7 Exercises to Get Rid of Fat from Your Body


Getting a fit body is a full-time task that takes full fledged knowledge of your body, nutritional needs and workout methods. Nothing can help you if you lack any one of these three necessities of the body. Its important to have a complete physical knack to shed off the extra fat turning into folds with every single day.

This article is a piece of advice for all the fitness freaks who want to stay fit but are running short of time due to their job roles. Check out these 7 easy exercises that can be done at home and will help you tuck in your belly fat along with the side fat.

1- Side Bends

Side bends are perfect to be performed at home. All those who are dealing with a sitting job can get rid of the side fat with the help of side bends.

How to do it-

1. Keep your body straight and stand with feet apart.
2. Put one hand on the back of your head.
3. Hold a dumbbell in your other hand and lower it down.
4. Bend sideways in this situation to shed off the extra fat on your sides.

2- Bridge


This exercise needs enough preparation and should be performed only after getting to know the details. It is super relaxing for the body and you might take some time to finally getting used to doing it.

How to do it-

1. Lie down on your back and bend your legs at the knees.
2. Rest your palm on the ground above your head.
3. Gently lift your body slowly starting with hips & shoulders.
4. Bend you back and Hold at the highest point for few seconds.
5. Return to the initial position gently.

3- Superman


As the name suggests, this is the flying pose of superman. It looks quite easy to perform but helps a lot in reducing the body fat.

How to do it-

1. Lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs.
2. Slowly raise both arms and legs above the floor.
3. Bend your back & stay in this position for few seconds.
4. Perform the action 15-20 times.

4- Push Ups

Push ups might take a lot of body’s strength but do help you in possessing fit and completely toned body.

How to do it-

1. Get down in a plank position.
2. Apply pressure to your arms.
3. Now lower your body and bend your arms at the elbows.
4. Return to the initial position and repeat.

5- Bow Pose


As the name suggests, this exercise is all about turning your body in a bow shape. It is even helpful in reducing back pain. 

How to do it-

1. Start with getting laid on your stomach.
2. Bend your back, lift your head, arms & legs up at the same time.
3. Grab your ankles & inhale.
4. Stay in this position for few seconds.
5. Relax the muscles and exhale. Repeat the action.

6- Forward Bends


Forward bends help get rid of belly fat. This exercise can be easily performed at home without taking much of your space and time.

How to do it-

1. Stand straight with feet apart.
2. Bend forward without bending your knees.
3. Try and touch the floor with your hands.
4. Touch the floor and stand erect.
5. Repeat the process.

7- Crunches


Belly fat is easy to burn with crunches. Few crunches in a day can keep off the extra fat from your body. This exercise might feel difficult in the beginning but the hard work involved in this exercise eventually pays off. 

How to do it-

1. Lie down on the back and bend your knees on the ground.
2. Place your hands behind your head or keep them crossed on your chest.
3. Gently inhale and lift your upper part of the body.
4. Hold on for a moment and then slowly bring your body down.

Perform these seven exercises and see the extra body fat running away from you in a few weeks.