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DreamHost Web Hosting Review- Detailed Analysis on its Performance, Security, Stability and Features

The discussion of web hosting can’t get completed without mentioning the name of DreamHost hosting. This company has changed the concept of web hosting services with its powerful infrastructure and services. Web developers and business enterprises are now seeing web hosting services in a different light. DreamHost’s reliable support team and numerous customer-oriented business-friendly web hosting deals have created a niche for them in the industry. 

If you are curious about which hosting company will be ideal for your business, then this DreamHost web hosting review article will provide you with the answer.

DreamHost Web Hosting Services Overview:

While doing this DreamHost hosting review, our skilled team members rely on a step by step analysis process. Lots of effort and time are invested in the review process for exploring every aspect of hosting services offered by the web hosting company. This overview is not an exception. It is the outcome of our intense analysis process, in which our expert team has tried to evaluate DreamHost performance, features, web hosting price, and deals from the perspectives of business experts and customers.

General Info of DreamHost Hosting

One Look at the Hosting Deals of DreamHost  

Before we go deeper into the discussion about the features of DreamHost hosting and our opinion about this web hosting provider, let’s check out the hosting deals of DreamHost. The deals are prepared by keeping the business requirement in mind.

DreamHost has several plans for their clients. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, and web hosting services are some of them. Other than these, they also offer dedicated server hosting to web developers, bloggers, and business owners.       

Shared Hosting 

DreamHost has a shared hosting plan for small and medium businesses that require small space for data storage. In this plan, the users share the same web server connected to the Internet. Space sharing makes the amortization cost lower. It lessens the cost of maintenance and is a good option for bloggers and small businesses. 

WordPress Hosting 

DreamHost is providing customers with WordPress hosting services for more than a decade. The platform is optimized for empowering WordPress with popular CMS tools, backups, automated updates, and hassle-free settings. They also offer trusted customer support if you need their help in anything regarding WordPress.

VPS Hosting Service  

VPS, the Virtual Private Server of DreamHost is known for its speedy, yet powerful attributes. Using this server helps you to provide many resources for storing data for your site. Here, you don’t have to share this space with any other user.  

Dedicated Server Hosting 

Dedicated Server Hosting plan of DreamHost is appropriate for sites that have high-traffic and need huge storage space. It will be dedicated to your site. Exclusive features, high resources, and a reliable support team are there for the customers who will opt for this plan. You will get full site privacy and control on your website for making changes in the configuration without disturbing others.

DreamHost Web Hosting Features: 


Good Performance with 99.94% Uptime

The uptime guarantee is one of the key factors of web hosting when we talk about performance. DreamHost uptime in the last 24 months revolves around 99.94% on average. This is not outstanding, but not bad either. Overall uptime performance is good. 

We have added an Image of average uptime for the last 12 months. Check this out: 

Image of average uptime for last 12 months  

Good Domain Privacy 

For a web hosting service provider, it is important to offer domain privacy to its clients so that they feel secure. Free SSL Certificate and strong anti-spam policy of DreamHost protect domains from malicious activities. Other than these two, ICANN-accreditation is also there to enhance the security of the domain and prevent the sharing of your personal information.   

Above-Average Page Loading Speed (648ms)   

Page loading time is one of the major concerns for web developers, bloggers, and site owners. Marketing aficionados have confirmed that a slow-loading page is a vital negative point for websites. Viewers are likely to discard a page if it does not open in 3 seconds. DreamHost web hosting will not disappoint its customers as it provides with above-average page loading speed.    

Hassle Free and Secure domain management 

The domain name comes with flexile auto renewals, custom nameservers, forwarding, and locking options other than DNS management tools for systematic and easy domain management. Numerous options on domain extension depending on the requirement of the industry.   

Money-Back Guarantee up to 97 Days

If you go through the details of web hosting plans, you will find that most hosting providers offer a money-back guarantee. Mostly 30 days (a few times 45 days) money back offers are provided, but DreamHost has a staggering 97 Days of Money-Back guarantee for its clients. No hidden clauses will be there. The only exception is that the refund procedure is only valid for credit card payers.   

No Limit on Network Transfer and Disk Space 

Disk space and bandwidth are two factors that can’t be ignored if you are seeking for reliable web hosting services. Many sites have a lower disk storage space. That becomes a problem if the traffic goes high. DreamHost has enough storage and bandwidth that won’t let your site crash. Having said that, you should remember that the DreamHost shared server is befitting for small sites. VPS, DreamPress, and email do not fall under this unlimited category.  

Managed Hosting Services For You 

The managed hosting services of DreamHost is a huge relief for site owners and bloggers. Website builder and hosting related operations will be taken care of by the reliable team of DreamHost. It keeps you focused on matters that need your attention. Other than these, configuration monitoring, update, and optimization of server operations are also done by them for giving your site the required performance boost.   

Good Customer Support 

The in-house team of customer care executives is available 24/7. All 365 days, they are ready to help customers through email and live chat. Customer care executives are quite proficient in handling the queries of customers and sort out the problem with proper solutions. Only Tier II trained technical supports are allowed to work with customers.

High Basic Plan limit 

Unlike other web-hosting providers, DreamHost is a bit more generous to its clients. The hosting service of DreamHost offers the most standard features at a basic price model. From 1 click installer, free email addresses, automated backups to free SSL certificate, you will get almost everything in the basic plan. DreamHost also has its own website builder and eCommerce applications for you. The bandwidth and other features ensure that it offers high standard service at a reasonable price.     

No Increased Price At the Renewal Time 

Dreamhost hosting prices are affordable and you will get enough proof of it if you check out all the hosting plans of this company. Most hosting service providers have a higher renewal price and lower introductory rate. 80% opt for this marketing trick, but dreamhost has a different policy. Dreamhost hosting renewal price is the same as its introductory price. You don’t have to pay extra charges while renewing the service tenure.    


Limited Live Chat Facility 

The live chat facility is good, but the problem is the duration of the facility is limited. So, you have to opt for other methods if you want to get in touch with them for an urgent matter.  

No Free Migration Offered 

Unlike other hosting providers, DreamHost does not provide clients with a free migration facility. This hosting company charges around $99 as a migration cost for one site. Some other limitations are also there when it comes to migration.  

No Custom Panel (cPanel) 

The traditional cPanel that many site owners and web developers use for hosting operations is not available in DreamHost. This hosting company has created its own panel. Not only the usage is different but also automated importing of .tar.gz files is not available. So, you have to do all the migration work manually.

DreamHost Web Hosting Plan

DreamHost has several hosting plans in its kitty. The plans are made depending on the server you want to opt or what your business is demanding.


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DreamHost Hosting Overview- Do We Recommend DreamHost Web Hosting? 

After this web hosting review, we are “Recommending DreamHost”.

DreamHost is a highly preferred host due to its speed, stability, optimized performance, and utmost security. Automatic backup, storage, and the features make the deal a proper package for you. Opting DreamHost is worth your time, energy, and money.  


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