What Is ClevGuard? What are the Needs and Features of ClevGuard?

ClevGuard is a program which can allow you to track any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer you want. You can use it to stay in addition to your child’s online activity and, thus, keep them secure. This app will work on both the iOS and Android devices, and it’s simple to set up. Over the years, ClevGuard went through many updates and alterations that improved its original variation into a more efficient one. You ought to know that the kid’s version of ClevGuard has the name KidsGuard.


Why We Need ClevGuard?

According to research, total 72 percent of kids all over the world have access to smartphones and out of which 8 percent of them are under 8 decades. The proportion of teenagers, who own their own personal smartphones, is a victim of cyberbullying are 69 percent. Additionally, the excessive level of smartphone games addiction has been seen in 23 percent of kids.


All these numbers show that it is very important for parents of all ages to protect their young ones out of wrong and emotionally upsetting contents that might direct them towards depression or anxiety. ClevGuard can be a useful medium for parents to protect them from these injuries.


ClevGuard Features

Before you dive to the installation of this program, you should get familiar with the features it has to offer you.

GPS Tracker.

This program helps you monitor the position of your child at any time. You will have the ability to acquire a map of their location in real-time but also track their previous locations.

Screenshots Capture.

You have the option to take screenshots of their telephone’s activity at any given time.

Monitor Other Applications On The Target Phone Or Device.

This feature is giving you the option to track all of your child does on other programs such as Facebook or Snapchat. It’s possible to see any website they visit in addition to their browsing history. If your kid hates a particular online page regularly, you will have all the info you need about it.

Deleted Messages And Media Files.

If the consumer of the goal phone deletes specific texts, media or conversations files like movies or audios, you will understand. This instrument is just one of the most well-known features one of the users of ClevGuard.

Keylogger Feature.

The keylogger allows you to keep track of all the user accounts which they access from the target telephone. You may understand their username and password in addition to their own wifi logger history.

Contacts and other necessary phone information.

With ClevGuard, you can track the contacts in the memory of the target phone. You will know how frequently the user accesses these contacts, as well as texts and calls.

How To Use ClevGuard

The Way to Use ClevGuard Employing ClevGuard is quite straightforward. You won’t require any experience with these types of monitoring programs.

All you have to do is install the program on the target phone. This shouldn’t require more than a few minutes, and you also have all the directions on the screen.

Once the program is up and running on the telephone, it will become invisible to the telephone’s user. The identical thing will occur if you install it onto a tablet or pc. There’s no need to root the Android apparatus for this app. It’s also compatible with iOS devices variations between 9.0 and 13.

As soon as you installed this phone tracking program, you will get all the data you want to view on your ClevGuard assistant.

You will be aware of the consumer’s Snapchat, Facebook, and networking action in addition to their site visits. If you have any problem with this program, you can contact customer support for free every time you need it.

This service will assist you with the merchandise difficulties, and you’ll have the ability to enjoy all this program offers you.



There are various plans to choose from according to your budget and preferences.

If you would like to monitor only 1 device with this program, you need to download the Premium plan. This plan will costs around $29.95 for one month. But you can choose to invest in it for a longer time and get a significant discount. A 3 months purchase of the program will cost you just $59.95. In the same way, if you want to purchase it for one year, you may pay $99.95.

There’s a trial version also in the event that you need to check the program before buying it.

On the other hand, that the free trial will be minimal in terms of attributes, and it’ll function similar to a demo version. However, you can use it to get an idea of how this monitoring software works and everything you can expect from it.

How to Order ClevGuard?

You may pick your preferred package in accordance with your devices’ compatibility. You’ll also save some money on buying their app when you utilize our promotion. Please utilize our ClevGuard coupon code to get discount KidsGuard Guru for Android & iOS.

ClevGuard Review & Coupon Code

It’s a world of gadgets and technology in which everyone wants the most recent smartphones and tablets etc.. Even the children aren’t left behind. However, this latest trend of technologies is now a problem for parents as now their children spend more time online world and less time with them. Not everything on this cyber planet is favorable for kids which could leave behind some horrible outcomes. Now, ClevGuard named program arrives to rescue. It helps parents keeping a close watch on kids and controlling their gadget dependence. Inside this ClevGuard review, you may learn more about these. Please check out our ClevGuard coupon code to get discount on this powerful parental control program.



ClevGuard is one of the very best parental app which you can consider using to monitor your children online.

You will gain peace of mind, and you’ll always know exactly what your child is up to when they spend a lot of hours in their cell phone.



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