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Automate: Features, Uses, Benefits Analyzed

The online world has become a massive market to approach new customers and generating leads every day. However, the drastic increase in the number of digital platforms and devices has made it quite daunting for B2B marketers to fetch the right prospect with the right communication at the right time. Modern netizens are smart and they prefer to indulge themselves into the research and buying process which, at times, makes it very difficult for the B2B marketing companies and marketers to grab the leads. This is where marketing automation comes into the picture. It is an automated process to enhance marketing efficiency, produce leads, and to improve overall lead generation process to realise sales and marketing objectives. is one such incredible automated solution which can do wonders to your sales and marketing goals.


It is an apt solution to integrate all the prominent cloud as well as SaaS applications to create a simplistic approach to your marketing goals. It basically streamline every process coming from third-party applications, and automate the workflow in a real-time. In other words, it is an incredible cloud-based platform that enable businesses to integrate every 3rd party platform or software to minimize the confusion and clutter. It helps your business to run on an automatic mode without putting in much physical effort.

Features of

  • It helps you to convert tough & complex workflows into simple form in order to automate sales, marketing and every other business process that will benefit you.
  • It helps every user to integrate all kinds of applications and platforms without requiring any kind of coding. Instead, it offers drag-and-drop interface which is quite simple in nature.
  • One can add any or many apps to their workflows from it’s rich library of over 100 plus integrations, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, Google Apps, Infusionsoft etc.
  • It supports English language.
  • It offers round the clock and an excellent support to assist it’s customers at any point of the day.
  • It helps in creating one-to-one automation workflows, and can easily merge data between the two applications to make it easier for customers.
  • The overall process and system is very simple and intuitive. And one doesn’t require any professional technical help.
  • The tools that it offers are pretty strong. One can easily format data, make an addition of conditional logic, and manage time delays in workflows.
  • It is highly secure and safe. One can trust it’s data encryption system as it protects you on both, transit and at rest with the help of audit logs and data retention controls.

Various plans to choose from offers multiple plans to it’s users. All plans are either monthly or yearly.

  • Startup plan: This plan starts at $49 per month. It offers various action bots, premium apps and auto retry features.
  • Growth plan: It starts at $99 per month. It offers multi action bots, auto retry, excess actions, and premium applications to use.
  • Business plan: This plan starts at $199 per month, and it offers multi action bots, auto retry, premium applications, excess actions, data control and team account.
  • Enterprise: This is the costliest plan which starts at $399 per month. It offers various premium features, including multi action bots, excess actions, auto retry, premium apps, data controls and team account.

Final Thoughts makes your everyday marketing and sales goals realistic and simpler with it’s streamlined and automated processes. So it’s time to welcome the in your life, and say goodbye to those hectic days at work. Integrate all 3rd party apps with this powerful solution to enhance your productivity and minimize the clutter.


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