How to Create an Instant Professional Logo in Just One Minute? Try Looka!

For a brand or business, a logo holds great importance. It is a representation of a business that should be clear and meaningful for the customers or audiences. Many firms or online businesses usually hire a logo creator to design the logo of their brand. However, this could be done easily through a free logo generator. This is the best way to save time, money, and design your business logo as per your preference.


The market place is flooded with logo generators but the best free logo maker to date is none other than Looka. It is an online best logo maker known for its artificial intelligence technology. With this logo maker, you can have complete control over your logo designs. Also, Looka is completely nominal for the users which makes it par-excellence than other logo makers. It outshines the rest of the logo creators in the market in many aspects. It offers many premium fonts, graphics, and icons that help incredibly to create stunning logos for your business, unlike others. To help you with a unique logo, it offers the widest range of logos without using pre-designed templates.


How does it work?

It is a very smart online logo generator to make your job easier without giving you any kind of discomfort or inconvenience.

First of all, it offers the widest range of fonts, colors, and icons to help you to generate the right type of logo for your venture or company.

Once you have picked the right fonts, colors, and icons for your logo then it will give you a versatile range of color pallets in order to create a logo.

After that, it will ask about your business details such as the name of your venture and slogan, if any.

Once you put your business details, it will come up with 5 icon options that truly reflect your brand in a true sense. For a logo, these icons will be very helpful.

Finally, Looka will give you endless logo options to choose from.


Amazing Advantages of Looka

Here are some of the amazing advantages of Looka which will help you to understand it better:

  • You have the power to create high-quality logos within a few minutes.
  • The customers can design their logos for free and only have to pay for it when they are completely satisfied with it.
  • This online best logo maker is under affordable prices which makes it perfect for small scale businesses as well as large-scale businesses.
  • There are no pre-designed templates with Looka which means every logo is unique and fresh.
  • While using the logo maker, you get a complete branding kit for logo fonts or colors.
  • Every logo is of high-resolution which further creates no fuss.
  • Another benefit of using it is that you can have complete copyright ownership for your designed logo.


Outstanding features of Looka

This best free logo maker has some outstanding features mentioned below:

  • High-resolution logos – one of the Looka features is that you get high-resolution logos. Every logo is crisp, great to use PNG files whether it is for a website or presentation. The logos have a high quality no matter how you are using it.
  • Color options – you can create your logo either on colored or transparent background. You can design logos for your business cards with colored background and transparent for either websites or products.
  • Social media kit – another feature of Looka is that you get social media kit which has more than 40 various sizes of ready to use logos. These are best for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These features save a lot of your time and offer unique profile pictures for your social media platforms.
  • Phone support – Looka features also include phone support which is for a lifetime. Whenever you are facing technical issues with this logo generator, you can seek phone support from Looka.
  • Uniqueness guaranteed – with Looka one thing is guaranteed and that is uniqueness. There are no pre-designed logo templates with this logo maker. Thus, every logo created is unique and fresh.



To sum up this Looka review, it is definitely an online best logo maker. The features of Looka are extremely great which also includes lifetime phone support. Thus, if you choose Looka you and your business are safe hands.


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