Why Olark Is Considered as One Of The Best Live Chat Tools?

Have you ever thought about giving up on your old email and phone customer support service? Well, now is the time. There are a lot of times when your customers aren’t satisfied with the email or phone customer support. At times, they find it difficult to reach out to customer care number or to wait endlessly for a resolution mail. The live chat feature gives them an instant resolution to their problems related to the products and services.


Customers feel elated when the company puts efforts to make the entire process of customer handling easier than ever. Thus, to put a positive and impressive impact on your online business it is better to bring an instant live chat tool to address their problems in real-time. It is the best way to run your business smoothly and satisfy your customers with their queries, help them with the right products as well as services is by having live chat for your website. Therefore, most of the companies, banks, MNCs, and online stores are now moving towards a live chat system.

Currently, Olark live chat is the best app that is known to reduce your operating cost and boosts sales. The app is known to chat openly with your clients or website visitors. It is known for its clean, beautiful design which a real-time chat is unable to do.

On the other hand, Olark has strong integrations, superb features, and much more. This the best live chat tool for your business which strengthens the relationship with your customers. Plus, you will get to know what your customers are actually doing.

Amazing features of Olark

Here are some of the amazing features of Olark mentioned below:

  • Easy customization – the app has various easy options to customize the overall appearance of the live chat. You can have the choice of a color wheel, hex number, etc. Plus, you can customize the headshots of your agents so that the customers can see who they are interacting with. There is a lot more to customization options.
  • Real-time reporting – this feature of Olark is one of the greatest of all. The feature helps in viewing customer reports, chat histories which is further beneficial for marketing strategies. On the other hand, you can keep a check on which day was the busiest, whether customers are satisfied with the chat response or not. Plus, you can route your chats to emails in case the staff is offline or on-leave.
  • IntegrationsOlark connects to CRM applications like SalesForce, Hubspot, etc. This is the best way you can get complete information related to your customers and further link into the CRM profile. Plus, Olark integrations help in turning chats into support tickets for future records.
  • Automated messages – this is the best feature of Olark which is perfect for small businesses and even startups. You will be able to start a chat with the users browsing your website with the help of this feature. Also, the feature is beneficial in sending automated messages depending on the customer’s behavior, referring URL, etc. The feature saves a lot of time in the business.


  • Crew management tools – the app has crew or team management tools that will help you in keeping an eye on the performance of every crew member. This way you can keep team efforts consistent and work accordingly. On the other hand, you also get real-time crew activity reports.
  • Transcripts dashboard to retrieve conversations –This is yet another amazing feature of Olark chatbox. It registers every conversation with a client/customer that can be helpful for future reference. Agents can see the entire conversation thread done with the customer along with the helpful options such as filters, tags, keywords, etc.
  • Co-browsing to share screens –this is yet another futuristic feature offered by the Olark chatbox. It allows customers to share their screens in order to get step-by-step guidance on the products and services listed on the website. Apart from that, they can also get instant help on other features, including payments, shipping, and other technical aspects. All they need to do is to allow the permissions to share the screen.

Pricing & Plans


Olark chatbox comes at a very affordable and easy pricing plan. Its monthly plan costs $17. However, it’s the yearly plan that will save a couple of your dollars and you just need to pay $15. And, if you will pick it’s 2 years plan then you just need to pay $12. If you want to try it out before going towards its premium plan then you can also pick its the free plan with the limit of only 20 conversations.



To sum up this Olark review, this app is the best way to answer website visitors on the spot. This is valuable in many ways and has amazing features to support your business. Also, the installation of this app is super simple. Thus, you cannot miss on Olark if you want to satisfy your website customers.


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