Why Website Themes Are So Important in 2020?


Themes are the heart and soul of a website, it shows who and what you are. When a user enters the website he gets an immediate feeling about the site and how it’s gonna be. If the design is soothing, pleasing to the eyes, the layout is not flooded with random ads and he can navigate to what he has been looking for- most likely he will be a satisfied visitor. And that’s what the need of the hour, right? 

Yes, the less bounce rate you’ll have, the better it will be for you. If you can create your own site with Html, JavaScript, or PHP coding, then no issues. That’s the best thing you can do. But seeing the current trends- what we feel is it is better to design the website with a customized user-friendly, SEO-friendly template rather than taking all the hazards of hiring a web developer and go for a month-long web designing process. Instead, with the customized templates you can design brilliant websites in just minutes, that also without any coding knowledge.

Is It Possible to Design the Fastest Website Using Premium Templates? Or Should We Go for the Free Ones?

A website template is not the thing where you feel shy to invest money. Instead, buy a one-time paid theme and use it on multiple websites for the lifetime for free! Don’t be surprised, as you purchase the theme license with a specific license key, you can officially use the same theme in multiple websites/blogs that you manage for free for the lifetime. 

But in case of free themes, the templates will be coded with a lot of junk codes which in fact hampers the site ranking, and also degrades the SEO score. So if you are looking to promote your site/blog and also continue it for a long term, earn through it, then I’ll suggest you buy paid themes from the top theme providers like ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, or WIX. I personally use their themes and have recommended to many people who thanked me later for the suggestions.

How Can a Website Template Determine the Ranking Factors in SEO? 

The website ranking on the search engines is determined by various factors where the website theme is deeply involved. Here some of those are mentioned below.

Page Loading Time 

Obviously, you can’t expect the same speed in a paid theme and a free theme, there will be huge differences. There will be coding installed on the free themes which you cannot modify. The search engines do not like them as due to those, the page loads slower. And you know the website that loads slowly will receive fewer page views, and go down in the search engine rankings. So go for a paid theme, this issue will be solved forever. 

Reduces Bounce Rates 

A paid theme by Themeforest or Elegantthemes gives an extraordinary look and feel to your professional website. The simple but robust architecture is the key to enhance the speed as well as user-interface navigations. A simple yet powerful layout of the website/ blog will reduce the bounce rate of your site as it helps to engage the audience as soon as they come into your site. 


All that we do is to become the favorites to the search engines. The free themes are not at all recommended if you are looking to rank your site with less effort. I myself have this experience while working with both paid and free themes. That is the reason, I can clearly suggest you go for a paid theme that has all that SEO-friendly code in-built. And please don’t buy the theme from just any random website, buy it only from the best sites like Themeforest, WIX, or Elegant Themes. 

Customize Header, Footer to Enhance Credibility 

It looks professional when a website or blog has its own name in the header and footers, it provides credibility. But when you install a free template, you won’t be able to modify the default footer. This issue is solved when you purchase a paid theme. 

Includes Schema, AMP, and W3C Standards 

With the continuous Google updates, it has been now mandatory that your site should have valid breadcrumbs that meet the requirements of schema.org. Also, the site must have an in-built schema, AMP pages, and must satisfy all the terms and conditions of the W3C Standards. With the installation of a paid theme, your site satisfies all that perfectly. 

Templates are available for free, but when you see the profitability and plan things for the long term, then you must be going for the paid themes with a valid license key. It’s a one-time investment, but it’s worth it.