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Bright Data Proxy Service- Simplified Approach for High-Performing Web Scraping Technology

Proxy service for web scraping and web crawling is hard to find. Sometimes, people claim that it can be done with just a click and fetch process, but the reality is far from it. Retrieving the data you want based on your requirement from websites is not a cakewalk for sure. If you are finding the same, then you have landed on the right page. We have come up with Bright Data, a high performing proxy service manager that makes the process of scraping technology from different resources prompt, uncomplicated, and effective.

We appreciate the way Bright Data proxy server does the data scraping from websites. Our expert team members are trying their level best to simplify the approach of Bright Data with the help of graphs and detailed analysis. It’s commendable that this largest proxy network has given companies a chance to explore the database of different country-based websites and data centers. 

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping technology is a process through which companies can retrieve data from desired websites. All the extracted data stored in a data warehouse. In this scenario, data extraction software is used for data scraping by accessing the web to collect useful data according to your requirement.

Why is Scraping Technology Hard?

Scraping technology often seems hard for people. We have jotted down points why the data extraction from the web becomes difficult for them.

The variation of formats of websites often makes things hard for people to retrieve data.

Lack of knowledge in coding can become a real obstacle for data scraping.

Scraping can be hard if you are trying to retrieve data from websites with complicated javascript or goes through dynamic changes in format.

The anti-scraping mechanism of the bot can detect scraping easily and block them.

Large scale scraping for different purposes can’t be fulfilled without opting for a superior proxy server.

Should I Use A Proxy Server For Scraping Technology?

The answer to this question lies in some circumstances. The answer will not be definite that a proxy server is the best way of doing scraping. Some benefits are there that indicate that if you use a proxy server like Bright Data, then what kind of advantages you will be getting while making the data retrieved from the web.

The first point is Big-scale web scraping. In this situation, you need to send the request repeatedly. This automatic action can be easily detected by websites. As a result, you might get blocked, but with a proxy server that provides HTTP(S), changes your IP address frequently. This will help you to avoid detention and banning.

The second point says, while using the HTTP proxy server for scraping, the IP address will be masked. This will help you to avoid data leaks and the interception of hackers.

The third point states that using an advanced proxy service like Bright Data will provide you with the benefit of changing the IP address of different locations. This way, you can send multiple requests to different websites from numerous locations.

The fourth point of using highly advanced proxy service lies in its country-specific IP address. It makes data scraping possible with fewer complications.

Bright Data – Top-Rated Proxy Service for web scraping technology

Bright Data General Info & Overview

If you are into scraping and trying to get the best, then don’t go for the 2nd best option as Bright Data is still there as the world’s largest and top-rated proxy server with its high-end web scraping technology.

No. 1 in the Proxy Server List

With more than 35 million of the residential IP addresses in its pool, Bright Data has earned the title of the largest proxy service provider. The huge numeric value of mobile and datacenter proxies has given the proxy management a new high in the tech world.

Secured HTTP Proxy Server

Unlike other proxy servers that work for malefic motives, Bright Data is legal. Some go for access to residential IP addresses without permission, but the Bright Data proxy service provider is a bright example of professionalism. The process of data extraction from the data warehouse is malicious and hidden as well, but it is not the case for Bright Data. This proxy management service provider has legal rights over the IP addresses it provides or uses. The credit goes to its Hola VPN.

When we talk about security, encryptions are used for Bright Data proxies. It is highly secured with HTTP(S).

Geo-Targeting for Major Countries and Cities

Bright Data has created a benchmark for all the providers of proxy servers due to its essential yet out of the box geo-targeting feature. It’s not a surprise that the tech world loves to use Bright Data for its wide options of proxies available for major cities and countries throughout the world. Knowing that you need to be given choices as per your business requirement for web scraping and crawling, it will provide you with the freedom of choosing the location of the proxies you want. It will help sneaker sites who use geo-location on the content.

High-Rated Web Scraping Technology

When we talk about HTTP proxy server providers, we count not only on the security but also on their performance. Dealing with famous websites that implemented smart security features is the best way to test its efficiency.

Bright Data has passed on this test with flying colors. The efficiency of data scraping technology in web scraping and crawling division has gained admiration in the industry.

Know More

See below to check the performance graph of the Bright Data proxy server:

Proxy Control Tools

One more reason for subscribing to the Bright Data is its powerful proxy control tools offered for data scraping technology. These tools will ease up your work than you think

For Web Scraping API: For developers, who work with APIs, Bright Data does not disappoint them as well. Using their APIs, web developers communicate with Bright Data proxies effectively.

For Chrome and Web Scraping Android: For the new scrapers, setting up proxies might feel like a heck of a job. Bright Data has taken care of this task with its proxy settings. Data extraction using python is now not an issue for developers. The chrome extension is integrated with Bright Data proxies and will give you exactly what you need without making it difficult.

Excellent Response Time

Bright Data proxy server list is known for its higher latency. The response time data has been checked by the experts to ensure that whether the claimed high response time is justified or not. The graph below presented for you to check the fact that the numeric value of average response time (s) we got is around 3.65

Speed Test on Proxy Connection

Bright Data proxies like if you are using USA proxy server, proxy server of UK, or proxy server of India, then you must admit that the proxy connection speed is outstanding. If you have any doubt about it, Bright Data free trial is there to make you believe that why it is called the No. 1 proxy service provider. Use a speedtest tool and do it now for your satisfaction:

Average Download: 26.86 Mbps (approx)

Average Upload: 13.09 Mbps (approx)

Average Ping: 74-76ms (approx)

Efficient Customer Support

Bright Data, other than its best proxy service, is also known for its efficient customer support group. If you are one of its customers who are using a proxy server in India or running web scraping with the help of a proxy server in the USA and proxy server in the UK, then it’s always there to help you out with its efficient customer support.

Our Rating on Bright Data Proxy Server Web Scraping Performance

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