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36 Fundamental Reasons Why You Should Use HubSpot?

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HubSpot has become the talk of the town, especially the marketing world. It has literally revolutionized the world of inbound marketing. With so many inbound marketing software and tools in the market, HubSpot has created it’s own place due to several exclusive features. We all know that traditional strategies don’t work anymore. With changing times, one has to change the tactics to survive in the ever-changing marketing space. So, how HubSpot helps you to become a master of inbound marketing? How it helps you to simply your marketing tasks, and enhances your productivity to manifolds.

Let’s find out 36 fundamental reasons behind using HubSpot marketing tool

  • All-in-one platform for marketing, service and sales

You don’t need to manage multiple platforms to manage your customers and marketing needs. HubSpot does it all for you. Right from creating leads to manage customers to track marketing process.

  • It offers best inbound marketing strategy

The HubSpot marketing tool brings an exceptional tacking and analytics. One can also make content and customize it as per every user or customer.

  • It can easily be integrated with other platforms

If you require other platforms, or your business is dependent on some other platforms, then HubSpot easily integrates with them.

  • User-friendly

It has a very simple layout which can easily be navigated and used by any user.

  • It educated inbound marketers consistently

HubSpot covers all major aspects of inbound marketing features. It also keeps updating it’s users and educate them with all the latest trends about inbound marketers.

  • It has aligned sales and marketing

The HubSpot CRM has made it possible to track and align sales and marketing with it’s widest range of sales and marketing tools.

  • It goes well with all the apps

One doesn’t need to delete or compromise with any of the apps. One can use all leading marketing apps along with the HubSpot.

HubSpot has also a community learning feature which helps you to learn many new things about inbound marketing. It has over 150 HubSpot User Groups all across the world.

  • HubSpot conference happens every year

Every year, HubSpot organizes an event and annual conference in Boston where it offers knowledge, seminars, workshops, keynotes by reputed experts in the field of marketing and sales.

  • It keeps an eye on buyer’s journey

If you want to understand your viewer or buyer, then HubSpot offers an in-depth analyses into your buyer’s journey. You can check the stage of your buyer which helps the sales team to monitor and plan the right strategy.

  • It can easily identify potential prospects

HubSpot is capable enough to identify and track IP addresses. Thus, it helps you to track all the visitors’ address who are visiting your website.

  • It helps your sales team with all the relevant information

HubSpot closely monitors the information received from new leads in order to give it to sales team. It automatically updates the sales team with all the relevant information about the new lead or contact.

  • It offers detailed reports with an elaborated dashboard

It also comes with a report tool along with the elaborated dashboard to update all your teams, including sales, service and marketing.

  • It helps you to improve your email skills

One can easily become an expert on emailing. It also offers a feature to automate your emails, tracking system and much more to vanish the presumption part or clutter.

  • It offers a versatile range of email designs and templates

One can easily send customized emails to several clients without relying on one standard format. With pre-made email samplers and templates, one doesn’t need to compose emails over and over again.

  • It also offers exclusive Meeting tool

To have up-to-date appointments with your clients and contacts, you can use this tool in the HubSpot. You can now schedule meeting via email, website or CRM.

  • A built-in Calendar

To make your day to day tasks easier, it offers built-in calendar to make you organized. You can easily check or manage your schedule for a day, week or month.

  • Seamless social media integration

It offers a seamless and effortless integration of all prominent social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can easily schedule your daily posts for all platforms.

  • It allows you to make unique calls-to-action

If you are fed up with monotonous calls of action, then HubSpot gives you the privilege to design unique calls of action to enhance your conversion rates.

  • Marketing automation

It empowers you to automate emails, customer based replies, actions and content to improve productivity without putting much human effort. It can go on round the clock to keep your customers in the loop.

  • Conversation, Chatbot

To track and manage all the leads, it offers an amazing tool called Conversation which acts like an automatic answering machine to all customers’ queries round the clock. The live chat software can easily connect with your customers round the clock without missing out any one of them.

  • Helps you to create workflow creation

It helps you to create email or any other workflow creation with the privilege to customize it. One doesn’t need to create emails, it helps you to create specific email to be sent to specific customers round the clock.

  • Instant ticketing system

To address your customers’ issues instantly and to ensure them that you are round the clock available for them, it offers an instant ticketing system to troubleshoot their problems.

  • Segmentation process

HubSpot offers segmentation feature which enables you to segregate each customer or lead. You can easily maintain and study every contact to create an effective marketing plan.

  • Keeps your buyers personas intact

HubSpot pays great attention and detail to every buyer’s persona. The dashboard brings all top personas for you, and you can easily manage their properties.

  • Offers complete personalisation

The best part of HubSpot is that you can personalize the content of your website, landing pages, emails etc as per the requirement of different customers. It will help you to interact with customers in a better manner and to achieve higher conversion rate.

  • Time-saving automation

HubSpot saves a lot of time with it’s automated features and tools. You don’t need to perform repetitive tasks every day. With the help of automation, you can save time and money by automating daily activities.

  • Integrated SEO tools

HubSpot offers integrated SEO tools so that you don’t need to face any difficult while doing some SEO for your blog or website. It offers On-Page SEO advice to you.

  • You can make website changes

If ever you want to change your website’s features, tools or design, HubSpot allows you to do that in a few minutes.

  • Instant file management

It offers a simple file management system. You can change, replace and store files easily and safely.

  • Round the clock support system

HubSpot knows the value of customer support system. Thus, it offers round the clock support system to assist customers with their queries round the clock.

  • An impressive deal board

HubSpot doesn’t let you to lose any deal as it offers a special deal board where your sales team can check out contact’s all the information including lifecycle, status etc.

  • Consistent beta features

It keeps on improving with every passing day. To improve it’s services, it keeps upgrading and updating to make your work faster and better.

You ca easily stay in touch with your contacts, sales, marketing and leads round the clock with a HubSpot application. You can also checkout daily reports.

  • Effective marketing tools at your fingertips

HubSpot has multiple marketing tools to offers including marketing hub, social hub, sales hub and service hub to make your job easier.

Thus, to manage your inbound marketing process, or a business like a pro without giving much time and effort, HubSpot marketing tool is an incredible companion.

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