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Why Website Themes Are So Important in 2020?

The heart and soul of a website are the themes; they express you and what you are. A user’s first impression of a website and how it will function comes as soon as they enter it. He will likely be a satisfied visitor if the layout is uncluttered, the design is soothing to the eyes, and he can easily find the content he is seeking for. And that is what is required right now, am I correct?

Yes, it will be better for you if you have a lower bounce rate. There shouldn’t be any problems if you know how to code in HTML, JavaScript, or PHP. The best action you can take is that. However, in light of current trends, we believe it is preferable to utilize a customized user-friendly, SEO-friendly template to construct the website than to take on the risks associated with hiring a web developer and committing to a month-long web designing process. Instead, you can quickly and easily create stunning websites without any coding experience using customized templates.

Is It Possible to Design the Fastest Website Using Premium Templates? Or Should We Go for the Free Ones?

You shouldn’t be hesitant to spend money on a website template. Instead, spend the money once and use the theme on as many websites as you like forever free! You can legally use the same theme in as many websites or blogs that you administer for free for the rest of your life if you purchase the theme license with a specific license key.

Free themes, however, often have templates that are overly coded with trash, which hurts a site’s ranking and lowers its SEO rating. Therefore, if you want to market your website or blog and keep it up for a long time so that you may make money off of it, I recommend that you get paid themes from the best theme providers.

How Can a Website Template Determine the Ranking Factors in SEO? 

The website theme is one of several elements that heavily influence how well a website performs in search engine results. Here, a few of such are described farther down.

Page Loading Time 

Naturally, there will be significant variances in speed between a commercial theme and a free theme. On the free themes, there will be installed coding that you cannot change. They cause the page to load more slowly, which is why search engines dislike them. And you already know that a website with a poor load time will have fewer visitors and drop in the search engine results. So choose for a premium theme, and the problem will never arise again.

Reduces Bounce Rates 

A premium theme from Themeforest or Elegantthemes gives your business website an exceptional look and feel. The key to improving speed and user-interface navigation is a straightforward but sturdy architecture. A straightforward yet effective website or blog layout will lower your bounce rate because it helps to captivate visitors as soon as they land on your page.


All we do is make ourselves a search engine favorite. The free themes are absolutely not advised if you want to rank your site quickly. Even if I work with both paid and free themes, I have this experience. Because of this, I can without a doubt advise you to use a premium theme with built-in SEO-friendly code. And kindly get the theme from the top websites, such as Themeforest, WIX, or Elegant Themes, rather than just any random website.

Customize the Header, Footer to Enhance Credibility 

When a website or blog has its own name in the header and footer, it appears professional and has more trust. However, you won’t be able to change the default footer when you install a free template. When you buy a paid theme, this problem is fixed.

Includes Schema, AMP, and W3C Standards 

It is now necessary for your site to have appropriate breadcrumbs that adhere to the guidelines due to ongoing Google modifications. Additionally, the website must adhere to all W3C Standards and have an internal structure and AMP pages. Your website completely satisfies all of those requirements after installing a premium theme.

While there are free templates accessible, if you want to maximize your profits and make long-term plans, you should choose premium themes that have a working license key. Although it’s a one-time expense, it’s worthwhile.