AWeber Review -Things You Need to Know


AWeber is undoubtedly the premier email marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It has great email delivery system and keeps everything sorted and updated to stay active in the marketing game.

It came into existence in 1998 and since then it has been dealing in email marketing. Email has made its way quite long and is being used so vigorously till now.  

But what else AWeber has to offer?? Let us find out in the article. Read more and get down to the features. 



Despite being the first to introduce autoresponders,  AWeber can’t be seen on the cutting edge anymore. Still, AWeber is continually adding new features, to stay in the game with all competitive skills.


Converting your one time emails into a series of emails called a “campaign” is possible with AWeber. Creating a basic autoresponder by combining message blocks and “wait” blocks is easy with AWeber. Even advanced options could be accessed for automation. 


It is known for the huge database of variety of articles on the software. These articles are quite informative explaining troubleshooting, walkthroughs, and explanations of software features. This unique database is great for both novice and experienced email marketers.  The database is enriched with video tutorials along with step-by-step written instructions which are led by screenshots.


AWeber offers live webinars that help in educating users and keep them aware about different aspects of the software. It also helps with inculcating education on email marketing. The webinars usually take every 1-2 weeks, despite Setting Up Your Account in 15 Minutes available every weekday.


Creating a sign up form for your own website is easier and more creative with the hundreds of templates provided by AWeber. Working on customisations on such templates is also easy with various form of styles.

Signing in at Facebook along with choosing several page options and selecting tracking options is simple with AWeber. It also gives you the access to Javascript and HTML options.


AWeber social media integrations are really cool and much needed in todays era. This unique integration lets you signup forms that can be directly added to your FaceBook page. Newsletters and emails from twitter followers can also be shared on the platform. It also allows you to include promotions, coupons and videos on your FaceBook page with the help of SplashPost. With these advanced integrations, AWeber lets you import the new subscribers to get subscriber only content.


AWeber lets you enjoy more than 100 add ons and integrations with a variety of popular software programs and services.

Few Popular Integrations are mentioned below-

Google Analytics- Link your AWeber account with your google analytics account.

Website Integrations- Offers simple integrations with WordPress and Drupal.

eCommerce Integrations- Popular eCommerce Integrations like shopify, magento too are part of AWeber integrations.

PayPal- Give your customers the chance to sign up for your mailing list & add users to different lists based on the purchases made.


AWeber has many cool features that frequently utilize autoresponders. It has some great features  along with improved email designing experience. The analytics and reporting techniques too are impressive. A Weber requires your credit card information where free trial is concerned.

Growth can be expected with AWeber. Begin with simple functions and get into more complex areas as and when you gain confidence. Opt for AWeber’s free trial & see whether it is fit for your organisation.