How to ensure that you have working phone network while travelling internationally?


Imagine you have your brand-new passport and finally it is time to leave your home country to see something new. International trip can be real fun but there are many things that you need to take note of. One of the primary things is to make sure that your phone works.

Since a smartphone is a great way to find out new things about the country you are travelling to, and document your journey abroad. Imagine what would your Instagram profile look like if you don’t get those pictures right through your phone?? Even your loved ones shall stay worried if you don’t call them and let them know about your travel experience. So, there are quite a many things that are likely to take place with the help of a phone.

Things are not that simple with respect to your phone when you visit some other country. There are network issues and that tosses your world upside down. Getting brand new phones especially for your trip is not at all a good idea. It will not only be costly but would also add to your hassle.

Thankfully, there are some pretty simple ways to ensure that your phone works in another country. You just have to be well aware of the things that you need to do and know what exactly to do.

Here are few ways that can help you use your phone overseas without any trouble-


People with recent smartphones, don’t really face much difficulty. Still there is always a high probability that your phone isn’t compatible with different cell frequencies around the world. It is important to know that a GSM-compliant phone is more likely to work around the world than a CDMA-compliant phone. So if your phone is recent enough, you don’t need to worry about that.

In order to be sure about your phone, do a little research. Call your phone company and get into the details of your phone. Also, ask them whether your phone can work overseas or not?


People travel overseas several times a year and that makes every mobile service provider responsible for providing unshakable services. But things vary from carrier to carrier and thus one should not mess and try to make their phone work. These things can be fixed at your service carrier end and thus one should not buy any phone accessories abroad.

Prices too vary from carrier to carrier & international plans can be quite expensive. Some of the major carriers like Sprint and Verizon can be accessed at $10 per day and per device in most of the countries. There are many allowances and plans that can be useful for overseas trips.


Getting a local sim card is quite easy to find in few countries. It is one of the cheapest ways to keep up your connectivity. Sim card shall make you available online and let you stay active on the go. Since the card you use in one country doesn’t let you connect in some other country, it is best to get a sim as soon as you land in the country. Start the process with some location-specific research to get to the best place to get a local SIM card even before you travel. Luckily in some cases, you can get them right at the airport.

Follow these techniques when in abroad and stay connected with your peers!