every other product relating to this set criteria on Amazon.

  • Product tracker

The product tracker feature lets you have the whole sales history of a product. If you are looking for a yoga mat, you will be able to have its price, rating, weight, sales trends, and much more.

Apart from these above mentioned Jungle Scout features, the tool offers a lot more like product database, keyword scout, the comfort of ranking as well as keyword difficulty, and relevancy score.


The incredible Amazon research tool has very versatile pricing. At first, it might seem confusing to you, but it’s not. It offers two pricing plans- monthly and annually. The monthly pricing starts from $39 and goes up to $69. However, the annual pricing starts at $19 and goes up to $49.


To sum up this Jungle Scout review, the tool is a great way to save hours and days of work, it helps you identify the best product. Also, you can see the entire history of a product plus it is beneficial in estimating PPC budget, and much more.

The pricing plans are unbelievable to Jungle Scout. Therefore, the Jungle Scout review completely states that this tool brings a great benefit to your business and eases the entire process.


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