IOZOOM VPS: How Good This Hosting is For You?

In any online business, a powerful website plays a great role in determining the success rate. If your website lacks speed and performance then it can create a big dent in your pocket by turning off customers, leading to revenue loss. This is the reason why most of the modern online e-commerce and business sites prefer to spend money on the latest technology-driven features, tools, and software to enhance the performance of their websites. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the latest and technology-driven servers that has become a big rage among online businesses. Unlike traditional shared hosting servers, it offers full control, speed, and power to your website without any strings attached. So, are you in dire need of a good VPS hosting? Well, a virtual private server is very much essential for a website. Its virtualization technology is known to provide private resources on a particular server with various users. This is the best way to have a secure as well as a stable solution as compared to shared hosting with no dedicated server space.


Choosing the right kind of VPS hosting is cheaper than a well-known entire server. However, if you look for a great VPS hosting in the market, there are many options available but there is only one trustworthy hosting option. It is known as IOZOOM.

IOZOOM is the leading cloud and VPS hosting providers in the market. It was founded in 2015 by an American web hosting company. IOZOOM offers Linux and Windows VPS. Along with this, it offers WordPress and WordPress VPS hosting. The platform is highly famous for its affordability, fast servers, plus uptime. Every policy of IOZOOM is customer-oriented for complete satisfaction.

It has the best hosting plans with an offer of 30days money-back guarantee and 3dYs free trial which is a great benefit for the users.


Amazing features of IOZOOM

IOZOOM hosting features are commendable and truly benefit you and your business in the long run. Here are complete details of its features:

  • The platform has a 100% uptime guarantee SLA.
  • It provides DDoS protection to your business.
  • You even get the benefit of free migration assistance for your website.
  • It has a Cloudflare CDN.
  • IOZOOM provides the daily website backups for your business.
  • Another feature of this platform is free to let’s encrypt SSL.
  • The platform has an automatic failover and a Lite speed web server.


Hosting plans of IOZOOM

There are various hosting plans offered by IOZOOM such as cloud VPS, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, as well as WordPress VPS. All these hosting plans run the cloud infrastructure.

However, talking particularly about WordPress VPS hosting plan, it has four levels such as personal, professional, premium, or platinum level. The personal level plan is also known as entry-level where you can host two websites with 10GB of SSD storage along with 512MB RAM offered.

The professional level of the plan has a feature to host unlimited websites with the benefit of 20GB of SSD storage along with 1024MB RAM.

All these plans of WordPress VPS hosting also include unmetered bandwidth with the advantage of 3days free trail. Plus, you also get an optimized setup including Litespeed web server and server-side cache. The plan offers great security with just one click.

Pricing plans of IOZOOM

The pricing plans of IOZOOM includes cloud hosting which further has five pricing plans from $5-$60, WordPress hosting includes nine plans varying between $5-$136, the VPS hosting includes ten plans ranging between $8-$160.


Customer Support

IOZOOM offers incredible round the clock customer support through live chat, helpdesk, ticketing system, and detailed video tutorials. The live chat works round the clock and customers can interact with the experts to get an instant solution. However, if you want self-support then you can go to it’s comprehensive library of video tutorials.


To sum up this IOZOOM review, it is definitely a great hosting provider with numerous benefits. You get various options to choose the right plan under the preferred price range. The best part is that one can get incredible VPS hosting at highly affordable pricing for WordPress, Windows, and Linux. Thus, IOZOOM is an incredible hosting provider for your business.


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